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Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is an epic - and humorous - fantasy adventure and role-playing game in which you take on the role of Shawn O'Conner, a young man striving to become a hero as well as a rogue.Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is the work of Lori Ann Cole and Corey Cole, creators ofHero-U: Rogue to Redemption is an epic - and humorous - fantasy adventure and role-playing game in which you take on the role of Shawn O'Conner, a young man striving to become a hero as well as a rogue.Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is the work of Lori Ann Cole and Corey Cole, creators of Quest for Glory, Shannara, Castle of Dr. Brain, and Mixed-Up Fairy Tales. Although Hero-U is not a direct sequel to the Quest for Glory games, it features the same mix of adventure, role-playing, humor, and immersive storytelling that we introduced in that series.Shawn can become the Rogue of the Year while exploring a mysterious castle, making friends and enemies, fighting deadly foes, and uncovering the secrets of his own hidden past. Meanwhile players will enjoy the rich and humorous dialogue and descriptions as they guide Shawn through his adventures.During the day, Shawn attends classes at the University, practices his skills, and tries to make friends with other students. At night, it's time to pull out weapons, armor, and traps to explore the abandoned wine cellars, stunning sea caves, creepy catacombs, and deadly dungeon beneath Hero-U. Most combat is optional for those who prefer a pure adventure game, but there are ample rewards for those who choose to valorously fight the creatures that threaten the school and all of Sardonia.… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 44
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Transolar Games / Transolar Games
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Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption reviews ( 7 )

kj345jlk345, Jul 19, 2018

After waiting for 6 long years, it was definitely worth the time. So far its really captured the type of game Lori and Cole used to make in the 90's with Sierra and Hero's Quest series. Can't wait to play it all the way through!

Strawhatsheik, Aug 20, 2018

Short version: This game is amazing! It is game perfection. Perhaps the best thing I can say is I paid $100 for supporting the kickstarter for this game and I don't regret a single penny. (And I'm not exactly loaded.) EVERYTHING about this game is spot on. The story is entertaining and well written with twists, some that hit me out of the blue! The art is charming and expressive. It is just the right mix of story, puzzles, and action. It has GUARANTEED replay value. You cannot see everything there is to see or do in one play through. I have heard many people complain about this price, but for the game you are getting it is VERY WORTH it. PLAY this game or you are MISSING out, I promise. Longer version: Why is this game worth so much? One, the replay value. For me this is important, because so many games you play now are fun the first time, and that's it. Not this game. Each time you play this game it can be completely different. And not just based on your own actions. The other characters interact with EACH OTHER. There is so MUCH in this game. Almost everything has a separate, yet equally clever, thing the main character will say about it. Even something as small as the wall scones decorating the castle can generate different responses. Your main character Shawn has something new or different to say about everything and to everyone. What he has to say also varies on what he knows, what has happened in the game, and a ton of other factors. And it's not canned responses either. As a student of game design I know how many, MANY, hours goes into coding a game that is this diverse, and 'alive.' The simple effort of writing and coding this game correctly, is mind blowing. The characters are endearing and all so different. You and they interact differently based on the story, your personality, etc. All of them are so FUN and individual. The art is FANTASTIC! Hand drawn, beautiful and expressive! EVERY time we receive a full 'cutscene' it's like a reward. I love the faces of the characters and how they change. I just love it all. The game had good old fashioned puzzles to solve, but there was also a fighting element if you chose. The story was fun and very well written, and the dialogue was all well written. It had tons of 'feel good' moments, tons of 'oh snap' moments, 'awwww' moments' and 'oooooooooohhhh' moments. My sisters and I played this together and loved every minute of it. Also, if you were an original Quest for Glory fan, or a fan of point and click type games, then you will REALLY enjoy this! I loved being back in the Quest for Glory universe! I loved all the Easter eggs, tie ins, and references to the old games. I thought I wouldn't enjoy this game as much because in all the old games I played as a paladin, but no, I loved it!!! I loved Shawn! If you can walk away from this game without loving Shawn, then you, are, I don't know.... PLEASE buy this game! Support gaming excellence! Give yourself a real TREAT!!!

