Hex: Shards of Fate Serial Number Full Version

Hex: Shards of Fate A trading card MMO game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1936
Genre Miscellaneous, Card Battle, Strategy, Turn-Based
Company / Developer
Gameforge , Cryptozoic Entertainment / Cryptozoic Entertainment, Hex Entertainment
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Hex: Shards of Fate reviews ( 7 )

Largashbur, Feb 5, 2016

Are you someone that looks for challenges in games? Someone that loves complexity in games? Someone that doesn't mind high learning curves? Someone that likes to trade/barter ingame items that actually have real-world value? Someone that prefers playing slow-paced games over fast-paced games at leisure time? Someone that likes trading card games? Someone that likes PvE and PvP alike? Then this game is for you. Path of Exile players, EVE Online players, Magic players, this is your kind of game. This is a free-to-enter trading card game where all cards are tradeable and many have real-world value! This differentiates Hex from CCGs such as Hearthstone, Duelyst, Solforge where you may just shrug when you get a legendary you cannot use. Sell it to other players and buy cards you like from the currency! The PvE part (with quality lore!) is completely free but you can earn cards items in PvE that you can sell for ingame currency to other players. The PvP part requires currency (because you can keep all cards that you use to play in PvP with the chance of super-rare cards that sell for thrice the money you used to enter the PvP game!) that can either be earned from PvE, from successful trading of cards (you can earn currency as a "broker"!) or from paying real money. This is what makes PvP games so exciting! You will sweat, shed tears and shudder all over your body over each your PvP decisions in your first matches because you are playing over something that has real value! What makes this game truly complex is that the cards have complex mechanisms and millions of possible interactions. Cards can be socketed with gems that give them special powers! You can put equipment on your hero (Head, Torso, Boots, Gloves....) that make specific cards stronger! At the moment the game has more than 1000(!) different cards. Once to twice a year, the developers release a new set containing an additional ~250-300 cards! Moreover, once to twice a year, the developers also aim to release a "PvE" expansion which expands the PvE possibilities with additional campaigns. While the game still has a few bugs, the developer team is very dedicated to fix those and the support willingly reimburses you for any gamebreaking bugs you experience in PvP! So you don't have to worry about any losses as long as you report the bug to support! The most exciting part of this game is that it is just a mere beginning. The developers are dedicated and repeatedly add more features. What is going to come in the future? Co-op play! Raids! 2vs2! Guilds that can share cards! Not convinced yet? Head to Twitch.tv and watch people playing to grasp the concept of this game!

flotos, Feb 6, 2016

I have always wanted to play MTG on my computer, but i couldn't feel the UI. With hex, it's not only the UI and step phases that is improved, but also the some rules that couldn't happen on real magic, such as Prophecy : we boost the next creature on our deck.

ShivanDarkeyes, Feb 2, 2016

This game is outstanding! No other trading card game on the market is as playable without spending money. The game has a robust combination of TCG elements as well as RPG and puzzle elements. It has an active tournament scene and allows pro players to win lots of money from the $100,000 tournament. Ultimately, the best part of the game is the melding of RPG and TCG elements. You get to build a character with a talent tree that effects your deck. You also have sockets in your cards that change what the cards can do which is very innovative and interesting. Your champion can equip items that change what your cards do and improve them. There are dungeons that you can run for free that give you cards you get to keep. As you play through the game you level up and gain access to more talents and a wider variety of strategies. HEX is an amazing game if you like deep strategy trading card games, in addition to the RPG elements one of the major ways it distinguishes itself from other digital card games is that your cards have real value. HEX has a fully functional auction house that allows you to sell and trade with other players freely unlike Hearthstone which requires all cards to be acquired through grinding dust or getting lucky in packs. The other advantage of HEX over other digital card games is that the community is really helpful. Most new players are able to get cards without a problem from helpful members of the community. Even if a player wanted to play "solo" the game offers wonderful opportunities to grind for gold and cards totally free. 10/10

bizznach, Sep 11, 2016

Really fun game which for me is the important part. Love it! similar to MTGO but better at the digital part, and a lot cheaper. things to do for free and things to spend cash on when i feel like it. Will revisit my rating once multi play coop is added (they still have a ton of content they are developing on the pve side) some of these neg reviews are really funny tho... did HEX kill your mother or something?

kirkkh, Feb 25, 2016

It's terrible. Buggy, bots, disappearing cards, wonky, pay to win, short and ugly. Not as complex as Magic, not as fun as hearthstone...Although, it's a wet dream for a shy-hipster-gamer, they can safely play a game (no one will ever hear of) while suffering through a sloppy cash grab developer. Suck at popular games? It's fine no will judge (or know) your secret atari-like obsession with off-off-trip A gaming. What garbage. Sad.

pythag0ras, Apr 5, 2016

well... the install was smooth. Unfortunately that's all i can actually review because the game simply goes to a black screen forever when i run the game. reinstalled 2 times in 2 diff dir..ya know what i dont need to list what i did here. the game should just work , or its garbage. and this was garbage.

NashSu, Sep 4, 2016

Reason why I am giving this a zero because it is just like Magic the Gathering but asking you for more money in order to do anything. It is so bad that the gold value is nothing and useless. If you want to build a good deck to do PvP, you need to put in real money to do so or you will get your butt handed to you. Because it is so strongly pay to win, I have to give this a zero. I can spend real money on a real game that won't keep asking me to buy membership.