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Hard Reset Hard Reset is a cyberpunk FPS by Flying Wild Hog.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3873
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Kalypso , Flying Wild Hog / Flying Wild Hog
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Hard Reset reviews ( 7 )

thesisko, Sep 14, 2011

Inccredible fun and great looking. A return to form for fast-paced PC shooters. Buy it so we can get more like this, developers like Flying Wild Hog are all too rare these days.

Breakdancer22, Jan 22, 2012

This is how more games should be made! The graphics are amazing, there's tons of explosions and fast-paced action, cool, robotic enemies, secrets, and I love the fact that I can upgrade my weapons. Also, the boss fights are epic and challenging, and the fact that your health does not regenerate makes it more challenging. Don't pay any attention to the negative reviews. This game is worth every penny! The only thing I didn't like was the ending, otherwise it would have been a perfect game. :)

Ultimate_Gamer, Sep 27, 2011

This game came from another dimension. There are three FPS games which shaped the whole genre. After Half-Life FPS games started adding dialogues. Almost every FPS after Stalker had RPG elements. And finally Call of Duty made FPS more casual. Now, imagine the world where these three games were never made. Hard Reset was made in this world. It denies all the cliches and instead gives you a good, old-school FPS, allowing you to carry around tons of weapons (technically, there's only two, but they both have five different modes) and fight giant bosses. In short, if you're kinda person who spent hours killing monsters in the original Doom and now is waiting to enjoy Serious Sam 3, this game is definitely "must have" for you.

KingShree, Dec 1, 2013

True Old School game. It is repetetive, sometimes boring but overally its very good and it brings back a lot of memories. With the new free DLC the games lenght is acceptable and the new final boss is a bit of challenge. Great game!

gast128, Jul 24, 2015

The game takes place in futuristic city, which has resemblance with the city from Blade Runner. Although they tried to explain a story between the levels, it is chaotic and hardly related to the game-play. I got mixed feelings about this game. It 's quite beautiful, the shooting is enjoyable and you can blow up pieces form the environment for extra damage. However this game has also some major irritating points, like instant deaths; waves of enemies and boss fights which were too difficult. For one boss fight I died 22 times, which kills all the fun. The game needs a more balancing game play and a better story. Still I think this one is better than their reboot of 'Shadow Warrior'.

Toothpicker, Nov 18, 2015

Really wanted to like this game, it has nice graphics and a decent setting, but it was just so boring and repetitive that I abandoned it after a couple of hours.

tronchaviones, Dec 6, 2013

Boring repetitive beta full of bugs. This is not old-school, it is just an unfinished beta. It is extremely short: not the 4 hours I have read elsewhere, but just 4 minutes. The rest of the 4 hours are infinite repetitions of the same boring unfinished graphics demo.