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Hektor A psychological horror game set in a world that literally moves with your every twist and turn.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1476
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
Meridian4 / Rubycone

Hektor reviews ( 6 )

Mykwon, Apr 29, 2016

Best search for chametz simulator ever. 10/10 Would Pesach again. And let's add bogus text to reach the 150 characters limit. Blah blah blah blah

BrupcatBR, May 15, 2015

HEKTOR is a Indie Psychological Horror Masterpiece, with a very good plot and atmosphere, and i don't really know anything to say about it, otherwise that its a god damn masterpiece, and i recommend it in anyway possible, and of course an highly Underrated masterpiece.

Mole2807, May 29, 2015

The best psychological horror game since the Amnesia series; Hektor borrows aspects from Amnesia and excels in expanding them to test your sanity. The ambiance and atmosphere will get your heart racing and palms sweating even before you are introduced to the horrors that surround Hektor. Graphics in this game are solid and in areas impressive. The insanity effect is questioned by some; who are probably shaken by the fear of its purpose to meddle with the mind. The games unpredictability is aided by its ability to load changes to your environment smoothly; making the player often panic and feel disorientated. The story is unnerving and intriguing despite its short length. At the end of the day if you have a towel to dry the sweat from your brow and palms, a blanket to fend off the chills and goosebumps and a safety mat behind your gaming chair...you're still probably going to die of a heart attack. A very respectable Indie Horror Game.

drocktapiff, Apr 2, 2015

Although horror is not really my thing, this game seemed very intriguing at first and honestly did not disappoint. Hektor is aesthetically pleasing and the style of the setting you're immersed into suits the theme of the game perfectly. If you want to get trapped in an insane asylum that defies physics, then this game is right up your alley! It's terrifying, although things rarely jump out at you, I loved that I took every corner with caution. The story is riveting and very enjoyable, there isn't much in terms of direct story development such as cut scenes, you kind of have to figure out for yourself. These minor details is what I loved about the game, you're forced to explore and discover even though you're constantly on edge. The gameplay is not incredibly difficult to grasp, and is relatively challenging when considering the incorporation of items. For example, you're given a flash light with a set of batteries, for starters, the effect that the flashlight produces is horrifying when looking at far distances, but on top of that the batteries can die at any given time without warning which is even more terrifying, forcing you to either bust out your lighter as quickly as possible or fill your flashlight with batteries. Hektor is a game mostly about discovery and and design, it's essentially a mixture of a point-click adventure game and a survival game, although at the end of it feels more like an adventure. Although the game might have ended a tad earlier than I'd like you'd have to keep in mind it is after all an indie game and they may just be testing the waters with this kind of concept. At the end of the day Hektor accomplished what it wanted to achieve, and that is keep me in suspense and have me at times muting the game because I couldnt handle it, I very much enjoyed it.

stjimmy96, Mar 23, 2015

Hektor presents itself as a good high quality horror game which will play with your mind while pushing you to the edge of your mental sanity. The game starts with you lying on the floor of Hektor, a secret underground base, and what you have to do, approximately for the entire game is to walk, walk around every room trying to find something. Unfortunately this is all you get about Hektor's plot at the beginning, and even in the late game you won't find much more information about the plot, the game will lead you to some notes and an external voice will tell you some tips, but there is not any clear explaination as someone may expect since the plot and the atmosphere are very fascinating. Talking about the atmosphere, Hektor succees in offering the player a very dark and obscure atmosphere with very few lights and a lot of dark places to explore. The procedural generation of the level is very well done and can bring you the edge. However you don't have to worry about the difficulty of the game if you are wondering how you are supposed to find the way if the level keeps changing. The algorithm is designed to lead you to the right place after a while, and this design choice may sound stupid but it is completely ragionable if you image how fun would be playing in a labirint which changes every corner you pass. The graphic compart is actually very good for an indie game. The wobble effect caused by the loss of mental sanity of our character, a similar mechanic found in Amnesia, is a well made choice since it pushes you to explore the level, in order to find pills, but the excessive post-processing could be annoying after a while, specially if you consider the lack of Benzo supplies in Hektor. The Horror factor: we could talk all the day about the plot, the game design, the graphics and so on, but what we all expect in a horror game is to be frightened, and Hektor succeeded in that. Hektor starts slow, with a dark atmosphere a good sound sector which decorates the exploration. Then, after a while, it suddenly eccelerate switching from the atmosphere (something there will always be, anyway) to the real fear. Without spoilering anything I can only say that you will be afraid and a lot of well made creatures will hunt you non stop, pushing you to the edge even more. Bad aspectes: _No direct plot evolution: all you know about the story of this place is written in random notes you can find around and you have to guess what is going on and why. No cut-scenes, no explaination. _Short life time: unfortunately the game ends in something like 4-5 hours, it really depends on how quickly you discover the way to get out, and how scaried you are. _High price: 19 euros for the game is really an high price if you consider the duration of the productor. It's not that the game itself doesn't worth that money but the duration of the game doesn't. Positive aspects: _Procedural generated: a very very good way to make every play session different. The game always changes its levels, even when you get into a room. It's not that kind of game where you have to reload the game to actually make it changes. You can enter a room and when you get out have no idea where you are since it changed again. This choice (regulated to prevent you to loose to keep the gameplay fun) attenuate the short life time aspect since you could play several times and walk through different ways every time. _Well done atmosphere: Hektor enjoys a well done creepy atmosphere, possible thanks to a good graphic and audio compart. The atmosphere lasts for all the game and will never leave you. _A Horror game: for my personal experience, this is a very well made Horror game, a game which understood the meaning of horror and applicated to itself, providing a very good and valid horror experience. _Good dosed experience: this game is NOT a type of game where all the fear comes from some random stupid jumpscares. Hektor is very good dosed. It has jumpscares, but it also has some slow and identifications parts. Nothing is pushed over the limit, everything has its right place in the gameplay.

Razor66, Mar 31, 2015

This game is a real letdown. And I just don't want to use a "bad needed bad word" here. Let's leave alone the fact you can easily complete it in less than one hour and an half. Let's leave alone that it doesn't involve any kind of skill whatsoever. Let's leave alone that you can't actually die, lose or get stuck. After a few minutes you understand that your character doesn't run any risk whatsoever... and there any real suspance is lost forever. Let's leave alone that - in order to make the game last at least 1 hour and one half and to save on models and architectures - the developers used the dirty trick of randomizing the level layout in real time: the placement of rooms, corridors and doors change while you are actually moving through them. That means that you have to wander aimlessly until the game decides to pop up the item/note you need (in a place where you have already been many times before) and lets you move on. Let's leave alone that half the equipment you are given in the game is totally useless (what's the point of a flashlight that needs batteries, when you already have an inexhaustible lighter that light up all around you?). You are given Lithium, but you don't need it at all: I've never used it. I don't even know what it is for. And anyway, even if you care, you aren't given the time to discover about it because the game ends way before you even have a chance to start thinking about it... Let's leave alone that there is no scarcity of rechargeable stuff at all (torch batteries and pills are everywhere)... and survival feel is gone forever. Let's leave alone that anyone who's suffering from ANY kind of motion sickness or migraine at ANY deegre of severity simply cannot play this game. Now that we "have left alone" everything, well, nothing is left to consider... Even the very final scene - that, as a concept, is the only redeeming aspect of the game - is so expected and predictable (due to the notes you MUST collect all around during the game) that the whole thing lose instantly any possible interest whatsoever. And all of this for *just* 20 bucks. Yuck! If this is "indie", please, gimme back that stinking piece of garbage of Assassin's Creed Unity everyday!