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Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor is a stealth-horror game about breaking into your neighbor’s house. Play against an advanced AI that learns from your actions, and counters them. Find out what horrible secrets your neighbor is hiding inside his basement.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 40 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2165
Genre Action, Adventure, General, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / Dynamic Pixels

Hello Neighbor reviews ( 5 )

dysphoricmusic, Dec 16, 2017

Hello Neighbor is um…er…interesting to say the least, with much less emphasis on horror elements than would be expected from all the preview videos people have been watching on Steam/YouTube for a number of months now. If you picture Pixar remaking The Burbs and replacing Tom Hanks with a kid as the protagonist, you’ll have at least a slight idea of what this game is like. The art style is great and the cheery color scheme and cartoony graphics make for a whimsical take on the creepy-suburban-neighbor-up-to-no-good theme. Is it worth the $30? Absolutely not! Well, at least not in its current state as there are definitely some bugs and glitchy gameplay mechanics that need to be fixed. Examples: achievements are broken and don’t unlock, or perhaps you need to go with one of the alpha builds on the beta tab under properties when right-clicking on the game in your library to get them to work – I’m just speculating on that; sometimes if you get too close to a door you need to eventually go through but can’t open just yet, it’s possible to throw an object that you need to make use of through the door, making it impossible to progress further unless you restart the act, of course that’s assuming that you haven’t already made use of that object and that you tossed it rather than using it when at the door, such as a key that unlocks the padlock on the door – good news here is that this shouldn’t happen too often, if at all, if you’re careful; occasionally, when attempting to make use of stacked objects to solve one of the game’s many environmental-based puzzles, the objects will tip over, which is expected, but the unexpected part is that you fall all of 5 or 10 feet to your death which normally only happens from much higher up. Now for the core gameplay elements. Stealth is kind of a factor but like the horror aspect, largely takes a backseat to simply running for your life and narrowly avoiding ‘The Neighbor’ by jumping/climbing like a total freak to avoid him. Works sometimes, other times it doesn’t (you have infinite stamina, so that works, plus you can oddly climb ladders at about 378 mph even while holding stuff…that, um, works too but is more comical than anything). Stealth definitely seems like it should be more of a factor and he’ll find you more often than he should. Also, it seems odd that he’ll break windows in his own house to more quickly come after you. Unique you say, hecks yes, but odd…absolutely! I think that aspect alone will have many gamers scratching their heads. Then there are the puzzles. Many puzzles. Sooooo many puzzles that I quickly lost count. They’re environmental/physics based and largely involve box stacking but the reason for doing so/the objective of this is so complex and obscure at times that sadly many gamers will end up getting stuck and likely give up. The tediousness of figuring all this stuff out and where to get objects you need to progress is ultimately going to turn many gamers off from wanting to put more time in this game, even if they normally love exploring and figuring out challenging things in games. I personally love this aspect of the game but I feel that the devs definitely need to turn it down a notch in a future build if they want to attract more casual gamers to it. That and the asking price. Also, the vast majority of things you encounter in the game, most notably the weird pseudo flashbacks or vision quests into the neighbor’s past, or whatever you want to call them, largely make absolutely no sense whatsoever, most notably old-timey, semi articulated mannequins pushing carts through a grocery store that looks like something out of Beetlejuice….don’t even ask. Despite all of its quirks and a number of buggy issues, I can’t help but like this game and it will be interesting to see the direction the devs take it in, perhaps some DLC or holiday themed updates. UPDATE (12/15/17): Now that I've managed to get past the hellish puzzles and broken areas of this game, finally completing it, I can assuredly proclaim, as many others have indicated, that the ending truly makes no sense whatsoever. It will be nice once the achievements work, though I almost dread going through it again. Still, I can't help but look forward to doing so.

Syl20, Dec 21, 2017

I tried this game while it was in alpha phase and my toughts were : "What a great Idea, with a good concept but such a very very lame execution!" This game looked promising but the gameplay is BAD! It would've been soooo much better if it had a slower and more strategic pace. During the time I played it I felt like I was spending 90% of my time just running around, escaping. I wished there'd be more "hiding", more strategy! I would've prefered a more "Stealthy" approach/gameplay. Once I've been spotted by the neighbor, it felt as if my ONLY option was to run back to the street as fast as I can! I wished it was more like Outlast where you could hide in some places, some shadows in almost any room to have your persuer reset its state. Even when you do try and run, the action is so fast that you stumble and get stuck around every corner and most of the time end up being caught to a point where it's not even stressful anymore. Last times I intruded the house, once I got spotted I just waited for him to catch me cause I knew i'd just get more and more frustrated if I cared to try and escape...

BlueRazor274, Dec 8, 2017

I'm sorry but recommending this game at its current state right now should be considered a crime. I was super exited for this game after playing Alpha 1 and the ironic thing is Alpha 1 was the best and most stable version of the game, every update since felt like a downgrade and just added more problems to the game. Even after the game is apparently fully developed, I still feel like I'm playing the beta version just slightly more extended. This is by no means a finished game and I'm just sick of these early access games being left half finished or just rushed out with a ton of bugs. This game does not deserve a rating above 5/10, I don't plan on buying another game made or published by these guys since obviously these devs could care less about the quality of their own games. Do not buy this game for $30, instead just watch a lets player on youtube, it will be more entertaining than playing the actual game plus its free. :-P

Tchernyshov12, Dec 27, 2017

What is a good idea?What is a good game?a huge number of bugs?crooked management?I was so hoping for this game.I thought she would be a very good.but I was wrong.don't buy or play this broken game.

Game_inquisitor, Jan 23, 2018

This game is game is and I quote marketed as "a stealth-horror game" which is a massive lie seeming as there isn't any stealth mechanics in this game apart from a crouch button. I bought the game during alpha 2 because I wanted to play a "stealth" game not a "run around like an idiot until the neighbor until he gets stuck on a door"