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Hover: Revolt Of Gamers A single-player & multiplayer arcade free run / parkour game set in a futuristic alien city. The city is under pressure because of the Great Manager who decided to ban video games and condemn all people enjoying themselves.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 695
Genre Action, Platformer, 3D
Company / