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Heroes Over Europe Developed by Transmission Games in Melbourne, Australia, and powered by an all-new engine, Heroes Over Europe promises to raise the bar for flight combat games with the all new "Ace Kill" close combat action, four online modes supporting up to 16 players and fully customizable aircrafts with localized damage. Visually, the game takes no prisoners with meticulously rendered environments including faithful recreations of London, Berlin and the French Alps, and ultra-realistic iconic warplanes of the era, all presented in stunning high definition graphics. [Ubisoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1236
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWII, Combat
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Atari, Transmission Games, Atari SA
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Heroes Over Europe reviews ( 4 )

senstaffsen, Nov 11, 2012

A great Simulator with great controlls and a good multiplayer, the Controls are responsive and easier to controll then most Flight Simulator games, Defintely one of the better Flight sim games. With good voice acting and interesting gameplay i recommend to play it. Graphics are great! Im loving this game! The game is not the same, and it puts up with something new, a WW2 flight Sim!

JovianPat, Mar 9, 2013

This game is just...WOW. I never seen any WWII Flight Sim game better than this. I remembered the roar of the engines, the reek of gunpowder (yes, this words was taken from game.) This game is like a 'Remake' of Heroes of the Pacific. The timeline is same, but this game is just set in Europe, not Pacific. BUY IT.

bere3ncfallen, Sep 19, 2009

This game has an authentic WW2 feel - the voice characters - they make you feel they are really talking to you on a mission and encouraging you-the controls are easy to master at the arcade level and really responsive at the pro- crafted really well and looks beautiful.

OttoKill, May 18, 2012

I purchased this game boxed from Amazon. I have Never been able to make this thing play under Win XP sp3. It loads all the beginning stuff but will not ever let me play the game. I contacted Ubisoft and they were no help with this problem. I have read of others having the same problem on the internet. This could have been a good game if it would only PLAY! Don't buy it,. you will likely waste your money and Ubi is no help on this. My system More than meets all requirements to play this game. All drivers etc are up to date also. Anyway, this thing might as well be a coffee coaster!I did read on 3 different forums that the copy protection that is being used on this game is the problem, and reason it will not play on a lot of systems. If so that;s a dirty shame, and I will think twice and do more research before buying anymore Ubi products. Buy at your own risk!