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Hard Reset Redux An action-focused and hardcore single-player shooter which embraces the paradigmatic qualities that the genre has it offer. It includes over-the-top destruction, myriads of enemies, weapon variety, a challenging campaign and a cyberpunk setting.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1462
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Gambitious / Flying Wild Hog
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Hard Reset Redux reviews ( 5 )

Rhapsody747, Jun 3, 2016

This game led the old school FPS charge back in 2011 when no other dev dared, and the upgraded version doesn't disappoint. Has more creative weapon design and upgrade system than the new Doom, along with wonderfully atmospheric levels.

ShinsFortress, Feb 10, 2017

This game is a breath of fresh air. I picked up on sale as I was looking for a good old-fashioned, not complicated, shooter. I was disappointed with the new Wolfensteins and was looking for something with more action, some skill but not too much brainwork. BINGO! The graphics and sound are just about acceptable (for this day and age), but the basic shooty gameplay is just right for me. I have head-scratchy RPGs if I want to think. When I want to unwind, this is the ticket.

Letiste-Gaming, Jun 8, 2016

Hard Reset: Redux deja claro en todo momento el público al que va recibido; al de la vieja usanza, al del quick save y al del "la salud regenerable es lo peor que existe". Ante la tremenda saturación de shooters modernos, ver algo como esto es poco menos que una bendición, sintiéndose hasta original y diferente.

SuperkenGaming, Jun 13, 2016

Hard Reset Redux Decently Fun, but super repetitive Hard Reset Redux is the extended version to Hard Reset released in 2011 nearly doubling this games length and of course extending the story... that is if you can actually follow what’s going on… Something about AI gone wrong and you have to save the city they occupy... I’m not even sure... If you’re playing Hard Reset you’re playing for the gameplay… And this game can be great fun at times… You get 3 weapons in this game... a rifle...a plasma gun, and later a katana… But both the rifle and the plasma gun all have 5 variations that you can unlock as you collect xp from secrets or just by killing enemies... As you progress through the game your meter will fill up and give you a skill point to spend on either a new weapon, a weapon upgrade, or gear upgrade… And these weapon upgrades are really all there is to keep the game feeling fresh and ultimately what keeps it even the slightest bit engaging… There are a few enemy variants that you can take down with any weapon, but you’ll clearly fall in love with one weapon type to deal with a certain enemy over another, for example I like using the shotgun on explosive enemies.. And I loved using the katana on pretty much everything else. I easily had the most fun with the katana... but the fact that I had a favorite weapon for every enemy type tells you a lot about how much weapon variety actually matters in this game… That is such a refreshing feeling, where I feel like in most first person shooters I can get away with anything and it doesn’t matter… but here it does unfortunately after you’ve played with all of the variants for a while, the game really starts to get boring and feels like it drags out way too long… Hard Resets biggest issue is hands down the level design… Every levels is activating switches while you kill everything between you and the switch… And every level really looks nearly identical… and honestly without having known that the game would be the same throughout, I was already unimpressed the moment the game started, as It looked like a dated bargain bin game Its gray and boring, but there are some cool nail-biting sections towards the end of the game if you can manage to drag yourself through 7 hours of the same thing to get there… You practically see all there is to see in level 1, minus a few boss fights thrown in there… Hard Reset Redux offers a great deal of fun with its weapon variety, But if you don’t like feeling like you’re stuck in a demo level for 8 hours, you’re better off looking for your fun elsewhere I give Hard Reset Redux a 6/10

Veracius, Jun 26, 2016

Unnecessary version of the game. This version of the game has worse graphics than the original, as well as some of the additions to this version are useless, like the katana. This version of the game also has bugs that have not been addressed yet. If you're interested in playing this otherwise good FPS, then the original game is a much better option, with better graphics and without the bugs that were introduced in the redux version.