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Hammerwatch A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment. Play solo or co-op in this adventure from bottom to top of Castle Hammerwatch. Kill hordes of enemies with varied looks and features through four unique environments with traps, hidden secrets and puzzles.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1806
Genre General, Action
Company / Developer
Crackshell / Crackshell
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Hammerwatch reviews ( 7 )

Thorstoned, Aug 15, 2013

A blast from the past! This game has kept me in front of the screen for far too long. I don't understand the negative reviews; it's obvious what kind of game this is, even before you buy it an old school, pixelated action RPG. The controls are perfect in my eyes, WASD to run and arrow keys to do everything else. Now I've never played Gauntlet, nor have I played any other game that is even remotely close to this, all I know is that this was BOUNDS of fun. There's never a dull moment. It's an intense, unforgiving hack and slash jewel. Finding secret areas in a game has never felt so rewarding (keep your eyes open!). The game is challenging, especially while you get used to it. Unless you turn on 'crutches' like infinite lives, you only have a set amount of extra lives before it's game over. This just makes it that much more rewarding to finally beat that boss and progress into the next level. Complex level design, exhilarating puzzles, fast-paced action, online co-op (personally only played single-player) and hours of focus makes this one a must-own in my book, especially considering the cheap price tag. I'm sitting here trying to think of cons, to create a more balanced review, but I'm honestly struggling to find any. I'll let other users take care of that part, it seems like that is something people like to do. I'm going to play some more.

BigMike, Aug 26, 2013

It's hard, and it's fun. Sometimes it makes you mad, but I think that's not a bad quality in a game at all. It's frustrating, but it certainly doesn't end up feeling any more monotonous than any game it resembles.

furl, Jan 14, 2014

There are quite a few games that are valued not for their modern graphics or epic storyline, but purely for their gameplay. Hammerwatch is one of them. It's gameplay is very similar to Mage Gauntlet's on iOS, so if you like that game, grab Hammerwatch without even thinking. The fighting mechanics in the game can be described as something between those of Crimsonland and Rogue Legacy. Hammerwatch's difficulty is adequately challenging and somewhat similar to aforementioned games, but can still be configured to make the game easier or even harder. Personally, I like the game a lot. Tomorrow is a working day and I should have been in bed for a couple of hours now, but I keep playing. This game deserves 10 points, but I'll give it 9 solely because of Mage gauntlet, which is - just a bit - but better.

raiokincaris, Dec 9, 2013

An interesting game for what is on the surface. Exploration seems fun, and sometimes it leaves you sweating through a level if you aggro too many things at once. The only time I stop playing is when I've used up my lives!

Cloud73, Aug 15, 2013

I saw this game being advertised on Steam, and decided that I liked the immediate aesthetic vibe I got from it. The sprite work and gameplay video impressed me. Therefore, I went ahead and purchased it. My only experience so far in this game is with the singleplayer mode, but I've come to the conclusion that this is not the optimum method of playing the game. I say this because progression in this game is largely dependent upon slaying enemies who come in massive droves, and upon the time-tested "find the key" method of exploration. The second problem actually would not be a problem for singleplayer, if only the keys weren't made of buttons placed at opposite ends of the absurdly large maps. Normally, every door needs four buttons to be pushed, and guess what? This game supports four player coop! Now, that's not to say that the movement speed was an issue. In fact, I found the general control of the game to be rather smooth and enjoyable. Controls are mappable to keyboard or controller, and I would personally recommend a controller to get the most from it. Keyboard is certainly functional, but this is almost certainly a game for abnegating and relaxing with, at least until you reach a boss. I'll talk about the first boss I fought in a moment. When choosing a character, I played a paladin, one of four classes that can be selected and the only one that appeared to be a melee user. The game is not particularly suited to melee users, or at least it wasn't in my limited experience. Many enemies I confronted either charged immediately onto my sword or shot so many projectiles that I might have just as well been holding a stick. Your shield is supposed to protect you from "most" projectile attacks, but I found myself hurting for a health snack every time one of their particular spawn points needed destroying. I would suggest for you to use another character, but I don't know for certain how the other characters are balanced out, so go with what you think you'd prefer. The weaknesses of the character I chose were also apparent after the first boss I fought. Without giving too much away, the fight largely consists of running behind pillars every time the boss uses his own attack, but since I had a melee character, I had to watch carefully for the boss to give his "I'm about to really hurt you" tell. If I missed the tell, there wasn't nearly enough time for me to run away. Again, I'm led to believe that a different character would have been more fortunate in this fight, but so would having three other team members been to help me blast his face in. I actually think that the boss fight was rather fun, despite how my description might paint it, but if I haven't made this completely clear yet... THE GAME... IS... MULTIPLAYER. Grab your friends, family, or even the dog, but don't play this game alone! I actually think this game does not deserve any of the bad ratings it's getting. The game's options are available and comprehensive enough for what the game demands, and the gameplay is well made. The graphics are nicely done, though I hope you have other people to help you speed through the levels because they are slightly repetitive for the size of each map. There's a level editor for people who like that sort of thing, and the leveling options are each useful in their way. You have my sincerest recommendations. Grab this game to enjoy with friends and for the last time, I'm serious. Play it with friends.

AdamP, Jul 16, 2014

A missed opportunity. Hammerwatch is a pixelart style 2D action RPG hack 'n' slash game. It is similar to the NES title Gauntlet. You can choose from 6 different classes like paladin, priest, ranger, wizard, thief, warlock. I felt the classes a little bit unbalanced, maybe it's just because of my playing style. You can upgrade them by buying stuffs in the dungeons. It has a campaign mode basically without a plot, you kill thousands of enemies while you walk around dungeons finding switches, gold, secret passages and at the end you fight a boss. The graphics are pretty good and well customizable. It uses the power of modern GPU's by using different kind of shaders, but you can disable them to make the game look even more old-school. The game has online and local coop (shared screen, not split-screen) too which is really fun. However, the single player mode can be boring. My biggest complaint is the level design and enemies. Both of them lacks variety. The levels are large but everything looks the same within one level. Same tiles everywhere with a minimum amount of variety. It could be done much better. Same with the enemies. On the first level, there are insects, maggots, bats and some kind of plant. These things have different variations with different strength. However, on the next level, different looking enemies, but basically the same abilities. They are just reskinned like the levels. There are some new elements level by level, but nothing really special. They don't feel refreshing. The game had so much potential wasted. It can be monotonous. Also it has a survival and defender map. The fun part begins when you play with friends. Still the same game, but the cooperative nature of the game gives a better feeling to the game and the teamwork with different classes is fun. Sounds and music is OK, but nothing special. In conclusion, it's not a bad game, but could be done much better. I give it a 7/10 because of cooperative modes. Without that, it wouldn't be that good. Pros -Graphics -Cooperative gameplay is fun! -Rewarding secrets Cons -Repetitive level design -Lack of enemy variety -Repetitive gameplay (find the key, push the buttons, kill thousands of enemies) -Sounds and music is nothing special -Somewhat unbalanced classes, some of them are only useful in cooperative game -Way too simple gameplay mechanics which somewhat works, but feels lacking I recommend the game if you have friends to play it online or locally on one PC.

NikKotovski, Feb 11, 2014

The game is rather good itself despite old-looking graphics, but thx to constant save crashes it is unplayable in CO-OP. So for me it basically ended up in a waste of money, because I wanted to play with my friends.