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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice An independent game from Ninja Theory - makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West & DmC: Devil May Cry. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice takes you on a journey into savage viking heartland with Senua, a Celtic warrior struggling with trauma & psychosis.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5551
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Ninja Theory / Ninja Theory

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice reviews ( 7 )

d_dymon, Sep 22, 2017

This game is f**kin nuts! I don't know where to start, graphics are absolutely amazing, you can see every pore on Senua's face, the paint on her skin, every hair. The story is very immersive, they tied it with mythology, so you can learn some things along.

yefercas, Aug 10, 2017

No se necesita más que una pequeña hojeada para poder saborear esta pequeña obra de arte. un contenido espectacular, una temática de puta madre, visualmente extremadamente generoso, y como si fuera poco auditívamente perfecto

Kusaha, Aug 8, 2017

Ninja Theory gives exactly what they promised! Epic story, beautiful visuals, triple a quality. Great experience especially for this price! I really recommend checking out the dev diaries on youtube before jumping into the game, so you could appreciate the game even more.

ahriyo, Sep 4, 2017

A amazing video game, where the narration & the gameplay did find a very good balance. The theme is hard, but well managed. The combat system is impressive and immersive, even if not original, it takes you in another world, where you try to survive against your body & your mind. I strongly recommand this game, except if you are a sensitive person and/or fear darkness.

ikkan, Sep 25, 2017

Short but very good game. It's more a playable movie than a game. The visual, the concept, the ambientation and sounds are spetacular. The fights and puzzles is a downside for this game, as it is very repetitive and boring. Downsides apart, i do recommend the game for it's beauty.

Lacho236, Aug 13, 2017

It's really sad how a game can never really have a "full package", barring some extremely rare cases. Senua's Sacrifice brings two things to the table: atmosphere and a fairly original approach to storytelling. The melancholic environments and breathtaking sound design all complement your experience of being inside the head of a psychologically disturbed woman who is the game's protagonist. However, the experience is the only thing that's good in the game, and there's not much quality gameplay to speak of. Honestly, with a game titled "Hellblade" and coming from creators of DmC and Heavenly Sword, I expected a fast paced action game in that vein. Sadly, the combat in this game mostly reminds me of that found in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey or Ryse: Son of Rome. Put simply, once you've played through the first combat encounter, you've seen all that the game has to offer in that regard. You're free to button-mash your way through the enemies, adopting specific tactics for special enemy types, and that's it. No flashy combos, no upgrades, no varied weapons or fighting styles, just your longsword, dodges, parries and such a lack of any sense of impact that hitting an enemy feels no different from slashing the air. The same goes for puzzles, which all come down to lining up runes and patterns. These do nothing to make you think creatively and I found them to just be detracting from the flow and the immersion. Ultimately, the game would have fared much better if it adopted a more narrative approach and either scrapped combat altogether or made it sparser and riskier, thus putting greater accent on the game's permadeath mechanic which, frankly, may as well not even be in the current game given how easy it is. Is this a bad game? No, but it is far from good either. If you want a good one-time experience such as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, or just want to feast your eyes on the graphics and the latest motion capture technology, then this game is for you. On the other hand, if you want challenging combat or captivating puzzles, you will only be disappointed.

Crackfarmer, Oct 24, 2017

I can just copy & paste this from previous reviews. Interesting enough story, looks nice enough, but very little gameplay worth mentioning. Combat is a snoozefest once you learn a set of actions to take for each different kind of enemy. The puzzles, if you can call them that, mostly just involve running around trying to match patterns against the world you're in, over and over and over and over. You spend more time in this game trying to find these irritating shapes than doing anything else. That or changing the world by running through portals to open paths or doors. Abandoned after 5 hours of the same thing. Save yourself the money and just watch a walkthrough on youtube if you want to see the story. Its not worth it for the gameplay