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Headlander Assume the role of the last known human in the universe, and all that's left of you is a disembodied head. Seeking clues to your fractured past, you must travel through a hostile world of machines using a special helmet that allows you to dock into and take control of any robotic host body. As you launch from one body to the next, you'll start to discover that things are not quite what they appear to be, and the fate of humanity has yet to be decided. From Double Fine Productions, Headlander is a a retro-futuristic, side-scrolling, action-adventure game set in a world inspired by 70’s science fiction. It's a world of automation, a utopia gone wrong in which all of humanity have transferred their minds into robotic imposter bodies and are ruled by a deranged computer.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1268
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Double Fine Productions , Adult Swim / Double Fine Productions
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Headlander reviews ( 3 )

GamesXtreme, Aug 31, 2016

I've never played an Adult Swim game other than the goofy flash title from ages ago -- Robot Unicorn Attack, I must admit I wasn't expecting much. What I will tell you now is how very wrong I was with it all. Head Lander is a simple, brilliant, GORGEOUS game to which I had the absolute pleasure in playing. It's funny, slick and amazingly entertaining. I honestly can't recommend this one enough. The concept is so out of left field that it works seamlessly. The gameplay is ace, the jokes are a good laugh, and the graphics are stunning. Just don't play it in front of little ones...they might start to ask questions as to why that robot is...uh...humping things.

herbancowboy, Jul 29, 2016

Headlander is a really fun romp through a 1970's stylized dystopian future in the genre of a metroidvania, platforming adventure. The player takes on the role of the last surviving human trying to uncover both his/her and humanity's past while trying to escape the clutches of Methuselah, a robot overlord whose intentions are unknown (though probably evil in some fashion). The graphics and sound, both the soundtrack and ambient noises, are phenomenal and really paint the picture of the robotic dystopia well. And of course, being Double Fine, there is an element of goofiness and silliness that helps lighten the mood throughout. The game is not particularly difficult to play through, so those seeking a frenzied challenge should give it a pass. This game is more about immersion and the story unfolding before the player than gaming skills, and Double Fine really nailed the atmosphere in their unique way. Once, the player character got stuck inside the wall/ceiling and a manual restart was required to correct the issue, but this was the only bug encountered and it did not leave any permanent issues after the restart from the last save. The game saves every time the player character enters a new room The price point might be a tad high for some folk's taste, but IMO it is worth it. Definitely pick it up during a sale if you're on the fence now.

Xenocore, Jul 27, 2016

Headlander was a nice reprieve from my recent gaming trends. Lately I’ve been drowning in MOBA's and YouTube. While i wait on some projects i kickstarted, Double Fine has provided me with something that tickles my aesthetics. Retro Future design, tied with clever dialog and animation. Double Fine's Artistic team is one of the best in the business. The environments are well put together and filled in with detail. The effects on the character are great and brought me to the days I saw all of the covers for Activision games on my Atari 2600. Electrical and Plasma looks great, and the color palate choice was appropriate for the setting. Animation was top notch as well. I laughed out loud when i got to the chess pieces that you will come across. The enemies in the game work well, each bot carrying a different weapon, and each functions in the same way, but gives you different results. Single shot, spread, fractal spread, etc. I was not expecting the fractal weapon at all. And strangely, as many shots as you could put into the air, it was not overpowered. You must still play carefully in certain areas, or you will lose the robot body you worked so hard to keep alive. Mechanics work well, but felt a bit lacking. In most metroidvania games, your access to the map is mainly restricted to gaining abilities or equipment. While that exists, the main means of restricted access is in the robotic body that you happen to be driving at the moment. Since all your weapons and access is based on which one you have, the search for weapons and doing tricky moves to progress doesn't feel as satisfying. For me, discovering the weapons in this genre was half the fun of backtracking the map. The story and narrative are well done but a bit thin. When I finished my initial run, I felt a bit let down for some feeling of ending. It was more of a soft close, like the end of a chapter instead of ending a book. But they story did have me engaged to see the progress as I played. In Summary, Headlander is a excellent contribution to Double Fine’s library of projects. I feel the average gamer may complete this in around 9 hours or so. And I have blown more money on a bad steak from a restaurant. A worthy buy.