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Homeworld Remastered Collection Assume control of your fleet and assemble an armada across more than thirty single-player missions. Choose unit types, fleet formations and flight tactics for each strategic situation.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3246
Genre Miscellaneous, Compilation
Company / Developer
Gearbox Software , Gearbox Publishing / Gearbox Software

Homeworld Remastered Collection reviews ( 7 )

Orionsbelt, Feb 26, 2015

A complete remastering. All updated textures, sound, and gameplay. The best remastering I have ever seen. If you love scifi games, this is a must buy. Also comes with classic games.

F4TheGold, Feb 28, 2015

This is a brilliant old game with a HD overhaul. And its still a awesome game. There haven't really been any games like this ever since, which is a bit strange. So to see Homeworld come back is just... Epic man..

Nomad198888, Feb 25, 2015

Most EPIC RTS in space. You must play it if you love space or RTS. 3 dimension of outstanding gameplay. Best game ever. I love by all my heart. Game made with soul and love. TOTALLY RECOMENDED.

DrMaskWolf, Feb 26, 2015

It's great and everything I wanted and more. For example my ships no longer crash into each other for no reason. It fixed a lot of bugs that kept be from going on and finishing the campaign when I was younger.

123456778900, Apr 17, 2015

Since the start of the ps4 and Xbox one genaration of consoles a lot of "remakes" have been made but this game has seen remarkable changes that are very noticeable to me.One good change was that they added more factions,the lack of factions in the last game was a major problem for me.The UI was redone making it more accessible to the different screens.This could have been a ten but twothings stopped me liking it that much.One was I had a problem loading it up but gearbox helped me fixed.The other one was the loading was quite slow.overall a great game and a good remake!

gracjanski, Jul 22, 2016

I am dissapointed too. I played Homeworld 2 and had good fun. This remastered Version has great graphics, but even on Version 2.1 there are bugs: pathfinding is very bad, often my ships dont attack anything, although there are enemies and they are on attack status. The biggest problem is the lack of good overview and I dont mean this sensor view. Then why do we have such good graphics engine?

BlitzStein, Jul 22, 2015

I bought this pack beliving in the steam shop "very positive" thing. I'm very dissapointed. This game is not a remake. A remake must respect the basis of the game. It is a plague of bugs. Dissapointing. Most of the comments giving a high score are from fans that really don't played this version. I'm sorry, but it is true.