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Hearts of Iron IV Hearts of Iron IV challenges players to face the brutal conflict of World War II in a multifaceted grand strategy game, where history can be fully relived or rewritten from the perspective of a global superpower attempting to change the world, or a small nation simply trying to survive.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4298
Genre Historic, Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Paradox Development Studio

Hearts of Iron IV reviews ( 6 )

Sturmk, Jun 7, 2016

This is my fisrt Paradox game. I tried to play their previous ones such as Darkest Hour and HOI III, but they were really hard to get into (i'm mostly a RTS player) and i gave up really fast because i simply had no fun playing them. While Still overwhelming at times, this game is far more easier than their previous games, thanks to a really good interface and less microing. Veterans should not be afraid, since it's possible to micro if they want to. I would say this game combines the depth of the previous Paradox games, but with a welcome Interface and mechanics overhaul. If i should summarize, i would say it's easy to learn, hard to master. Everyone should try it, and they will like it !

KGBMinamoto, Jun 7, 2016

If you like WW2, and you have enough time on your hands, this game is near perfect. This game fulfils everyone of your micro and macro desires, with gorgeous graphics and refined combat system. Only reason its not 10/10 is because it chugs in the late-game.

Gambit8, Feb 17, 2017

A great game for sure, but there are clear drawbacks to this game that can ruin the experience in my personal opinion. Firstly, I would like to mention that this has to be one of the most fun WWII strategy ever made and the choice of going historical or deviating off to more extreme alternate reality is exciting. I also cannot fault the wartime mechanics, even before the improvements it was fun. However once you hit around ~1942 or even after 1945 the border gore is horrendous and if the war is finally finished you will have some of the weirdest land distribution ever created - not to mention the land is essentially useless thanks to the non-core penalties. Clarity on how wars will work (ie. who will join wars and how they are merged as well as whether than country will insta-join Axis or Allies) would be a great improvements as lack of clarity can really ruin a play through, especially when playing as a neutral small nation trying to get big. Speaking of which, one of my personal favourite things of paradox games is getting a small nation and making them huge, however, in this game this is nearly impossible thanks to the penalties. The most notable one being the 99.8% penalty on manpower, which is not only unrealistic but also a tad harsh. Foreign conscription was a thing and although I do not disagree with a 99.8% penalty to begin with, I do think a monthly tick of -0.1% to the penalty would make the game feel more rewarding rather than playing a small county for 3 years before hitting the impassable wall of no manpower. Supply needs to be fixed or redesigned, perhaps even allow the player to customise their supply if the game picks an unusual or impassable route. When attacking Russia from the south I ran into an issue where supply simply would not reach my front lines despite having a clear passing from my capital to front lines simply because the game chose an odd supply route. Needless to say despite beating back Russia and Germany I had to abandon the campaign because my entire frontline was on the verge of collapsing. I still keep the save in case they fix this though. Overall, despite be being heavily critical of the game, it is really fun and I can imagine it to be even better with friends. However, attempting anything unorthodox such as world conquest with Saudi Arabia or forming your own faction as France and taking on everyone will make you run into a few of the issues I mentioned above. Clearly the game was meant to be played as the major countries in the historical way, this way you avoid the clarity of war issues, the manpower penalty becomes a historic challenge and supply in hotspot areas are more clear. I would still recommend the game to anyone, however I do hope for more improvements on the game - and the most recent expansion although an improvement does not feel like improvements in the right area, as well as this the features added are not worth the price, one of the few Paradox expansions I feel is overpriced since the features introduced are actually found in mods and are done better at times in those mods.

dave12, Jun 7, 2016

Everything that made HOI3 the truly great game it is was abandoned in HOI4. Why?? It looks better, sure, but that's about it. For HOI-veterans it's just too simplified, for the average newcomer it's still too demanding and unstructured. The simple truth is: You can't turn a game like HoI into a game that suits the needs of the average casual player. HOI 3 was demanding, true, but it was rewarding as well, once you found your way through the complexity. HOI4 however offers no such degree of complexity. Building your army, for instance, is nothing but assigning divisions to a commander. That's it. You command them by drawing lines on a map, a so called battle plan. Once you activate your plan, you have to wait till it's completed (or failed). Before that you cant do anything to react to changing situations. The game plays as boring as this review reads. Air combat, which was ok in HOI3, is now degraded to assigning randomly put together squadrons (size doesn't matter) to a region (like for instance "Northern France", thats how big these regions are!) and wait for your enemies to be shot down. Nice idea, actually, but you don't get any feedback at all without clicking through three screens. And you can't demand air support for a specific part of the front where battle is at a critical point. Your bombers just fly over said region and bombard all enemy units in combat at the same rate. IN HOI4 you just don't get the level of immersion and presence which HOI3 offered. Everything feels detached and not really important. Your armies march according to pre-drawn lines, while your commanders make nonsensical decisions which you cannot undo before it's too late. Tech trees are apallingly linear and boring. The only good bit is the "national achievement" thing where you can unlock some bonuses for your country. But even they become boring after having it played twice. HOI4 should have been a milestone. Unfortunately, it's just a very expensive version of a free-to-play browser game.

deathmachinept, Aug 2, 2017

A very hit and miss game some steps forward but many backwards, been a fan of HoI series since HoI 2 got everything from there, contrary to HoI III that had a very strong foundation design wise allowing for great DLC and mods, in tank terms HoI III is a Panzer IV Chassis while HoI IV is a PZ III Chassis. The worst offender is national focus/event trees this makes the game extremely arcade, dumb, detach from reality, bland and makes it harder to play historical because each of this "events" requires researching for 70 days ?? xD The HoI 3 Events especially on BlackIce mod were refreshing, taught history and immerse you in WW2 Pros - Easier to plan paradrops, invasions for your own AI to execute and enemy AI is more capable as well. - Production of equipment offers a cool feature although it should had more depth - More manageable and impactful air war especially on ground support. - Generals can finally be generated and gain traits and experiences according to battles - 2D Art is great in most parts of the game but some icons are a miss like rocket engine and night equipment. - Naval and carrier Combat seems improved Cons - No way to know where there are battle going on or if the enemy nearly surrounded your units or if you lost a battle. ( The battle list on the top right screen has been completely removed) - Trade (or lack of anything) - Economy - Removal of resources and their stockpile, a big design mistake making the game very arcade - Airplanes can't attack ground units if these are not in a ground battle - no Faction cooperation like sharing technologies and blueprints - UI interface is not a evolution of HoI 3 so you will have to relearn how to interact with the game - No detail information or data , you can't know how much equipment you loose per battle or the enemy is losing, how many convoys did you destroy or how planes or tank are performing against the enemy - No air Supply - You can't no longer quickly understand the values of attack and defense of your units in battles - No way to see weather data and plan to avoid it.. it also seems not to affect the game. ... Point is what was lacking on HoI was a more a immersive game with more meaningful events, seeing the impact of battles, conquer territories maybe even listen to radio segments or have a way to see or command units like in Total War, HoI III was going towards and ideal HoI just need some more polish and redesign of some of it's features this is more of a reinterpretation of a Hearts of Iron game.

Palomer, Sep 15, 2017

Hearts of Iron 4 has made some improvements over the already very good Hearts of Iron 3, but there are 2 fatal flaws that make it unplayable for me., First, the AI is just artificial, not intelligent. It is like playing against a cat that is walking across a keyboard. Second, they removed the message settings so you have no control over what information the game gives you about what is happening during the game. Unless you want to play at the exact pace and level of micromanagement Paradox tuned the game for, you will be annoyed to no end.