Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! Crack/Patch

Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! In Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!, explore a veggie-filled universe with Cassie and Fay on their journey to rescue their grandfather, Jiji! Defeat your enemies in strategic turn-based combat, manage your very own spaceship, and explore dozens of procedurally generated planets, stars and galaxies!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1376
Genre Simulation, Space, Combat
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daylight Studios

Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! reviews ( 4 )

RustyShackle, Mar 22, 2017

Bought it at 9pm, when I stopped playing to go to bed it was 7am and I didn't get to sleep. 9/10. Space themed turnbased roguelike that's very lighthearted and very addicting

Zenethian, Feb 15, 2017

A comical roguelike that borrows elements of style and procedural generation from the company's previous game, this new game gives hours of entertainment through simple but effective mechanisms. My only complaint is that there's somewhat limited replay value for this, as once you've beat it a few times there are not a lot of different paths through the game to explore. I was hoping for something a little more like FTL where choices during the game have significant impact on the type of progression you can attain during a session.

yosa1, Feb 14, 2017

This game is a spaceship themed roguelike with a somewhat linear progression and direction. It involves moving through planetary systems while upgrading, exploring and doing missions; staying ahead of some arch nemesis under a limited turns based progression and presenting a quirky story element along the way. The game is essentially turn based, the game mechanics include a few RPG elements and customization. This is one of those games that begs a look at a 'lets play' youtube video before deciding if is your style of game and I encourage anyone to do so. I found this game appealing enough to take up an evening but not the sort of game I could really get into.

stef_h, Mar 29, 2017

Game was fun at first. I liked the upgrading ship, crafting weapons, hire crew members stuff and the fights as well. Also i liked the characters and the sense of humor. But after a few warp-gates i noticed that the game is not challenging at all when you always use all your "sols" to explore as much planets as possible before using the next warp-gate. I was completely overpowered and not a single fight gave me a hard time anymore, even the boss fights were much too easy. Why is there no difficulty setting? The standart difficulty feels very easy for me. The overpowered fights bored me and i only kept playing because i wanted to know the end of the story.