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Hitman - Intro Pack With the Intro Pack, you'll get an introduction to the world of HITMAN, with the Prologue and Paris episode. You'll get full access to Contracts Mode, Escalation Mode, elusive targets and all other live content.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2648
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Io Interactive
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Hitman - Intro Pack reviews ( 7 )

The_Ommadawn, Mar 14, 2016

I've been a fan of Hitman since the beginning and the games have grown into a well thought out and deep thinking experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this title albeit not a complete game, but I invested in it knowing it would be episodic. I've already purchased the full game because I enjoy the franchise and I want more. If this is the standard the future chapters provide, I've no doubt my money was well spent. A Hitman game is an experience not many games provide. The opening training area with its multi-tiered ways of assassination can compete with full priced games. Each to their own, but I'm giving this a 10 for every aspect of content I've seen. The music , graphics, gameplay, story, control, UI, and value for money are contained in this taster of a bigger pie coming later this year. I'm saddened that so many people take great pride in giving a game like this zero. It's far from that offensive score and if you dislike it purely because it's online, give it a 5. I lose my faith in the humanity these days

beladrim, Mar 13, 2016

My Advide to you : 1) If you are a fan of the series (prior to absolution), and Blood money was your favorite. Get the Intro pack. 2) If you only played absolution... and liked it for it's Splinter Cell story driven stealth missions. Don't bother with this game. 3) If you never played a hitman game but would like to get into it. Get blood money. If you liked it... Either get the Intro pack or wait for the full release. 4) Do not purchase the full pack. In fact.... If love hitman but have the strenght to wait. Don't even purchase the intro pack. I am giving it a score of 8/10 based on the quality of the content available alone... Which is very good, make no mistake... But.... They made the wrong call making the man episodic. Episodic releases might have worked perfectly in games like "life is strange" or any telltale games. But here? It makes absolutly no sense... and the game feel like a generous demo at best because of it. I have no doubt that the final product will be amazing at release.... But the business practice here is shamefull and should be pointed out. I asked for a refund on the game. Not because it's bad, but vecause I want to show squarenix that they made a very bad business decision here. One that I do not wish to support. Great game, stay excited for it... It will be amazing. But Don't buy a demo... Don't encourage them to make more games like this. Wait. And get the game when it's woth the full 60 buck tag.

lhmtgame, Apr 2, 2017

Hitman 2016 is terrible! The game graphics are good, but not the content. Offline mode does not have a completed gear pack to play instead of online requirement. Agent 47 has an ability to carry bunch of tool such as 10 of knives, 10 of scissors, 10 of screwdrivers, 10 of crowbars, 10 of brick... but he can not even carry a lockpick at the first start. Eidos Interactive Ltd. made Hitman great, and Square Enix has ruined this game since Hitman Absolution.

TrueReview01, May 28, 2016

QuickTime combat, no map button, hand holding. This game is literally made to play you. There is no challenge, and this shouldn't be an actual Hitman branded title if it doesn't hold true to what the series established with the first 4 games. Can't even be bothered with the fact that this is an intro. A game where you have to wait for it to tell you what button to press is basically a 5 year old tablet game of put the circle in the circle and the square in the square. Bad job Square Enix for turning this franchise into another empty shell of a game pretending to have any real challenge.

Protodeus, Mar 14, 2016

First of all, this is not a complete game. It's one mission and some training tutorials, so if you want the full thing you need to wait until December when the game is fully released. It is quite possibly one of the strangest video game release decisions I have ever witnessed, because it literally makes no sense. Why are you releasing the game one mission at a time? I would rather just wait and have a complete game free of bugs than have it released in pieces. Regardless, the game itself, from what I played, is not that bad. It definitely goes back to its Blood Money routes, the location is gorgeous and there are lots of fun ways to kill your targets. So why the low rating? - Always online DRM. Yes, after the whole SimCity debacle, companies are still implementing this **** useless feature that punishes the actual people who by the game legally and not the pirates. Absolutely awful idea, mainly because as of right now you can be kicked out of your game very often and have to reload from your last save point. What a stupid feature. - Locked graphics options. If you don't have a 4 GB video card, you will not be able to play at certain resolutions or use higher resolution textures. I mean, the game doesn't work or run very well anyways, so I'm not sure why they are punishing PC players here. Another stupid decision. - Poor performance overall. Another awful PC port with terrible frame rate drops, especially in crowds. - No blood. Yeah, in a game where you kill people you would think that there would actually be blood decals, which they actually implemented in Blood Money, but for some reason that's too much work 10 years later. Killing people is like shooting a bag of sand. Also, people's bodies still collapse into ridiculously unnatural positions once they are killed. Overall, I would wait until the game is fully released, and then I would only buy it once the punitive measure against PC players have been removed completely. As for now, the game is a mess on release, because AAA developers don't really seem to care anymore. The game itself is okay, but it is not complete, so I am not going to give it a score based on one mission alone.

WimpieBelg, May 1, 2016

I did not play this game, nor did I buy it. The sole reason I write this review here is to let the devs know why I give this game a massive zero score and why I do not want to buy their game, although I was looking forward to purchase this game as I'm a diehard Hitman fan (the blood money kind of fan). When I heard there was comin' a new hitman game with a blood moneylike gameplay I was thrilled. But when I heard of the episodic release my enthousiasm already cooled down. Then I heard of the the ridiculous always-online DRM and that's what totally ruined it for me. Look devs, you created what could 've been the greatest game of 2016 but smashed your own product with this overkill DRM as it is a punishement for your true fans, your honest customers! Realise that this is extremely repulsive to show such distrust an disrespect by implementing always-online DRM. A mechanic that adds nothing to the game-experience besides issues with servers and such. That is what we get as a thank you for being an honest customer! Why cannot you see this devs?! Look at this poor userscore on Metacritic! Cannot you see this is a major error you are making? Why not go for a retry and get rid of that always-online-sh*t instead of annoying the true fan? Sorry guys, but I can only show my deepest disenchantment with a massive zero score! And out of both dissapointment and protest I will not buy your game as long as this cruel DRM pesists. Sorry.

ChikatiloZ, Mar 18, 2016

Take terrible console port, chop it up into 10 slices, release one slice every 3 months, sell the tutorial for $15, put ball breaking always online DRM all over your single player tutorial. 0/10 for game and business model 10/10 for trolling customers