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Hatoful Boyfriend Chat with birds of every feather from narcoleptic school instructors to pigeon biker gangs on your way to flirty encounters potential suitors that set your hear aflutter. Spend time with the ones that strike your fancy and ditch the birds that prove to be a bore.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1934
Genre General, Adventure, Visual Novel
Company / Developer
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Hatoful Boyfriend reviews ( 6 )

RightEOThen, May 25, 2014

As my father said to me on his deathbed, "Son, I love you but if you learned anything from my massive waste of life its that you need to play more video games with bird sex in them". He then molted to death at the tragic age of 7 years old. My father was a blue jay. Don't make his mistake. Everybirdy needs to hear this message and seize life by the wings. Hatoful boyfriend is a game about love, acceptance and the ability to be hit on by pigeons. Is Hatoful Boyfriend perfect? No. But is it perfect? Yes. To say that Hatoful Boyfriend is a turning point in the dating sim genre but in the technological advance of civilization itself is not hyperbolic of a statement enough. I think of Hatoful Boyfriend both when i cry and when I make love. It is a wonderful piece of art that is better than any other work I have ever experienced. Also, fair warning, you might make a cum in yourself.

CSM, Jan 10, 2015

Simply the greatest visual novel on pigeon dating ever made. Don't confuse this is for a one-trick laugh pony however. This animal goes a lot further than simple **** and giggles. Expect to be surprised if you ever reach the final ending.

Zomgman, Jan 2, 2015

First of all, this isn't a game, it's a visual novel, if you consider VNs videogames, then so be it whatever. Anyways, it starts off as this funny game where you date birds and woo you date birds and lol you date birds! And then you realise that the game as actually so SO much more than that. And then you go through and get to the final ending because you liked the game because it's more than just a dating sim with birds! Aaaaand then you finish said final path and find that this one of the strangest, yet best experiences you've gone through.

nevershark, Aug 26, 2014

Forget the clearly and regretfully uninformed reviews. This game is a shining example of what's possible with the visual novel as a medium. Ever think too hard about something funny and realize that in order for it to be funny something else terrible had to have happened? Well, Hatoful Boyfriend is basically that, but in game form. Of course, it starts out hilarious and outlandish. But when the backstory rears its ugly head, it takes its seemingly kooky world, and meticulously and horribly explains how it came to be the way it is. And it isn't pleasant, not one bit. Sometimes you'll still laugh, but more often than not you'll be crying. Over birds. Probably one of the best written games I have ever encountered, without exaggerating - such a shame that it's so difficult to talk about without spoiling. If you're familiar with visual novels and/or like good plot in your games, give it a shot, but make sure you unlock Bad Boys Love. And get the tissues ready.

Lyons, Jun 19, 2015

I went into this game expecting a fun, yet cheesy experience. I thought it'd have a bunch of one dimensional characters, and that it would get dull rather quickly. I was very wrong. What I got was a surprisingly deep and well written game. So well written, in fact, that I chose to explore each and every ending. With each playthrough, I discovered something new about a character. The writing is clever and the dialog frequently made me laugh. The correct decisions of each playthrough are logical. It took me 7 hours to complete everything, (and yes, I mean EVERYTHING) Essentially, the developers set out to make an extremely absurd game and somehow also managed to make it good. It's cheap and fun so I would highly recommend it.

DanySK, Nov 1, 2015

Really: what the heck is this? A girl going to a school for birds and trying to seduce one of them. The thing is pretty hilarious, and somehow funny. It is good at making the game initially interesting. I have made a single playtrough, completed the "game" with one possible ending, and that was pretty much enough for me. The reason is that the game is simply boring. Maybe is funny to some very small audience, to me is not.