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Hob Awaken to a world in disarray and uncover your role as you explore stunning landscapes and repair the planet itself. Runic Games, the award-winning studio behind Torchlight and Torchlight II, welcomes you to Hob.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1868
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Runic Games / Runic Games
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Hob reviews ( 7 )

Alarik, Oct 1, 2017

Hob is a great adventure / puzzle game. This game is all about to explore a great world and solving puzzles that transform the landscape to open new paths. Puzzles are great and change drastically the world around you, graphics are simple but uniques, animations and musics are great too. The only thing i don't like it's the fixed camera that make some actions hazardous. if you like Zelda games you must play Hob!

ZiddersRoofurry, Oct 1, 2017

Disclosure-I haven't played the game all that long so this is based upon initial first impression. I also am friends with some of the devs but whilte I was given a Beta key it was after i'd already been gifted the game by a (non-developer) friend. Even so I've indicated that I did receive a copy from Runic. That said here's my initial review which I will update as soon as I finish the game. Feel free to ask me any questions in regards to the game and I'll do my best to answer them. I love the way this game communicates ideas without using a known language. it's like watching a Jim Henson production. Like Dark Crystal where the Skesis had this strange language and communicated via noises yet you could immediately tell what they were 'saying' via body language. Kudo's to the animators who worked on this because that part is amazing.I do wish It zoomed a little closer in during those few short but sweet dialog moments. Then again I wish we could zoom in in general. I'd really love to take a closer look at all the creatures. The creature design in this game is so fantastic. My biggest issue is getting lost and not having any idea where to go. There are things I can't access because I lack upgrades and the areas are so big I end up losing track of where I've been. Checking the map doesn't help as it's a bit confusing to read. I'm not usually this terrible at games like this which leads to my getting frustrated now and then. Fortunately the 'Ah!' moments and story more than make up for it. Visual-wise however this is a beautiful game. Runic has managed to create a style of artwork that stands out from the rest of the games I've played over the last few years. Most textures have an almost animated quality to them with rich mood-setting colors breathing life into its naturalistic world. It features a mix of natural and steampunk yet without it being cliche. It feels like the setting is its own time and place rather than trying to fit into a specific genre. The character designs are all unique and help add to the feeling of this place being a real live world. My only nitpick about it is that the ground textures seem almost an afterthought and a bit too simplistic compared to the rest of the environment. It pulls you out of the world a bit so hopefully they'll give those an upgrade at some point. The music is wonderful and deserves its own section. A little surprising given I'm used to Matt Uelmen's music being a bit more thematic but the looser, more mystical nature of the melodies fits perfectly. It sounds wonderful through headphones and really blands in with the environmental sounds. It melds into this cohesive living landscape of sound that makes the environment feel so much more alive. There are all these little rhythmic touches that hearken back to his older work yet never in a way that sounds too derivative. Instead it sounds like the result of a gradual maturation of skill. As much as I love his past scores I'd consider this his best work yet. So much more subtle that his previous work but that's what makes it all the more magical. I can tell that this games maps are a definite progression from Torchlight and Torchlight II's. The way everything fits together seems almost haphazard at first but then when you start to piece things together it starts making you feel like you're just barely uncovering pieces of this huge living machine. It's rather breathtaking in scope at times. I guess that's why I'm getting so frustrated. I want to see more of this amazing world. It can be a head-scratcher and calls for a measure of patience but the thrill of seeing the entire world around you change is worth its more frustrating moments. It's great for those looking for a mix of exploration with a bit of combat but if you're looking for pure action it's probably not for you. You're going to spend more time looking for clues and solving puzzles than you are fighting and what fighting there is seems to be a bit shallow. All in all It's a really great if at times a little frustrating puzzle/platformer full of Henson-like characters and moodiness reminiscent of films like The Dark Crystal or animated films like Don Bluth's Secret of Nimh.

EROCKQ, Dec 9, 2017

Hob is a very unique third person, isometric adventure. The genre is (obviously) influenced deeply by The Legend of Zelda, yet Hob strikes its own path. From the opening moments of the game, Hob presents a gorgeous, wordless, transforming world. A mix of exploration, puzzles, and action, Hob kept me captivated in a densely elegant world that felt alive. Not without its flaws, Hob is what many would call a niche game. Quite similar to Hyper Light Drifter, Hob does not hold your hand. Hob feels like it should be patiently explored and savored. The world design and art direction strongly support that pace. I'd recommend Hob to anyone looking for a bright and beautiful world, to explore, to be charmed, or any fan of the Legend of Zelda series (or similar titles)

TripleSicks, Sep 28, 2017

If you have ever played an action/adventure game and felt like exploring the map was a waste of time after a few hours, welcome to the explorers dream. Almost every time you are "stuck" it can be solved by exploring, and it's wonderful. Great puzzles, Uniqe graphics and some of this tightest controls this side of Nintendo platformers, Hob is easily this years game you didn't know you needed.

Bortx, Jan 5, 2018

The game suffers from consolitis. The keyboard controls are not remap-able and the default choice for the keys are awkward. You can tell these people did not test with the keyboard especially the choice the grappling hook on Q when you have to use A with it in conjunction. The game also crashes a lot. About every 45 min of play. Aside from that it is a wonderful game with great art style and level design. The developers also make it so you don't have to repeat complex platform puzzles by providing shortcuts after they have been solved. Great atmosphere and sound. If they can fix the crashes and allow for remapping keys, this game is worthy of a 10.

Dranakar, Oct 7, 2017

Hob is beautiful, it's hard to argue against that, it has beautiful environments and have a highly stylized art-style, which makes the game enjoyable to look at. And that's it's saving grace. The game has everything going for it, has no bugs for what I've experienced (except maybe a couple of unintentional navmeshes), but the level design. Jesus guys, the level design and the puzzles are unfortunatley very lacking to say the least. Most of them revolves around a 'do this' kind of mentality that makes 'puzzles' more of a chore and not something you have to figure out. Non of the puzzles made me feel clever cause I was handed the solution seconds before encountering it. And the payoff is usually a very flashy and good looking animation of the world changing, which is cool, but after getting the same reward everytime, you come to expect it and it becomes a bit boring. The world design in general is really nice and the world ties together beautifully and shortcuts you unlock makes the world easy to traverse. But the level design... It's such a wasted opportunity for such a polished game. The 'dungeons' are extremely linear and usually reveals a key before a door, making the challenge non-existing. At the same time, you don't have any idea what you're trying to achieve in the dungeon, before you've actually achieved it which makes you go 'huh, that's neat' but not more than that. Basically there are only 1 way to go and I found myself trying to explore (cause I love to) but whenever I tried, I wasn't rewarded for it. Once In my 4 hours of play did I find a side path which led me to a cave that I'd been teased earlier in a vista, and I was so ready to be rewarded for finding it. The reward... a glowing wall... presumably story related, but not rewarding for such a build-up. I'm about 50% through the game as of writing this review and I'm unsure if I'll finish it since the challenge of the game was so lack-luster. It's really a shame, cause most of the level-design could have been fixed in an early blockout phase. I'm giving the score of 7 - while the gameplay smoothness and the artstyle alone would score a 10/10 on both fields, the level design I would rate 1 or 2/10 cause it drags the experience so much down. I'm not sorry for buying the game, as long as the team looks on some of these reviews and take notes. You're next game better up their level design :)

Zer0TheHer0, Oct 1, 2017

keyboard controls aren't redefinable.....if you don't play with wasd you're screwed....if you don't like the control setup you're screwed.....this is absolutely unacceptable in this time and age