Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Crack + Activation Code Download 2021

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Harry Potter takes a dark turn in this third-person shooter as he battles death eaters and dementors while fleeing for his life across the wilds of England.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 39 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1322
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Bright Light
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 reviews ( 6 )

DumbledoresHat, Dec 7, 2010

HALLOWED BE THY POTTER! Truly a spectacle and a treat to all Harry Potter gaming fans! This instalment in the EA series involves actual 1st person interaction whereas up until now all Harry did was run around Hogwarts, make potions and collect cards. If you have read the series you will be amazed as i was to see how accurate the story timeline of the game actually is. A lot of strategy and creativity literally come into play when defeating death eaters, snatchers and all the magical monsters of the woods. If you, like me can experience this game on a 27" full HD monitor with an ATI Radeon HD series GPU then you will know that you can finally compare this game to the highest ranking, graphics intensive games on the current market, which is a lot to say for EA since they never worried to much about the High Definition gaming environment. Overall, i give this game an 9/10, purely from a HP fans perspective but as a games tester with an objective approach i give it 6/10 for story, 8/10 for the environments, 9.5/10 for the realistic action packed sequences and a healthy 8/10 for the general dark atmosphere of the game in terms of movies, menus etc. Final Comment: Buy the game, do the fancy 3D thingy mabobby with the cover online with a webcam and murder a good nights sleep with this phenomenal addition to the HP arsenal because as of yet, it truly is the best game in its class. So letâ

AdamDamkjer, Jun 26, 2017

Repetitive at some points during the game, but also new way to design a FPS-like Harry Potter game. It would always be difficult to adapt the first part of a book/movie such as Deathly Hallows. Therefore I think this is a good game, for what it tries to achieve, but could aspire to do better and more with the source material it had.

potterfan123, Jan 2, 2011

First off i would really love for the maker of this game to show me where exactly in the book does harry, ron and hermione run through a seedy, run down building site constantly fighting snatchers and oh yeah, the odd dementor or womping willow, because to my knowledge it never happens! I am only half way through the game and i think i am really going to struggle finishing it because all the game has consisted of up untill this point is fighting, fighting, sneaking past people under the invisibility cloak and more fighting. If i had wanted to play a fighting game i would have played some sort of soldier gun game not harry potter. This game had the potential to be something really special but so far it just hasnt lived up to that. I sincerely hope that part two is better than this one !

asylumspadez, Nov 27, 2011

Its ok at first. It gets insanely repetitive and rather poor at times. Graphicly it looks fine. The gameplay is pretty basic and its annoying to cycle through spells. Its pretty disapointing.

ahile, Jul 8, 2011

first off excuse my spelling (english is not my first language) I"ve played this game and finished it an althought i used to be a fan it was one of the most awful games i have EVER played and belive me i have played a lot of games there isnt anything good i could say about this game i had more fun playing the fil... stone on the gameboy the thid pice of [email protected] all you do is run and shoot some lame spells and dont know what the makers of this game were thinking they must have been in a come when they made this game i ve thought the harry potter deathly hallows part1 was bad but with the game i hoppet they could redeem themself but sadly they didn"t and i dont think part 2 is going to be any diferent

amuadr, May 28, 2014

This is soo bad that you actually want to burn it or flush it down your toilet! f''k this **** it is a f''king disgrace to everyone who actually love Harry Potter, like myself, and when i as a harry potter fan can't even enjoy it, you know it's a f''king disaster! avoid at all costs, even if you got it for cristmas from your parents, seriously i'd rather use it as fuel or something!!