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Heat Signature Heat Signature is a game about randomised space ships that you can sneak aboard. These ships have a randomly generated interior of connected rooms and corridors, and crew that patrol those rooms.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 982
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Tom Francis / Tom Francis

Heat Signature reviews ( 5 )

KaiMerry, Oct 13, 2017

Heat Signature is about controlling space mercenaries whose job it is to break into procedurally generated enemy spaceships and get themselves into terrible situations which require a clever way out. As a space mercenary, you have very little backstory or information available, just a random name and a personal mission, which involves breaking into a spaceship. You receive these missions from the only character who won't end up dead, because they're the tutorial character. These personal missions of breaking into spaceships require you to first, take on lots of other missions which involve breaking into spaceships. So, you grab a character and off you go, in your tiny pod of a spaceship which has no guns, just the ability to be so small that the enemy doesn't notice when you've docked onto them. The flying through space is controlled with the mouse, and is really fun to get good at, you'll start by crashing into the side of the enemy and hoping to dock, only to ping off the side, but the more you play, the quicker and easier you'll find it to dock. Of course, if you fly too close to the windows they're going to shoot you, and you will go spiralling through space to your death, or survival, depending on how you are with quick time events in which you can pause, so often you just need to make it back to base to repair your pod. Once you haven't been blown up by the enemy and have successfully docked, the space raiding begins. Before walking through the airlock just for the enemy to hit you with a wrench and throw you back out again, you can look over the whole ship, no fog of war, you can see where everyone and everything is, but that doesn't mean you won't be spotted by a patrolling enemy the second you step through the airlock because you weren't paying attention. Once you've snuck on it's time to head for the objective, either kill or collect, whether it's an item, a person, or the ship itself. Of course, you'll want weapons, and by taking out enemies and going through boxes you can gather yourself a hefty arsenal. There isn't just guns and wrenches, there is a manner of interesting and useful gadgets, such as swappers which swap you with an enemy, so they shoot themselves, and subverts which hijack enemy technology so it works for you. These shields and cloaking and so many more are there to help you out of the sticky situations, you may accidentally throw the enemy with the key to progress out of a window, but by using a swapper you can swap with someone on the other side of the door. You could use a visitor to teleport into a room of six people, take two out with a shotgun, shoot another with your other gun, throw your short sword at one whilst you dive at another with your longsword, and be teleported back to your original position before the last one shoots you. Pausing is the most powerful weapon you have, it allows you to perform these awesome stunts which are always the most rewarding part of any mission. Once you've completed the mission it's probably time to leave, you could run back to your pod, fly the enemy ship and blow others up with it on the way back or smash through a window and remote control your pod to pick you up before you run out of air. If shot or knocked out, the enemies will throw you out of the airlock, which means you have to frantically fly your pod to pick you up whilst the counter ticks down to your inevitable death, which may be today, maybe tomorrow. Once your back at a base, you can buy new items, train, do defector missions which you unlock with each space station you take controller of by levelling up through missions, or retire your character and select a new one. Although your character has little story, you still feel bad when they're retired or die, mainly because you lose all the gadgets they’ve collected over their past missions, and the progress on the personal mission, it can be devastating when you finally kick the bucket on the mission which would have unlocked their personal mission. But characters are replaceable, and the different difficulties of mission allow you to start gearing up before having to face the harder missions again. Through the game you unlock more ways of doing missions, like bloodless or no witnesses, these missions will still pay you if you don’t complete them within the perimeters, just they’ll pay you less. This means you don’t feel totally defeated when you wonder on a ship in a bloodless mission and forgot to bring anything non-lethal. This game encourages risking near impossible feats, encourages creative ways of completing your mission and is fun to play for a few minutes to a few hours, with great re playability. Although the missions are all a variation of the same thing, there is uniqueness in the procedural generation and defector missions, one of which starts you in space, making you use a gun to propel yourself through space.

Cronstintein, Sep 25, 2017

It's a great pickup and play type game for an hour or two but I wouldn't want to try and go through an entire campaign in one extended sitting. Doing one or two characters' journey is just about a perfect play session. The difficulty is managed very cleverly through mission selection. Once you're familiar with the mechanics, you can start pushing hard missions right out the gate. The loot is the most interesting aspect. Lots of item variation. This is best expressed when you're under a tight time limit and you need to stretch your abilities to their maximum. Chain teleporting, grabbing keys, bouncing out and killing the captain while leaving rooms full of guards befuddled feels amazing. Concussion hammer + slipstream = a good time. I could see this being an FTL-like situation where I keep coming back to it for years to come. The basic gameplay feels that good.

nonameforme, Mar 22, 2018

A fusion of Hotline Miami & Superhot & some a bit of Hitman seasoning. If the trailer that show player character dash slash into a room full of bodyguard, then pickup that 1st dead bodyguard gun to shoot another guard, then throw grenade to airlock, then teleport out and shoot that grenade didn't sell you the game, then maybe it's not for you.

PokemonStyle, Nov 15, 2017

Amazing rogue-like gameplay which generates a big amount of funny and epic moments. A great number of ways to complete every single level. Despite of fact that game becomes very repetitive after a while, it still one of the best indie games of 2017.

denwer, Jan 29, 2018

I am a great fan of his Gunpoint game, I played it through about 4 times and many custom levels in steam and don't regret any hour that I spent in Gunpoint, because it was a really great game, in my opinion. In the steam promo video, this game is called "Gunpoint in space", it is sometimes true, but not always. You could beat the whole Gunpoint game easily in 3-4 hours, like in 1 seat, and it was a quite enjoyable experience. I often failed the level, but it does not irritate me at all. And here it seems you need at least 25-30 hours to beat this game, and they not very enjoyable, in my opinion. In "Heat Signature" situation is different, it has very nice graphics and not bad gameplay, it also has different types of mission, sometimes you should be quite like at Gunpoint, but sometimes you should not, so you can play it like light version "Hotline Miami" in space. Everything seems to be OK, but not for a long time, I've already played for about 10 hours (about 8 seats, each one slightly more than 1 hour ) during past month. At first, it was fun, almost like Gunpoint, but after 6-8 hours it became quite boring and repetitive. There are only 3 types of missions: kill, steal and capture. I played about 30 missions and all ships look quite the same, like 3-4 templates. It is not an easy game, you can be killed or lost your character quite easily, especially on Hard and Atrocious missions and you will lose all your hard-earned stuff. So the absence of saves is quite frustrating for me. During first 3-4 hours I was quite calm about my failures and death in this game, but later it becomes to irritate me, so I can't enjoy this game as much as I want. Also, I don't like Hard missions with a time limit: for example, you have just 90-120 seconds to get to the ship(very huge of course) and your target as it should be in the farthest corner of the ship. So you need to be PERFECT in timing and have the very good equipment to success at these missions. I admit, that I am not hardcore kind of gamer, I don't mind challenges in the game as soon as they don't prevent you to get fun from the game. I really wanted to enjoy this game, sure it has a lot of content (not very unique to be honest), but for me, it is quite repetitive, boring, with no savegames and sometimes very hard. I enjoyed mostly first 6-7 hours, but then its repetitiveness and difficulty (because if you will concentrate on Easy and Medium missions you will spend 2-3 times more time in the game because you need money to go further and only Hard and Atrocious missions paid well) kill all the fun and enjoyability in this game. If you, not a very Hardcore gamer or like its repetitive gameplay (30-60 minutes it is quite enough to get the full impression of this game), I cannot recommend this game. And I quit this game, because it is not fun for me anymore.