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Guns of Icarus Online Guns of Icarus Online is a multiplayer airship combat game where you will attempt to survive and thrive in the post apocalyptic wasteland, moving from town to town, trading and collecting resources, outfitting your ship, and battling deadly pirates.Visit the website for a look at our beautiful teaser and find out more about the game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3585
Genre Action, Simulation, Flight, Combat
Company / Developer
Muse Games / Muse Games
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Guns of Icarus Online reviews ( 7 )

RighteousGamer, Mar 2, 2013

This game is an intense steampunk game. It has got some bugs but I use Linux for it so that might be the case. The game has no stop action once I come off it I’m straight back on it again even though some of the prices are over priced their still cheaper than team fortress 2

sydjanus, Jul 24, 2013

I've been playing Guns of Icarus since shortly after it's beta, and seen it grow tremendously in that time. Although the game has a brutal learning curve, the reason that curve is so high has more to do with learning to co-operate with the small team crewing the ship with you then it does with the actual gameplay. Guns features outstanding visual, sound, and gameplay, and packages them together in such a way that wining or losing comes down to team work first, and experience a close second. Every ship handles differently, and it took an investment of around 15 hours for me to get over the steep curve and really begin to enjoy flying the skies. I can honestly say that I have had more fun in one 45 minute match with Guns that anything else I have played, ever. When your team is really on, it's like winning a superbowl. I won't bother to review the 3 different classes, or how each ship differs, or what gun is the shiniest, all that really needs to be said here is this: If you are looking for an online, co-operative experience, you owe it to yourself to join this fantastic community.

Adrian8520, Jan 19, 2013

Truly immersive graphics and audio grabs the player and thrusts them into the middle of a explosive steam-punk universe that many gamers have been craving for. This game shines when it is played with friends as crew.

jcw99, Jul 30, 2014

I relay like this game, and i think most of the other reviews sum it up very well, but i have a few things to add. 1. The Bugynis that most "professionals" are mentioning is no longer existent, shure there is the occasional bugs, but they are barley noticeable 2. It requires a LARGE amount of Co-OP and with out communication and Cooperation you WILL lose and it WILL NOT BE PRETTY

gaminglobster, Jan 11, 2015

With all the shooters out there innovation is something that most of them are lacking. Don't get me wrong some shooters have nice features that makes it stand out like Bioshock infinite, l4d2, and others. So without further a' do, here's Guns Of Icarus Online: the review. The game might look simple on the outside but trust me, it gets messy. In the game you and your fellow mates and the opposition are fighting about fifty-thousand yards of soil and by "fighting" everyone builds their own airships and tries to fight each other in the air. In all honesty though, you and three other people are the crew of a single ship in the team you are currently playing in. You are either the captain (steering the ship), the gunner (best at shootin' folks), or the engineer (keeps the boat afloat) The hardest one by far is the engineer, as this fine sir/ma'm you're toying aaround with your tools trying to repair all the parts of the ship that have taken too much damage form enemy fire, stormy clouds/sandstorms, or just the captain being a complete idiot and steering the ship into random mountains. As the gunner you do one thing: SPAM BUHHLETZ!!!1!!. Or you know, stop shooting (and druling) eventually to repair some stuff. And as the captain you liternally do one thing: Steer the blimp-pirate-ship-battle-thing...... and yell as loudly as possible at your crew because they aren't doing sh- GODAMMIT PETE KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ENEMY FOR ONCE!!!. .....Anyway here's a summary: Pros: 1) Soundtrack is immersive and badass. 2) Mechanics are very different from a lot of other shooters 3) Coordination is required for a guaranteed victory (this game is heavy on teamwork) 4) Game is smooth as butter, very responsive and controls great. Cons: 1) Graphical glitches and lag can ruin your experience. 2) Hard to "get good" at 3) Useless cosmetics that can wipe your Steam wallet clean if you aren't "sane" In other words, this game suprised me with a handful of mechanics that made this game a must-buy in my opinion. The only thing preventing this game form getting a 9/10 is the fact that this has a lot of cosmetics involved, which is something i would like games to leave alone and focus on being a good game on itself to gain money instead of having tons of panties and whatnot. This game gets the score: "I can dig it"

TheRubixGamer, Jun 21, 2013

This game is a great idea but for me it quickly got repetitive and rather boring as I found my self repairing the same thing over and over again. If you can get a decent group of friends together the game can be alot of fun and you can have some great moments when you and your buddy's ambush another air ship.

Nutcracker2018, Jan 20, 2018

If I got the game for free I wouldn't care. I payed money for this a few years ago and still hate it. I regret putting the little time and money I did in to this game. It was free because it was dead. It died because it's bad. Simply put, atl+f4 made for the best Guns of Icarus experience I've ever had. Uninstalling the game was more gratifying than the game-play.