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Horizon Horizon is a turn-based space strategy game of galactic exploration and conquest in which you are in control of humanity’s destiny. You will explore deep space, find new frontiers and discover alien artifacts hidden on long-abandoned planets.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1306
Genre General, Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive / L3O Interactive

Horizon reviews ( 7 )

geolion, Feb 2, 2015

Почитав смешанные и негативные обзоры, можно увидеть, что многие из них были сделаны еще на стадии развития игры, когда было много недочетов и недоделок. Но к настоящему времени игра преобразилась. К тому же, появилась поддержка русского языка:) Может эта игра и не блещет современной 3Д графикой, может здесь нет простора для дипломатии и других разных "фишек", характерных для современных стратегий, но что здесь есть так это "дух" Master of Orion именно первой части. Молодежь конечно не помнит, не играла да и не будет играть в такие древние игры, а такие "древние" как я еще помню бессонные ночи и мысль "еще один ход и всё...". Так и здесь живешь ожиданием событий нового хода. Поиграйте в Master of Orion 1 (если еще запустите:) ), а затем в Horizon и поймете, что последняя является шедевром (по крайней мере в плане графики). Кто любит космостратегии с освоением планет и завоеванием галактики, кто любит подумать, но не особо при этом ломать голову, то эта игра для вас!

messeael, Feb 8, 2015

A game like MOO2, very similar to MOO2 (just -at moment- a little bit smaller with weapons and gadgets as MOO2). Since the 3 masterupdate a realy goog game...buy it and play it if you are searching for the MOO2 reboot/modern version of MOO2......

Lhetre, Jan 8, 2015

User reviews here are quite correct on many points, however the developers have improved the game steadily taking out many micromanagement hassle and making a better UI, which means a lot in a 4x game that can last hundreds of turns. As of January 2015 Horizon is on equal footing with MoO2. The random progression of the research (not everybody likes it), the quests and the perks discovered while exploring new planets offer some replayability. I'll give it a solid 7/10 but the passion showed by the developers in improving the game deserves an 8. Seasoned space strategy players will probably be disappointed, but don't be fooled, this a complete 4x game experience.

Gazebo48, Jun 27, 2014

Being a long-time fan of 4X space games, I approach each new title with hopeful trepidation. For every deeply satisfying game like Master of Orion 2 or Galactic Civilizations 2, there's a frustrating failure like MoO3 or Sword of the Stars II and a host of in between offerings such as Lost Empire, Endless Space, Star Drive and Armada 2526. Horizon turns out to be an all-of-the-above game. It's early game exploration and expansion is top notch with lots of meaningful choices as to colony development, resource management, research decisions and risk-benefit assessments. Unfortunately, things go south almost as soon as the neighbors show up. Transactions with your AI opponents are frustratingly limited and their responses often seem so hard-wired as to totally ignore your choices. Their lack of any discernibly responsive intelligence becomes even more apparent if you modify all your opponents into what should be a pleasantly “passive” attitude only to have them declare war on you shortly after first contact and absent any aggression on your part. Speaking of modifications, don't bother trying to modify the AI race names or the names of their home worlds. Much like the AI responses, the original names are hardwired in most of the screen displays so you end up with a confusing mix of your creations and the “throw the scrabble tiles up in the air and see where they land” originals. Disappointment with the AI will sink to despair once you reach the exterminate portion of the game. It's turn-based which is fine by me but it's also visually unappealing, saddled with awkward positioning mechanics and quickly becomes an unrewarding chore best left to auto resolution. The vessel customization is serviceable but absent excitement when your personally sculpted death dealing armada goes into action becomes more of a book keeping chore. The graphics in the game are dated but well done and the music isn't memorable in any positive or negative way. Running the main themes from MoO2 while playing Horizon makes for a nice effect. The tutorial is adequate if you have a good background with the 4X space genre but does leave a newcomer with a lot of figuring out left to do. In summary, what you get with Horizon is in essence a 50-50 gaming experience with enough good stuff to draw you in and enough disappointment to let you know this isn't your 4X gamer heart's desire.

