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HAWKEN Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat game. The focus is on creating an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3590
Genre Action, General, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Adhesive Games / Adhesive Games, Reloaded Games
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HAWKEN reviews ( 7 )

beyondabraxas, Jan 3, 2013

Hawken is a brilliant game. The sense of weight and scale is apparent. The combat, once you get the hang of it, is extremely fast based and reactionary. The biggest mechanic that a lot of reviewers seem to be missing is the Dodging / Boosting system. You have to be quick to dodge using your boosters. Read your opponents moves and play strategically while still maintaining twitch reflex shooting. Its very, very intense. Don't treat it like your average FPS, you aren't a humanoid, you are a mech, you have separate advantages and disadvantages, get used to them. Verticality plays a huge role in the gameplay as well. The mechs are agile in a whole different way. But if you try to run and gun like an average FPS, you're toast. There really isn't any other game like Hawken out right now. Its a Mech Sim FPS with an arcade game feel. There are 8 mechs to choose from, I think, each with their distinct advantages and abilities. The game also features a very robust item/ mech upgrade system, much time will be spend configuring the build that suits you best. As far as the F2P model, its rather well designed, if you play smart and play well, procuring ingame credits is a breeze (as is leveling up). If you lack the patience or time, real world currency can be used for unlocks. Did I mention the game looks incredibly stunning? No other game imo right now touts as much polish and detail visually, its remarkable that its F2P. Get this and decide for your self. A++ PS. Its still in Beta, it will only get better from here on out.

Duke_Silver, Oct 25, 2013

Mech fans should love it. Unhappy people that are used to getting instant gratification will be frustrated. This game is very much still under developement. New patches come out all the time that give people cause to troll the developers. These are the same people that have never made anything in their life. 30 years old, still attending community college, kinds of people. Games like this live and die by their community. Unfortunately, for all the dev's hard work, the community currently leaves something to be desired.

Packmang, Feb 13, 2014

Flat out, one of the best F2P games ever made. The learning curve is rough only if you jump straight in to ranked matches (namely free-for-all death match) without doing the tutorials and running a few games of the offline practice or online co-op bot mode. That said, the game tries to place you in games with people of similar pilot rank but that doesn't mean you can't get smoked occasionally; It's a squad based shooter, not a sim. There are bound to be some elite players who practice night and day... The controls are really easy to learn and master if you play basically any FPS games, and the sound, graphics, & physics are really good. Mech balance has been very thorough, as you'd know if you played all through the beta. There are internal components you can earn to customize your mech a bit, and you can unlock every single one via normal game play, and it doesn't take eons which is nice. You can pay real money to unlock cosmetics like paint, and body parts from the other mechs of the same class. You can also pay to unlock internal parts sooner, and buy bots faster than you'd earn them, but it really doesn't give any real advantage since all the bots are equally capable if played right. Anyone who thinks the game is pay-to-win hasn't played it enough to know that is nonsense. A lot of players stay with the starting bot long after they've unlocked everything else because its just good all around. I do wish there was a single player or co-op campaign mode but that's not what the game is really about. One thing I really love is the online community for Hawken, The devs can regularly be found in higher ranked games and the response the player critiques/requests is better than any online game I've seen. Patches are on-point, and somewhat frequent without being annoying. My only real gripe is that if you play at non peak hours, sometimes the only games active aren't what you really want. Overall, Hawken is pretty incredible. I honestly can't figure out why anyone would give it a negative review unless they've been emotionally compromised, coming off the heels of repeated beat downs.

merkaba48, Mar 15, 2014

For a free to play game, Hawken is definitely one that should be sampled by anyone with an interest in first person combat. It's a highly polished game with some much appreciated attention to details that give the world and game-play a strong character. I have spent £15 on the game purely because that is how much I think the game would be worth were it not F2P. I have not spent any money on game-play items, and feel no need to. Using the default mech I have been consistently in the top three places on scoreboards, frequently first place, even when up against players who have clearly pimped out their mech, so I find it difficult to accept the idea that this game is 'pay to win'. Having said that, the game does require some grinding to aquire items, and until you have filled out your item slots you ARE at a disadvantage. I've rated it 8 for the excellent presentation and attention to detail, fun game-play with interesting combat and depth via items, and not being too grindy.

FoxUnbeatable, Jan 17, 2013

I have put in a considerable amount of time into Hawken over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, I'd like to clear this up and say that this game is NOT pay to win. The starter recruit mech is customizable, and is one of the stronger loadouts, so if you're struggling, I'm afraid the problem lies with the user. Playing with friends is a blast and adds a lot more depth to combat. Relying on your team mates for drop repairs, cover fire, shields and radars and baiting / ambushing your oponents is very rewarding. With repair guns and a Technician class hinted in the game files, I can only speculate that we can see some whole new elements of gameplay being added in the future. Being a beta, I have high hopes for Hawkens future. There are some balance issues here and there, but nothing that cant be overcome with solid communication and maneuvering with your team. I would love to see a lot more customization for the mechs, some form of ranking system or rated play and a party system and have faith that the Hawken devs are listening to their playerbase. Hawken is a great game, and worth a try.

dsj556, Mar 9, 2014

This is probably the most accurate game to "mechwarrior" style games. The controls are very easy to use and the brief tutorial explains everything very well. Graphics:9.5 very good as is expected with modern games My only complaints are that this game has no single player mode and that it suffers from the pay to play function. I would have been willing to pay actual money for this game but the in game purchases really make me not want to play it at all. Yes you can still seemingly unlock everything without paying for it but just the fact that it is in the game really kills it for me. I know this is the direction that games are heading and I wouldn't be surprised to get to the point where you can respawn for just .99 but I will not be playing games like that. Anyways this game is very good if you want a mech combat experience for free but be advised that there are some pay to unlock areas.

mizzrawrz, Mar 30, 2014

Devs are constantly making large sweeping changes, while blatantly ignoring their community. With it's current patch the game feels and plays very broken for a FPS. Combat went from super fluid and immerse, to clunky and intentionally broken. Their so called "bug fixes" often introduce even more and larger gamebreaking bugs.