Hitman - Episode 3: Marrakesh Crack/Patch

Hitman - Episode 3: Marrakesh Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh presents players with a range of new in-game Challenges and Opportunities that keep them busy along with an entirely new setting for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1513
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Io Interactive

Hitman - Episode 3: Marrakesh reviews ( 7 )

CharlieGoldies, Jun 1, 2016

I really like the environment, the Berber carpets, the sounds, the light and the music (maybe because I've been to Marrakesh before), I'm a bit disappointed everytime I hear a Moroccan speaking American English (well it was the case in Sapienza too). For me, this episode was the most difficult one to now, I was lost in the beginning. But that what makes Hitman nice. The game lags when I go to crowded place, is it my PC or the game itself? I think I'm becoming used to the episodic way, but waiting for episodes means higher expectations everytime. I don't know if the makers will keep impressing me at every episode.

Vibalist, Jun 4, 2016

Marrakesh, based on what I’ve played so far: - More linear structure, in the sense that there are two enclosed areas you can only access in a small number of ways. However, upon playing the level for a while I realized these areas had more access points than I initially thought (including one I don’t think the developers planned), so this isn't as big of a problem as I thought at first. - The guards seem very responsive in this level. I started a firefight in the middle of the bazar, and guards came pouring in from all over the level to stop it. Civilians reacted appropriately too, cowering, running away and/or alerting the guards. In general, there is a much better sense of being hunted and tracked whenever you’re spotted. Guards don’t seem to forget your presence as quickly, and there are a lot more of them in this level, which leads me to my next point. - The difficulty level is higher in Marrakesh than in Paris and Sapienza. It’s easier to get killed and harder to pull off a clean run. I usually always ♥♥♥♥ it up at some point, provided I don’t reload the game (which I don’t, because I’m a true veteran). - Sniping is as fun as ever, and Marrakesh provides some really satisfying sniping opportunities. - There are ways to lure your targets out of their hiding spots. This makes replaying the level a lot more fun, as you can technically complete it without entering one of the two heavily guarded areas, instead making your marks come to you (makes you feel like a real manipulator and master strategist). - A very large number of guards and NPC’s see through your disguise this time. In the embassy area, almost everyone will recognize you’re not one of their own if you move too close to them. The abandoned school also has its fair share of acute guards. Contributes to the increased difficulty level and the game is better for it, in my opinon. - I’ve only reached a level mastery of 10, but so far the items you’re rewarded with are underwhelming. Combat knives and unsilenced pistols? I was hoping for dual silverballers and rifle suitcases. - All in all, it seems there are less opportunities and kill options in this level, which is disappointing. I can’t know for sure, though, as I’ve disabled all hints and descriptions. - The visuals, sounds and general presentation is an odd mix of really good things and really bad things. I think the level looks good and feels alive and has really nice ambient sounds. The protesting area in particular is well realized. However, everyone speaks English with an American accent. This was somewhat excusable in the first two levels, seeing as they at least take place in the West, but in Morocco it’s ♥♥♥♥ing jarring. Having an NPC greet me with “salam aleikum” in the most American voice you can imagine is as dumb as it sounds. All in all, I think this level is pretty good. It's not quite as non linear and packed with options as Sapienza, but the increased difficulty and more realistic AI makes up for it.

StrikerFIN, Jun 1, 2016

Worst of the 3 episodes released thus far. It's not as organic as Sapienza. It's like 2 small levels combined (school and embassy), and between them a big marketplace with a huge crowd, but little to do. The location didn't appeal to me much. Dirty, noisy craphole of a city, I would never travel in real life. Unlike Paris and Sapienza, which were great just to explore and look at. Everyone in HITMAN talks perfect English with American accent, which is most distracting in this episode thus far. Immersion totally broken, when African guy in a tunika says to me "Cool threads, bro." Still good game (with bad optimization) but hoping Thailand will reach closer to that Sapienza glory.

ChaosSS, Aug 16, 2016

Без понтов это худший хитман из всех. И дело тут не в эпизодах, все намного глубже. 1) Не знаю как нужно было стараться, что бы в век, когда "кинцольки не сдерживают графон и игровую индустрию" новый Хитман выглядел не то что бы хуже любой из конкурирующего (хоть и отдаленно) Assassins Creed, оно ХУЖЕ чем Absolution 2012 года, КАРЛ!!! 2) Нового 47 в игре нет вообще. Он почти не говорит, он не философствует он вообще ничего не делает, за редким исключением. Замените Хитмана на Лару Крофт, Двухметрового китайца-блондина, или черного властелина и игра ничего не потеряет, а только выиграет при этом. 3)Исходя из предыдущего пункта соответственно в игре нет сюжета. Все наши "Заказы" не имеют никакой подоплеки под собой. Мы убиваем абсолютных рандомов которые абсолютно никак не связаны с основным сюжетом. А основной "сюжет" - это череда бессмысленной информации которая вертится не вокруг мр.47-го, а вокруг ноунейм седобородого антагониста. 4)Игра никак не развивается и не эволюционирует. Да вы прошли Париж. Потратили 10 часов и затерли его до дыр, открывая 20 уровень и бесполезную винтовку. Что вы будете делать в Сапиензе? Правильно! Опять таки открывать 20 уровень, открывая бесполезный дробовик. Угадайте что вы будете делать в Марракеше Бангкоке Токио и НьюЙорке? 5)Во всех этих мастерствах и разных винтовках был бы смысл, если бы стрельба в этой игре не была бы сломана на обе ноги. FOV как и система прицеливания кривая до невозможности. Даже больной болезнью паркинсона стрелял бы из винтовки точнее чем наш "лучший в мире убийца".+ Какой идиот в здравом уме, возьмет на задание пистолет без глушителя, если наш бравый хитман мрет с двух патронов? В игре опционален только стелс. Не стелс не приветствуется и не поощряется, тогда зачем нам 4 вида винтовок/SMG и дробовики которые даже спрятать под костюм нельзя - хороший вопрос. 6)Контракты, обострение и неуловимые цели. Какой-то конченый идиот, посчитал что убивать в том же порядке тех же болванов, лишь слегка добавляя новые правила, 5 раз - хорошая идея. Возможно она была бы такой, будь мотивация это делать. А так, убью ли я цель в контракте "по тихому" пряча все трупы и поулчу галочку внутриигровой ачивки, либо "убью ваще всех нах" разницы никакой. Игра кроме сломанного читаками рейтинга, вообще никак не мотивирует проходить эти самые контракты. Те же "неуловимые цели", убей пять штук получи костюм 47 с перчатками -_______________- с перчатками и плевать что 99,9% процента игры мы маскируемся под другими личинами. Но зато с перчатками. Вывод: Я не знаю кто виноват. Либо IO скатились, либо SE не дали денег на нормального полноценного Хитмана. Но то что эта игра худшая в серии - факт.

Crackfarmer, Jun 9, 2016

Splitting a Game into episodes it so lame, can't game Dev's release a full Game? What kind of bullshi.ttery is this? Also uses Denuvo since they're afraid that their Game not get's sold, what happens anyways. Good job you dumbasses.

Jiggawatts, Jun 7, 2016

3 episodes = score 3. I just have no sympathy for episode bs. Once Hitman is a full game I might re-evaluate my score. For now Hitman is just an unfinished product.

Bladowicz, Jul 18, 2016

Flattening and streamlining (not in a good way) Hitman even more. Every route you can take, was planted there. There is no place for your own thoughts... I miss first game.