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Hollow Knight Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure game with an emphasis on traditional 2D animation and skillful gameplay. Journey to Hallownest, a vast and ancient underground kingdom inhabited by a bizarre collection of insects and monsters. Players will forge their own path as they explore ruined cities, forests of fungus, temples of bone and other fantastic lands, all on their way to uncovering an ancient mystery.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3507
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Team Cherry / Team Cherry
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Hollow Knight reviews ( 7 )

Merc4Wrk, Feb 21, 2018

Very well made indie metroidvania. Story is centered on just enough for it to be intriguing while also leaving a lot of it up to interpretation. In addition the combat focus is a great subversion from much of the other games in this genre. Basically have no complaints

kings7, Feb 25, 2017

This game isn't getting enough mainstream press. Really... the controls are the best I've ever felt in a side-scrolling game. The graphics and the music... there really are no words. The story is interesting and philosophical, although it does require you use your imagination. The game is difficult, yet accessible (with modes that make it 'Dark Souls' difficult, if you're enough of a masochist). No qualms and no regrets, except that I wasn't an original Kickstarter backer. If you like video games at all, buy this. 9.8/10.

TheKingOfHats, Jul 4, 2017

+Great Gameplay, with a solid level of challenge. +One of the best soundtracks in years. +Addictive, honestly. Overall, it's one of the best games I've played this year. You should most CERTAINLY get this game. Ignore the negative reviews down below. I feel as if the people giving the lower reviews aren't familiar with how these types of games are played. Sad, really.

poopsd, Mar 12, 2017

Best game I've played since Bloodborne. Get this if you are a fan of: - focus on exploration and combat. Seriously, this game's map is ridiculously large and filled with interesting things to find. It feels like you are exploring an actual world instead of a bunch of different levels. You will be rewarded with new abilities, optional bosses, equipment, NPC dialogue and other things I won't spoil - interesting characters. They're everywhere. Some of them you will find in multiple locations (in a way that is reminiscent of Dark Souls quest lines) - Beautiful art.. Probably the best looking Metroidvania style game to date - Challenging gameplay. It starts of very tame, but ramps up smoothly. Some of the optional bosses take a lot of practice - Attention to detail. Every room has its own character. There is a huge amount of background art and the enemy variety is through the roof. Keeps adding tons of new enemies until the very end - Cryptic storytelling. Again, if you've played Dark Souls you'll feel right at home. The story is mostly told through NPC dialogue and the world itself. The only negative points I find worth mentioning are on the technical side of things. There are random framedrops here and there and the pause menu's navigation (and only that menu) navigation is slow. That's all I can come up with. On a more subjective note, if you are easily frustrating by navigating through complex maps, this game is probably not for you, as often you won't be able to rely on your map for various reasons.

DanielAV, Sep 1, 2017

Simply perfect in almost every way. The atmosphere, level design, controls, exploration, everything. The only game I've ever rated 10/10, and it truly deserves it.

GuapoGrande, Nov 22, 2017

First, the good: - fluid, addictive gameplay - Tough-but-fair difficulty level that makes it genuinely gratifying to beat a tough boss or Colosseum challenge, without becoming a chore - absolutely STUNNING art and music, possibly the best-looking 2D game I've ever played - Big map with tons of enemy and environment variety, while maintaining signature whimsical-yet-spooky aesthetic throughout - Lots of rewards for diligent exploration and effective combat, your character constantly grows stronger and more capable - Insanely good value for the money. I bought it on sale for $10, it was easily worth 3x that much For the sake of thoroughness, a couple cons: - People like me who are not hardcore gamers should probably use a guide for the midgame, since it is not always great about nudging you where to go next and there are many, many different paths you can explore. I see many negative reviews are by people who got frustrated with all the dead ends and false starts, and I see their point. Some people like that kind of thing, but others should find a spoiler-free guide that at least points them in the right direction. The game is challenging enough without constantly being lost. - Similarly, unless you are thorough about locating stag stations and breakable walls to help you get around, all the traversing and backtracking can eventually become dull. I eventually cheated and looked at a map to find these things and I'm glad I did, the game would've dragged badly without knowing where they are (I also regret not getting the Dream Gate until very late in the game). - Although I like lots of individual story elements, I don't really like the overall story itself. Your character is basically a pawn in the conflict between the Pale King and the Radiance, both of whom are vaguely defined, sinister, and unsympathetic. The different endings all just give a sense that your character has been used, not that you did the right thing and saved the day. I get that they're going for a Dark Souls thing that's all about ambiguity and ambiance, but I don't think it really works. Ultimately a story needs a clear conflict with clear motivations or you can't get emotionally invested and there's no catharsis. Overall though it's a phenomenal game (it still blows me away that the development team is just 3 people) and highly recommended for anyone who enjoys 2D platformers and Metroidvanias.

maxmoefoe, Dec 30, 2017

While the game is fun when you are going through areas, the game doesnt tell you how to get to the next area. This is a horrible mechanic and I cannot progress through the game because of this. So I'm forced to give this game a 0 star.