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Homeworld 2 Combining elements of real-time strategy and space combat, Homeworld 2 delivers an evolutionary step in gameplay and technology. Cinematic-quality graphics, stunning special effects, brilliantly rendered ships and an innovative interface combine to create an immersive 3-D experience. [Sierra]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1706
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1-6
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Relic

Homeworld 2 reviews ( 7 )

JamesA., Oct 1, 2003

This game is freaking awesome!! i played HW:C and loved it, but this is a whole new thing! the graphics are godlike, and the interface is much better. I look forward to buying the game and getting some real multiplayer action.

ErikM, Apr 14, 2009

Never has there been a game worthy of the Title Real Time Strategy before. Its a revaamped version of Homeworld -- Stunning Graphics and a beautiful audio design. While the interface will prove to be unfamiliar to those who played homeworlds 1 and Cataclysm, the masters at Relic have streamlined it, and you'll soon realize that it's better. There has been nothing that made the first ones strong that they didn't take out or change, and the changed just about everthing that made them weak. If the game was still 50 bucks, I would still say GET IT.

Delta_Assault, Sep 22, 2011

You have to keep in mind, back in the old days I had only dabbled in a bit of C&C red alert and Starcraft as far as RTSs go. They weren't anything special, I was far more involved in FPSs. So then, being a Trekkie... I go and buy Star Trek Armada. Ultimately a fun game, one of the better Star Trek games ever made, but pretty much a disappointment if you expected it to be more then Starcraft with starships. Then Homeworld 2 came out (I missed the boat on HW1), and what a revelation. Completely 3D environment, with no basebuilding, intelligent fleet formations and fighters all swarming around on their own. It was simply incredible. All from a completely new studio, out of the blue.And the environments they created... were completely breathtaking. Every Relic game has had that unique Relic art direction that utilizes quality concept art to bring the game to life. It's completely unrealistic, but space never looked more beautiful then in HW2. FreeSpace games come close, but staring at some of the backgrounds as your battle-weary ships sail past... it's majestic, breathtaking, elegant, operatic, awe inspiring... like looking at a brilliant sunset in autumn. The grandeur of the cosmos was perfectly captured.I dunno... it was the first, and still stands as the greatest 3D space RTS ever, as few of those as there are.

JoeR., Oct 10, 2003

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was everything that I could have hoped from a homeworld game, besides a few little things. I didn't enjoy the fact that you were auto-matically hyperspaced out at the end of each mission. The auto-RU mining at the end was a great touch, but I much rather would have had the auto RU, but allow me then to survey the area to make sure that I do infact have everything, and begin production of my fleet. You'll find that at the end of just about every battle, save the first few that you'll need to almost totally rebuild your fleet. Plus, you'll find that attackers will appear out of nowhere. Beyond that the graphics over-haul was great. The detail of all the ships and the environments is incredible. The missions are well thought out and the story line is excellent. The new GUI was very intuitive, and allows you to see the battle taking place while showing your que's. Excellent game, and if you are a fan of space combat, it's the best game on the market for space battles.

EUPOLEMOS, Sep 23, 2013

A fine game but it didnt absorbed me into its world.Still if you like the role of a space commander this game is just for you.I am more of a footsholdier, I wanna smell the blood so this game is not for me.I liked the simple controls but after a little I felt tired of the repetition.

Madman, Sep 26, 2003

Great game... or I should say, It would be a great game... the thing is, that it's impossible to play it.. I've completed hw1 ,and cataclysm, several times.. They were difficult enough.. but this new one is now HIGHLY unfair! There should be a way to reduce the difficulty, or at least the feature to pause the game while giving orders to the squadrons, and then resume..

PalmerW., Sep 21, 2003

The game installs fine.. But after that its useless... When i try to play the game it sends me to a black screen for a few secs.. Then it puts me back to the desktop.. So i go to the siera fourms for help.. When i get there i find that 100 other people have the same problem.. And no one is being helped.. This really disappoints me..