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Hitman: Absolution Wear the suit of the ultimate assassin, you have the ability to blend into plain sight, kill with your bare hands and fashion a weapon from almost anything. You are Agent 47, the world's most effective killer.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 11795
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Io Interactive, Nixxes Software
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Hitman: Absolution reviews ( 6 )

dante01, Nov 20, 2012

the worlds best assassin is back wid more action n stealth gud game just graphics is dissappointed bt still a gud game very nice hitman rocks..............

Zetoc, Mar 7, 2016

When i first played it when i came out, i was very very disapointed. dident feel like hitman at all But i started 2 days ago to play it again, this time in purist mode and i gotta say i appreciate the game so much more now. Dont know if it is couse of purist but it is actually a pretty good game once you get used to the mechanics

48Laws, Nov 20, 2012

This game is an excellent addition to the franchise. Yeah, some of the older favorite options are gone (purchasing guns pre-mission, open world maps), but I think the pacing of the game was handled very well. I can see how not liking the story could make the game blah for some people, but I was hooked from the start and had a blast all the way through the game. It felt great taking control of 47 again, and after a few clumsy take-downs I was able to sneak/blast through whatever situation I found myself in. I plan to re-play the game, and would recommend it to newcomers and silent assassins alike :)

dubesor, Nov 20, 2012

Too bad they have taken a different route and moved away from an open world innovative disguised 47 and moved towards a more mainstream action-stealther with flawed disguise-system and forced linearity. It isn't a bad game but don't expect a Hitman Blood Money 2.

kodeee, Jul 16, 2013

WTF? Hitman finally got REALLY GOOD and now it's completely regressed to all the problems I had with earlier hitman games. Seriously, you can't even select a weapon without automatically pulling it out again!? And the stealth mechanics are f*cking annoying. The game looks pretty good but they fell WAY short of what I was expecting. I would be extremely mad if i hadn't waited for the price to go down to a small fraction of what they were originally asking. I can't remember if it was blood money or contracts that came out last and that I thought, "this is near perfection, i can't wait for more hitman!" but when i finally had a chance to play absolution...it just made me sad. what the fu(K where they thinking?

ArtyomNAzist, Aug 17, 2013

Ha-ha,very funny you can hide your sniper rifle or AR into your pocket.Yep,it's called "Realism" and "Hardcore", stupid and uninteresting storyline, all gameplay consists of a idiotic tricks,like Throw that bottle,knife or another %itemname% in dark corner. 0.