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Hard to be a God A medieval universe and non-linear scenario based on the science-fiction novel, Hard to be a God, published in 1964, by the Soviet writers Arcady and Boris Strougatsky. A role playing game cleverly combining, adventure, espionage and science-fiction. A real and living world thanks to an advanced NPC system. Encounters of great depth: the attitude toward the hero changes considering the clothes he is wearing and his appearance, opening up a wider range of dialogues and leading to different possible results. A climatic change system featuring day/night alternation. More than 200 types of weapons and 200 types of armours. Access to futurist technology replaces the magic system. Journey throughout the Empire on horse back and fight. [Nobilis]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 772
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Akella , GamersGate / Burut Software

Hard to be a God reviews ( 3 )

WolveNZ, Feb 15, 2014

Never really played many RPG games before (apart from Dink Smallwood) and never really been a fan of the whole Medieval thing either or fantasy in General But This game is just awesome, apart from some small problems with the general control scheme (that really arnt a problem once you get into the game) and some glitches that are quite minor and are normally fixed by saving and reloading the save Combat is always enjoyable, heaps of background whatnot to collect and read though, dialog is really well translated (not perfect, but pretty good) and the speech is quite good as well Cant really flaw this game too much to be honest, would highly recommend picking up for $15 bucks off Ebay

grahamstreet, May 5, 2008

if you compare this to games such as neverwinter nights and dungeon siege , then you would be on the right track, accepting that this is not oblivion . you will find a game that is first very confusing , but keep on playing and the storyline unfolds to reveal a plot that rivals neverwinter nights one. And in my opinion that is one of the most important aspects of any rpg , the game engine reminds me a lot of the dungeon siege 2 ,and the controls are okay for combat . I recently bought the glitzy no story boring action rpg assasins creed and was completely bored to tears after about 6 hours . sightseeing is not enough in games . I say give this game half a chance and you will like it . soldier on through the first hour or so as the story can be confusing but then evrything becomes clear just like inflatable bratvurst!!!!

EremitaJ, Aug 4, 2014

"HOW DOES THIS GAME EVEN EXIST????????????????!!!??? LULZZZZZ 10/10 Best game evah, the hype is real, my body is Reggie for this. Euphoria achieved" -Gamenot. Seriosly I should stop doing so much crystal meth.