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Hard West When a tragic turn of events sets one man down a path of supernatural chaos and revenge, he must brutally hunt down all those whom wronged him. Fight and survive through 8 unique story-based scenarios, and try your hand at more than 40 individually designed turn-based combat missions with your squad of 1-4 posse squad members.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2221
Genre Historic, Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Tactics
Company / Developer
Gambitious , Gambitious Digital Entertainment / CreativeForge Games
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Hard West reviews ( 7 )

Michalina, Nov 19, 2015

Fantastic game, I encourage everyone to play in it. Well played characters, cool graphics style and beautiful music. Well showed history and consequences of my decisions.

JediMasterRadek, Nov 20, 2015

That thing is seriously awesome! -Difficulty is quite serious. For now, hard feels actually hard. Far harder than Dragonfall on very hard or Wasteland 2 on ranger in Arizona -AI seems decent. Enemies are good in flanking. Usually when enemies are leaving cover they do it to make more damages to the player(at least it looks so). -No hp sponges. 2-3 bullets and both enemies and players die -First mission after tutorial has a good encounter design. (defending a house) -There is a possibility to start the tutorial as a tutorial or as a normal mission. There is written a promise that it is short and to the point which is true. The best part: if player declines playing it as a tutorial then he must deal with a quite strong opponent on the start which is not attacking during tutorial:) -As most enemies and player can't stand more than 2 hits, positioning is vital. Fighting is deadly and fast. Enemy can quickly turn tables with a good shot. -Encounter design is fantastic. Had a rescue mission which looked as it was supposed to be done with minimal killing. Game respected my choice to kill everybody and after eliminating everyone on the map mission was successful without a need to complete an objective of opening the prison doors. Had an optional mission which starts the player surrounded and outgunned. It was thrilling and challenging. Maps are small, often reused, but different enemy placement makes encounters feel distinct.Big number of covers and hight places offers many approaches on how to tackle objectives. -Ricochet ability is fun. -Luck mechanic is really interesting. It works as a mana pool for abilities, but it protects from being hit. The more severe a hit chance is the more luck it takes to stop it. Luck is automatically used for that purposes. Being hit and losing hp replenish some of it. -There is some environment manipulation. Could open wells doors to improve its cover. Environment can be destroyed like windows. -Abilities are presented as cards which can be assigned to characters. Looks like 1 ability cannot be used by 2 different characters. You can take 5 of them on missions. Depending on which one you have chosen, you can get a passive buff on top of their standard uses. I suppose those bonuses are poker inspired. -Rotating camera is horrible. Don't understand why they can't bind it to the mouse. It's worse than Wasteland 2 camera. Also when the enemy from different hight attack, camera should change the height, now it is always on the same level when it was left during player turn. -Height seems to influence aim and range. -Enemies can do overwatch. It looks player cannot use it. I had many times when I was begging for overwatch. -The biggest surprise: CYOA. This part is good enough it would be acceptable if it was a game in itself. There are many C&C moments which actually include consequences! Game autosaves, so I didn't retry anything but results were enough specific it seems highly unlikely both options led to the same outcome. In scenario I played the main goal was collecting gold, which was quite complex with many tools, ways to do it and hidden mines. Got even an optional mission. -Writing and story are really good. Love the character of the devil who is a mysterious, well dressed gentleman who appears and disappears on the whim tempting people. -Game has a nice aesthetic and art direction. -Looks like there are secondary objectives/consequences to missions (having to pay gold if hired merc dies) -Always had luck with bugs but so far haven't encountered any. Enemies think a little too much before turn. Game runs smooth, but I have a good pc. -There is an ironmode and a mode in which being low on hp gives debuffs, but there is more xp.(or skill points, whatever is used) Had a good feeling when buying it, but (as for now) it surpassed expectations. I recommend this. We may have got a sleeper hit.

YellowJuice, Nov 20, 2015

It's a well made game in a interesting and in rarely used setting, which is western and more particulary weird west. I am having fun with it so far and I don't think it will change over time (actually plated 15 hours of it).

HitmanHart, Jan 26, 2016

This is a solid game and I plan on keeping and eye on this developer. The game is also very reasonably priced. The graphics, music, and sound are a good quality and the overall package of this game is well worth the price. The game play is solid and easy to maneuver once you get the hang of it. You can purchase a deluxe package (still reasonably priced) that includes a soundtrack and a comic back story (if you're into that sort of thing). Do yourself a favor and buy it from GOG.com and you won't have to deal with DRM from Steam or anyone else..

luksonije, Nov 24, 2015

This is just unbelievable. So much satanism and spiritualism in one game what is supposed to be wild west game, cowboys and sh**. Other than that, once you skip demonic stuff, you have the game. It is Xcom style game set in the wild west environment. Dark and shallow story leads this adventure. Too bad, because we have enough evil in every day, I personally do not need more during my relaxation hours and gaming hours. I will give it 7/10, however if you never tried XCom, that should be your first choice.

Skulb, Dec 12, 2016

I was hoping for something a bit more like the old board game, Gunslinger. But instead of that meticulous tactical western game, Hard West is a less demanding collection of unconnected wild west scenarios, all of them appropriately Oregon Trail-y dark and dismal. You get to play settlers trying to protect their families from bandits and other staple western scenarios. But you also get to play a mad scientistst and other peculiar people. And the game play is pretty good I thought. As you would expect, the combat is cover-based and there is a large variety of abilities and weapons for you to use. But because it is not one large campaign, the RPG part of the game suffers a bit. There is no direct looting either, so the battles are just battles. There is no need for inventory management during them, and you will be focused on either killing enemies or using and looting items on the map. The world maps are loaded with locations of various kinds. Some are shops, some are battles and some are quest related locations. During your travels you gather cards, which you can combine in your inventory for bonuses. It's weird but alright I guess. What I do miss a bit is a leveling process. But then again, since you're playing isolated scenarios this isn't really needed I suppose. The writing is good though and the game looks and sounds appropriately Wild West. So although it is a bit oddly designed in places, Hard west is a game it is easy to recommend to anyone who likes wild west games. It isn't perfect, and indeed is missing some staple features of most tactical turn based games. So it might not be for everyone. Pros: - Action packed with lots of things to do. - A good amount of scenarios to keep one entertained. - Nice graphic and sound design. - Classic tactical game play. - Good writing and narration. Grim and dark though, so steer clear if you like things happy and cheerful. Cons: - No grand campaign, multiple smaller scenarios instead. - Poor performance, at least on my PC. Takes a lot of RAM to run and is occasionally slow to respond. - Weak RPG elements, lack of inventory and character control in places. - Lack of a zoom function. - Rather stupid and silly (also blind occasionally) enemies make things pretty easy. Pro and/or con, depending on one's tastes: - Rather....weird for a western game. In the second scenario I played a comet had made the entire community insane, and as a scientist it was my task to make them sane again with a sanity machine. Just weird all round. At one point during this mission, one of the Pinkerton agents who was assisting me turned into a demon. So that was weird too.

Lobuno, Nov 19, 2015

The game is based in unconnected tactic matches against the CPU. Don't expect RPG elements here, they are present very lightly, remark on very. Dialogue options are very few and don't really impact gameplay. So what we have here is a BlackGuards game concept set in the wild west mixed with XCOM combat. I must confess I didn't like it at all. May be you like it better, but don't expect anything new here or revolutionary. We all have played this game before one way or another, and usually it was better than this.