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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is mysteriously selected as the fourth competitor in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. Each contestant in this international competition must confront a fire-breathing dragon, rescue friends from the icy depths of the Black Lake, and navigate the twisting mysteries of a vast, dangerous maze. Players experience all the thrills of the movie - from the Quidditch World Cup campsite to a heart-stopping duel with Lord Voldemort himself. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all playable characters, modeled after their big-screen counterparts. In this game, an all-new spell-casting system allows players to feel the magic for the first time as the controller shakes and reacts with every flick of the wand. Players can also team up with friends in co-operative play to combine their magic and produce more powerful spells than ever before. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1564
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Players 1-3
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reviews ( 6 )

CollinP, Jun 22, 2008

HarryP. You must have horrible taste or be a small child.. most likely both. This is a shit game, pure and simple. Agrivating to no end. Most of the monsters spam attacks and your npc team is so stupid they just keep getting knocked down. The controls are horrible so you're constantly running into something that hurts you and makes your character scream and cry. Which is what this game made me too. Worst Ever!

Steeldude, Jul 9, 2015

This is one of the worst games in the Harry Potter series, as it completely changed the formula of the previous games and instead of being able to explore the castle and learn new spells, this is just a series of action-packed levels with a minimal attempt at a story. The levels are linear and the AI is pretty bad, so expect Ron and Hermione to get into a lot of trouble. There are only 10 levels or so and some of them are pretty short. Also, as a port it's pretty bad and it gives you very little freedom as far as options go. Do yourself a favor, skip this "game" and play the first three ones instead.

PiperP., Feb 29, 2008

I know a 1 is harsh, but i've waited for that game expecting a big thing, cause the three before were SO great. Now the controls have changed, you can't rotate the camera, you can't aim your spells, and its more like a RPG than an adventure game. I feel like i'm playing in my playstation 1 game again... You can't change controls OR resolution, or graphics, and you don't explore the whole castle, you chose levels, over and over again, cause when you get a shield, you go to the main screen again. Really dissapointing game, especially considering the previous three.

PieCakes, Jul 7, 2007

Sorry for the low score but this game really deserves it. This is the fourth Harry Potter game to be released so you'd think EA would have realised they had a good game going. But no, They decided to change everything. You cannot change any graphics or screen resolutions. You cannot change any controls. In fact the only option in the "Options" panel is "Subtitles". This game is a real Console game. Nowhere near the great PC game it once was. The controls now consist of ONLY the keyboard. No mouse at all involved. The game overall is terrible. If you want a good game get one of the previous three. You'll like it better.

AstiX, Aug 14, 2017

Horrible game. Absolutely infuriating. Completely strays from the previous games and takes out all the best parts such as being able to explore Hogwarts! Instead you are left with a menu to choose levels from and each level consists of running around and spamming jinxes at annoying creatures that keep spawning endlessly. The game is a technical mess. THERE ARE NO OPTIONS. You can't even change resolution. The only option is changing subtitles between ON and OFF. Seriously? The controls are sluggish. It takes 1 second for the character to move after you've pressed a button. Whoever you play as, the other two are going to be a pain in the ass and enrage you each time they're required to cast a spell together with you. I hope the next game doesn't follow this formula.

AlainH., Dec 28, 2005

I hated the game because u cant change anything in it.. i have a 128 geforce 4 video card and the game resolution was so bad like playing an old dos game.. I wasted my money on nothing.. I didn't even finish the first level.