Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Crack/Patch

Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain An expansion for Hearthstone, Blackrock Mountain is a single-player adventure.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 969
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain reviews ( 4 )

DeusXCom, May 22, 2015

Finally earned enough gold to unlock all the wings of Blackrock Mountain and I'm happy to say it's a really nice Hearthstone adventure and my favourite expansion yet. I like the fiery atmosphere, final boss finally feels like a real boss with his many transformation phases, I like most of the card you can get, Grim Patron is one of the funniest cards to play and most importantly - Dragons! Lots of new dragons. They finally gave my palladin a purpose as I transformed him into my exclusive Dragonborne class. 8/10

Alan_Gourmt, Jul 25, 2015

A lot of people say this expansion costs too much for 30 cards, but only the first wing is important, so you may pay 700 gold for it, to have Grim Patron, Quick Shot and Emperor Thaurissan. The cards from the other wings are not played at the moment, except the flamewaker, the imp gang boss and the fireguard destroyer.

Carewolf, Nov 11, 2015

Not very interesting story or fights, but you do get some good special cards. It is extremely expensive though, but also the only reliable way of getting legendary cards.

Reckless39, Jan 6, 2017

Unstable connections + rigged win/lose system. The more you pay - the more lucky card draws you'll get. Also a lot of bots that play withour mistakes, farming gold/rank/arena.