titannet, Feb 11, 2014

Horizon is a 4x space stragety game in the spirit of the genre grandmaster Master of Orion II. It has all the usual ingridients - weird aliens, a customizable player race, different types of planets to explore and tactical space combat. It even has some unique ideas. Your scientists, for example, just improve on known ideas an only occasionally get some groundbreaking new ideas. While this removes some micro management because the improvements of your laser guns are automatically retrofitted on your ships it is also extremely unsatisfying. So your brand new Spaceship with its mighty 5 times imroves laser cannons got eaten by some schmo with "particle cannons". How did he get them? How will I get them? Nobody knows. The in game help is mostly useless as is the manual. This also makes the ship customization largely pointless, at least in what I would call the first half of the game. I didn't manage to play further, because the game is booring. And not the "lets look what happens" boring of paradox grand strategy, but the "oh I have enough money to build the third technology building on my fifteens colony" kind of booring. There where games 15 years ago that let us cycle through units without orders, but in horizon one has to go to the turn information screen, to click on the message "unit awaiting orders" to move the screen in the general vicinity of the star system in which the unit floats about, where one has to find the actual unit and give it an order. Every F*** turn, while nothing really important happens and your next technological breakthrough may be a hundred turns away. I don't even want to think about how to manage a large empire. So lets finish this review: ++ Moo2 clone without too many experiments + looks good + special events and "quests" + spaceships and aliens - Bad game flow -- Booring - Lots of click intensive colony micromanagement - Decisions have very little impact I give the developers credit in the fact that the game is in good technical shape with good looks and little to no bugs. But it still feels rushed with less features than even the first Master of Orion. If you like Excel style space strategy you will already own Galactic Civilizations II and if you don't your itch for a good space 4x game will not be satisfied by Horizon.

Fritzworth, Feb 11, 2014

4X space games have long been my favorites, dating all the way back to Galactic Empires (the Ursine Engineering game) on the Apple II and Stars! on the PC. That's my only excuse for violating my own standing policy -- do not buy a new game release until I first read some reviews on Metacritic -- and springing for Horizon as soon as it showed up on Steam. Bad choice. Horizon looks like a state-of-the-art 4X space empires game...from, say, 10 to 15 years ago, right down to the annoying slow typing out of tutorial text (vs. putting all the text out there immediately, so that those of us who read faster than 50 wpm can get through it more quickly). I had qualms from the start -- the Voyager-2-encounters-aliens premise was questionable all the way back in Star Trek: The Motion Picture -- but pushed ahead anyway. I ran through the tutorial, looked at the manual, and tried a few games. What i discovered is that Horizon turns into a slog pretty quickly, combining micromanagement, obscurity, tedium, _and_ a clumsy user interface that forces you to spend a lot of time closing windows or moving them out of your way. I found nothing here that wasn't done better by GalCiv 1 over a decade ago, while compared to Endless Space (also available from Steam, for about the same price), Horizon is truly awkward and disappointing. Frankly, I worry that 5 may be too high a rating for Horizon; however, I'm erring on the side of kindness, since I've pretty much given up on the game after several hours of play. I really can't recommend it at all.

iseeall, Dec 17, 2015

This is the first space 4x game I tried, after 20 years experience playing Civ-style games, including Alpha Centauri and Pandora First Contact. This game is generally pretty bad, and I couldn't bear it for longer than 1 hour. Pros: - it must be a 4x game with some interesting stuff inside which I couldn't see Cons: - horrible graphics, music and GUI design. Why is this game not freeware? I'm pretty sure they could get better graphics even for free, by getting a few students who needed projects for their portfolios. - the tutorial consists of long series of modal dialogs which you have to read and click thru until you actually can start doing the required action, and there is so much info and everything is so poorly explained that usually by the time the sequence of the tutorial popups would finally come to its end, I would be just completely confused. I wouldn't even remember what needs to be done now, and where to find the buttons, or why this even needs to be done - I mean what the game tries to get me to achieve. Funny enough, I struggled for a minute not knowing how to close the messages list, blocking the solar system from view, as there is no "X" button for that and tutorial just says "close the message list". The tutorial doesn't highlight the buttons you need to press, and since the GUI is horribly designed, with no tooltips or anything, and tons of stuff placed on a single screen, I progressed thru tutorial at a snail pace, searching thru ugly undescriptive messages and buttons, had to restart it once to be able to re-read a passage. When a battle started, I couldn't find my ship or the enemy, and was forced to give up and press Auto. The second time I got stuck at some place I don't even remember now. So I just rage quit. What a piece of trash really! I have an impression this game was made by some asocial math professor who is also pretty bad at teaching (and most students skip his lectures anyway because they are useless). Hardly anyone tested this game before release apart from the author.