Cantrus, Jul 31, 2018

This is a lovely return to the games of my youth - specifically Quest for Glory I to V. It's not high octane, but for those who enjoy a pun, a puzzle and some character interaction and then obsessively planing their character's actions, this is the game for you. Unlike the vast majority of games I play, I expect to finish this because it's got a good mix of progression and options without creating an open world tar pit like Skyrim, Fallout or the similar RPGs.

IblisBane, Aug9, 2018

Slow starter, but definitely worth it when you get the hang of the time constraints. (Time flow modified as of patch 1 to be a bit more forgiving.) As a long-time QFG fan, have been mostly happy with it. Enjoyable game and definite replay value. Totally worth it IMO.

Yco, Jul 10, 2018

Graphics: some of the art is exceptional in this game. The animations can sometimes look a bit dated. On the whole, the art really fits with the story and feel of this adventure game, merging everything from Harry Potter and Indiana Jones to the old school Sierra adventure game styles. There were no particular graphics-related bugs. Story: The amount of writing and character development to be found is impressive. The story develops well and is quality enough to compete with any modern book or movie release. Characters are unique, rich and varied - even the main protagonist (Shawn), who is by turns charming, youthful, sympathetic and full of opportunity - especially when brought low by the player's own ineptitude for time management - which I'll talk more about below. Gameplay: In the opening sequence I thought this game would be a point and click adventure game. By the middle of the game, I'd found it was a complex hybrid of that, the Sims and the Dragon Age games. The game has a time system - actions make ingame time pass - and the limited amount of time Shawn has to do his tasks during the day (or night, occasionally) meant each choice I made felt incredibly impactful to the successful outcome of my playthrough. Here's an example: During class, the teacher mentioned a spate of thefts was impacting on the rogue's reputation (ironic, I know). I didn't know how long I had to catch the thief - but each day, the situation got worse and I knew for sure that I'd be expelled if they weren't caught. I'd raced through the first ten days but at that particular point I slowed down and each day ended up taking about an hour for me to finish. The amount of options I had for how to spend that time was huge but also never felt overwhelming. It's this varied and impactful time-management that feels like the Sims. The Dragon Age element is in the relationships and how they impact the game. Relationships are a thing in this game and they feel just as relevant to the outcome as killing monsters and completing quests do. Combat is satisfying - but entirely optional. It's possible to complete a playthrough without fighting anything. When I did fight, it was balanced if a bit simplistic. The combat is good without being the core part of the game. The core part of the game: Speaking of which - surprisingly, I found the core part to be Shawn (AKA myself, the player). I can't think of any better way to engage and attract the player than to give them this level of immersion and sympathy toward the character they're playing. This is why I gave the game a high score - the Coles know gaming, they've made classics before and this game reminds us just how keen their contribution to the gaming industry has been. Conclusion: Rogue to Redemption is a well-built, lengthy game in which every day that dawns feels packed with opportunity. The story will draw you in, the protagonist will charm and delight you, the characters will establish a living world, and the drive to play just one more hour will keep you up late into the night.

OverWind, Jul 14, 2018

Could it be better? Sure. I found it a bit tedious for the first 30 minutes - where I would probably have given it 6 out of 10. But it really grows on you, to the point where I'm giving it 9 out of 10, and I'm not even finished with it yet. The experience ends up being really nice, I enjoy it a lot and I can certainly recommend it.

ChoicestGames, Feb 15, 2019

If you're a fan of Quest for Glory, you probably already have this game (so I'm not going to bother convincing you lot :)). So, for those of you that don't, what's appealing about Hero-U? Well, if you're looking for a fantasy adventure/role-playing game with lots of choices to make, characters to befriend (and romance), dungeons to explore and more puns than you could possibly endure, then Hero-U is worth a look; just keep in mind that if you don't want to do what I did and waste hours just to experience a "bad" ending, make sure you get to exploring the lower levels of the castle as quickly as possible.