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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 628
Genre Action, Fighting, 3D
Company / Developer
Flux Game Studio / Flux Game Studio

GUTS reviews ( 7 )

Folaks, Nov 28, 2017

GUTS is one of the most fun games I played in a long time. It is not often that you see a game that dares to innovate with different mechanics in an established genre. GUTS takes the fighting games main mechanics and turn it upside down to deliver a new experience - and a hilarious one. As you don't have health bars, you must chop off limbs of your rivals to win. That may sound gross at first, but the game treats it in a very light-hearted way, with colorful scenarios and characters and funny quotes and animations that take off the weight of what would be otherwise a maybe controversial mechanic. The result is that GUTS is a blast to play, both alone or with friends. With a story mode that features two endings per characters, local versus with several game modes, and online gameplay that works well, it is an awesome value for your money. In the end, GUTS brings very deep, yet accessible, gameplay mechanics that allows it to be both a party game just for fun, but also a competitive game that can easily become a contender in the e-sport competitive scene. You can button mash your way into victories, but when one of the players actually master the character and the U-Point system, skill comes in and it is what defines who wins. Everyone should give GUTS a try. It is a bold game that brings new ideas to the fighting genre and brings back the fun of smashing your friends without the need to practice for days to have fun.

Benegas, Nov 28, 2017

GUTS is a great fighting game where you can have awesome comebacks even when playing with a limbless fighter! Not having a health bar is incredibly fun, and throwing your own lost limbs on your opponent face is hilarious!

Latterfy, Nov 29, 2017

This game humor makes you laugh out loud with the stories and situations of each character. It's a fun game to play with friends and I love to try new combos and finish them with a Guts Move.

agell2, Nov 28, 2017

This game is awesome and a lot of fun. It's perfect for playing with friends. One of the things I liked most is the fact that the soundtrack is dynamic and change according to the character's status.

CarinaCosta, Dec 5, 2017

Guts brings innovation to the fighting game genre! Gore but funny, interesting characters, and can be really fun to play with friends! Lots of fun and easy to learn too! Give it a try! :D

Flopes26, Nov 28, 2017

GUTS is a fun and innovative fighting game that explores controversial themes with good humor. Certainly GUTS will be a watershed in the scenario of fighting games worldwide.

jcarvalho, Nov 28, 2017

Really good game! Glad to know that the developers are coming up with updates and new contents. Had a great time with my friends chopping limbs off, the mechanics are very original.