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Heroes of Might and Magic V The first game to reintroduce the video game legend to the public is Heroes of Might and Magic V, the sequel to the universally acclaimed turn-based strategy series with a touch of RPG. The new opus will benefit from the features and characteristics that established the success of the initial saga while offering a wealth of innovations such as a a highly immersive scenario, a variety of appealing factions, modern 3D graphics, a revolutionary tactical combat system and a story-based campaign mode. [Ubisoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4210
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Nival Interactive
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Heroes of Might and Magic V reviews ( 3 )

YaBoiRoice, Apr 8, 2018

This is one of the games I've gotten the most fun out of recently. The gameplay is incredibly entertaining, the campaign is great and I like almost everything about this game. The thing I enjoy the most about it is probably building your heroes' skills - there are many possibilities and later in the game a well built hero with the right skills can be the turning point of a battle. The magic in the game is amazing and so are the creatures (especially for a fantasy fan like me). While I haven't played other HOMM games and can't compare this to them, I can certainly say this is one of the best, underrated games I've come across. Definitely worth playing in my opinion. Unlike most games I've played I cannot think of a major problem with this one. The only things keeping this game from a 10 rating in my opinion are some minor issues that can be overlooked.

JerryB., Jun 5, 2006

As a former Heros enthusiast, I expected to be disappointed in Heros V, like I was on Heros IV. I wasn't. While it doesn't break any new frontiers, Heros V is much improved over IV, sort of like Heros III (my favorite) on steriods. It requires heavy computing muscle to bring out the rich envirnoment, so be warned. I lowered the score because of the editor omisssion but hope a future patch brings it back, as I think the real value to this series in in playing the aftermarket produced maps other enthusiasts make. So bring on the editor UBbisoft/Nival, please! It's a buy at an 8 though.

Colin_M, Dec 19, 2011

A resounding "Meh". I started on hard difficulty and found everything to be pretty damn easy until the last mission of the first (Haven) campaign which was damn near impossible. The strategic elements end up being a little too repetitive, the combat doesn't have enough flexibility for any real strategy, it's just a "throw all my guys at your guys" war of attrition and there are perhaps too many little interactable elements on the map whose bonuses are not particularly helpful. I't worth the five bucks I paid for it on Impulse, but I don't know if I'm even going to finish the single-player campaigns.