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Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth is a session-based, multiplayer, Action-RPG.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3150
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, MOBA
Company / Developer
S2 Games / S2 Games
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Heroes of Newerth reviews ( 7 )

Spudrospar, Dec 31, 2011

Ok,so first review of 2012 for this game:HoN is a great game,and way better than dota 2. Dota 2 is a thumbed down version of the original dota,and much less action based+fun than hon. League of legends has always been a terrible game,and I highly recommend HoN over any other moba game if you're tired to dota.

gqtony03, Jul 15, 2011

http://heroesofnewerth.com/ref.php?r=992J7K3THeroes of Newerth is a game that has spread DotA's acclaim to a whole other level by elevating their weaknesses, and improving upon community wants and needs by implementing a reconnecting system and stats system that keeps everything organized and civil. HON is regularly 30$, but with a special promotion of 10$ at the moment, it is a must have if you have DotA's withdrawals. Don't miss out on this chance!http://heroesofnewerth.com/ref.php?r=992J7K3T

JDMullenary, Aug 28, 2010

Heroes of Newerth, while i have no idea what newerth is, I do love the heroes. Essentially this is a game that has improved graphics and easier controls then ice frogs old DOTA series. I've played DOTA for years upon years and i played the open beta for HON as it's called, and found the transfer to be fairly easy. Overall the community is fairly similar to DOTA, however due to the statistics, if you have a low K/D Ratio or Kills to Deaths ratio, odds are you won't be allowed in numerous games, and thats a problem for some new players and a solution for more of the veteran players who hate playing with newbies. I believe this game was built well, with great intentions, but seems to be missing the option of hiding statistics to make life easier on newbies.

Mikester7, Dec 11, 2011

Heroes of Newerth is a seriously solid transition from DotA for people that feel it is too old and/or don't like the engine limitations (of hero design, leavers, lag interruptions, lack of features). It adds new heroes as well as total copies from DotA. Originally Heroes of Newerth seemed to be made to be a total clone of DotA to give Dota players the ability to try out a "Dota 2.0" as such. At first it was a very promising game to totally wipe out DotA with new important features and engine and graphical enhancements. The gameplay itself is extremely solid and stays true to Dota, but now the gameplay is the only thing it has going for it. Heroes of Newerth is a terribly coded game, graphical issues, crashes, connection problems, servers dropping out, annoying bugs and much more stuff added to just be a pain in the backside. To make things worse, the community sucks, but it isn't the games fault for that, it's more the genre... S2 as a company also is pretty damn ordinary and I get the sense that they always take the factor of adding new stuff to the game, rather than fixing the current stuff that doesn't work (most patches will always have a bug that will not be fixed for a long time, for example, simple things like Herodex sorting and the time until you can unpause is still not fixed). Another thing is, if you compare Icefrog's balance change schedule of Dota, to S2's, it is generally pretty disgusting. A GAME LIKE THIS NEEDS TO BE BALANCED REGULARLY, NOT ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS! When they do finally decide to balance the game it's usually too few and too minor changes to affect anything (did anyone see how Icefrog balanced the game, he was a freaking beast). To size it up, HoN has good points and many bad points, the gameplay is excellent, everything else is pretty damn ordinary. Still a better game than LoL though.

zmmby, Dec 23, 2013

Heroes of Newerth is a more advanced and steep learning curve within the MOBA industry. Compared to Dota 2 and LoL, i find it more mature (within the game, not the community) and very much more withdrawn from the basic skills. Its very challenging and has it intense moments. When you are fighting 5vs5 in the middle of the wars and your team is winning and raising down their base, its a pretty good feeling. Tho HoN has it downs too. The community is full with alot of self-ego rich kids, or russian idiots who dont even show respect to the others. They prefer to speak russian in the mic and ignore the rest of the team when they queue together as friends. If your looking for a good and advanced MOBA game, i'll still recommend HoN over Dota2 and LoL. Just get ready to have some patience and pick support alot to raise your MMR. When your getting higher rank, (1800+) you'll notice abit change in the attitude of your teammates which is good. More people are mature and reasonable, but beyond that is just a freaking disaster. Especially when you start your rank at 1500+. Be ready that people will not communicate, or pick support in the match. So aslong your patience, and willing to support with wards and courier alot in the start. You'll get your turn to pick a agi/strenght in time. :-) Due to the lack of community, im giving this game a 6. If it wouldnt because of the community, (or the money-grabbing S2 which releases a "once in a lifetime alternative avatar then re-release it the next half year" it would be a 10/10 gameplay. Because when you do get a good game, that rush is just incredible. Its very challenging and intense. HoN has it moments when its ALOT of fun and very compelling.

Skylarz, Mar 17, 2014

This is my third time playing in HoN as I've not yet tried PVP (heard that you immediately face experienced people and they will abuse you if you suck). I must say I HATE the size of the HUD. If LoL wasn't acting such a **** I wouldn't have tried to switch to HoN. I like the uniqueness of your champs though. I've been trying out Gemini which is a slow starter but very excellent in mid-late game. The bots in this game is a bit smarter than the bots in LoL- if you're playing hard ones of course, or else they'll just run at you and AA you until they die. Overall I think that this is a hard game to master, unlike LoL's simplicity for newer players, I wouldn't recommend this if you don't have the patience to practice against bots until you're DECENT. I also don't like the little gimmicks with the shop like wtf change your name's colour? EDIT *most important of all*: The **** voice acting is horrendous! The effects they add to them is just un-****-believably annoying. Had to mute the voices because they were bothering me. The turrets don't make sense too, if you attack them with your minions you get targeted suddenly for no god damn reason. It's also laggy when you move... Yup I just remembered all of these reasons why it's hard to switch over.

Jbsosmart, Jan 19, 2013

wat a nonsense game :(( and also it is a copycat of dota boo !!!! and one of the important thing that i do not like in this game is that they are copying the heroes of dota and also tbere abilities. So i dont like of wat they are doing and i dont know why other people really like this game because the content itself is reallh awful none like the lol it is great but you hon get lost!!!!!!