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Hexodius Hexodius is a twin stick shooter mixted with some dungeon crawler mechanics.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 49 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1146
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Brain Slap Studio / Brain Slap Studio
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Hexodius reviews ( 2 )

Smatt--, Nov 12, 2016

Hexodius is a traditional twin stick shooter. Usually games that recommend the controller before you even start playing, really grind my gears. However, With this one after trying both settings. I'm glad I got that message for a change, because with keyboard and mouse it was next to impossible to play. The game is great fun and highly addictive, but from what I can see, not very popular on steam. I don't know why this is as its a fantastic game. You have a story mode, and a traditional arcade mode (with leaderboards everyone. Yes. You can own your friends). The story mode follows a very basic story and has several objectified missions to get to a dimensional portal at the end of the zone. There is plenty to do. And you get rewarded for exploring all the map with bonus unlocks and bonus health items. Your ship is also fully customisable with whatever powers you desire from the menu, different combinations will give you different pro's and cons of course, but work out whats good for you. The soundtrack to this game in my opinion is rather good, but gets slightly repetitive when you've been in the same zone for a while. All in all, Hexodius is a great and addictive twin stick shooter, and there is a lot on offer if you try to give it the time of day. I give Hexodius a 8/10.

womby6, Aug 30, 2013

It's a really enjoyable game. Although the story is very basic and threadbare, the game-play is fun and enjoyable. It is good value, and a great deal of fun if played in moderation.