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Hitman HITMAN empowers players to perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the globe, from Paris and sunny coast of Italy to the dust and hustle of the markets in Marrakesh in this stealth action title. Gameplay centers on taking out targets in vast sandbox levels with complete freedom of approach. Where to go, when to attack and who to kill is at your discretion.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2212
Genre Modern, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Io Interactive
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Hitman reviews ( 7 )

Mekis, Jan 22, 2017

It is really very good hitman game. Huge maps. Lots of ways to do your job. I love blood money, but this one is even better. And who doesn't have internet today?

nezs, Dec 30, 2016

el juego es lo que se pidio que sea por capitulos es irrelevante, lo que si se tiene que criticar es la optimizacion del juego y el gumplay. los escenarios son enormes, las posibilidades tan bien son grandes, Io a mi no me importa el modelo de negocios solo optimicen bien el juego.

Bloodflames, Oct 26, 2017

As a long time hitman fan, I really enjoyed this latest instalment. Going back to the roots of hitman was a great move and although there were a lot of teething issues with the staged release I personally believe having the opportunity to experience the contracts and each map in detail without skipping through the entire story made the experience better. Pros: - Each map is huge and has a lot of life. Each level has very interesting concepts and overall keeps each mission unique. - The graphics are amazing and unlike previous hitman games there are loads of methods of assassination. - Replayability, currently on around 250 hours - The developers have added a lot of content and keep adding more, even with only 6 maps, there are bonus missions, contracts, escalations etc. Previous reviews stating the game is too easy have yet to experience one of the later updates adding the new harder difficulty option, which adds a lot of challenge to the existing content. Cons: - Voice acting did ruin some of the immersion - No Sniper briefcase - The last bonus mission was not as good as the previous 2. Overall: A great game and I commend the developers for their work, this is a huge step up from Absolution and I am worried that all the reviews asking for story will bring back another absolution(hitman has never had amazing stories, overall the cinematics between each mission were pretty good). I really look forward to another hitman game and if it is a continuation from this one I would definitely pre-order.

CynicMimic, Mar 3, 2018

Although I'm not usually a fan of Episodic games, this is one instance where it actually worked. I think each level being released episodically is what allowed them to make these huge, detailed maps with tons of options (more than ever before), because they had more time to focus on fine-tuning every aspect of them and designing all the possibilities within them. Some of the episodes are works of art, really. The episodic nature also encourages players to spend their time mastering each level, exploring all avenues, and getting their favourite assassination methods down to a science. That is what Hitman has always been about (except in Absolution). Mastery through repetition has always been a core aspect of the gameplay, and the episodic nature meshes beautifully with that. Right now this doesn't really matter any more though, because it's done. So if you buy the game, you're getting the full game. The Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh chapters are all truly excellent, with strokes of genius. Huge environments with so many fine details, so much going on, and so many things to do. It's almost overwhelming. The Bangkok chapter is good too, but it's smaller and less interesting than the first three, with fewer options. The Hokkaido chapter has a lot of great ideas, though it seems a little restrictive at first. It's much less so once you understand how to properly move around the map, but the level design is a little too confusing and labryinthian for my taste. Still good though. I don't really like the Colorado episode though. At the end, it funnels you into one specific area to complete one specific objective, without giving you many options on how to do so. This forces you to plan around that, meaning every playthrough ends exactly the same way, and that feels like it goes against the free-form nature the rest of the game establishes. It does this only because of obligations to the story, and I think that Hitman is best when the story takes a back seat. The level is filled entirely with enemies too, no friendly NPCs. The other levels, filled with normal people just going about their business, feel much more "alive" and perfect for stealthy hits. This isn't to mention the fact that the Colorado map itself is dull and uninteresting compared to the others. Although one Chapter is a dud, in my opinion, the others range from "good" to "amazing", and I'm a jaded gamer who doesn't use that word lightly. There are some other things that fall flat though... The restrictive DRM, and online-only nature, with your unlockables stored serverside rather than locally, make me worry about the long term future of this game. There used to be server issues, and while it seems more stable now, it can take a while to connect sometimes. I don't see any good excuse for this (singleplayer) game to need a constant online connection. At least make it optional for those that care about the extra features. I'm worried that this decision might make the game a shell of itself one day when the servers are turned off. Another downer is the fact that most of the characters have American and English accents, even though you're globetrotting all over the place. It takes away from the immersion. But overall this game is true, pure, Hitman. That feeling after pulling off a successful, silent, and creative assassination; then strolling away without anyone the wiser... There's nothing quite like that feeling, and this game takes Blood Money's throne as the new king of it. So now we just need more of this, because there isn't enough. There's never enough. Bring on "Season 2!"... ...Just please make the next one more consumer-friendly, and maybe maintain a more consistant quality between episodes.

Mahdiar, Apr 13, 2017

Gameplay : 7 Graphics : 8 Story : 7 Sound : 9 ********************************************************************************** Overall : 7

Asadar, May 13, 2017

Hitman isn't a very bad game, but it definetly suffers from several problems that keep it far from the good game it could have been. So, what's good and what's wrong with it ? Pros: * Level design: I must be honest, levels are huge and well made. And they feel alive. Very good point on that. * Graphics: Hitman is not the most beautiful game of the year, but is far from being bad. Everything look good enough to keep you in the game, so why ask for more ? Cons: * Online: Why is that ?! The game is purely solo ! I played all the Hitman series because of that, so why would I want to be online to play this one ? Damn it ! * Ease: Everything is way too easy in this new Hitman. Opportunies are fun for 5 minutes, but that's it. Without a proper online connection, you can't have all the fun you paid for. * Story: what story ? Oh wait... there no real story in that game, just some "teasing" to keep you buy the next "season". * Season: really ? Selling the game piece by piece ? With no proper reason ?

btm666, Mar 12, 2018

Wow this game sucks a big fat [email protected]#. This latest version is an incredible waste of time. The graphics are middle of the road at best, the controls and game play are horrific and the whole deal with having to play online in order to progress is, well, retarded. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. the developers should be charged with theft for presenting this steaming pile of garbage as a game. It is probably the worst game I have played in years. the original game developers for the Hitman series should hunt these new developers down and break each and every one of their fingers so that they can never pollute the gaming world with another failed abortion of a game like this.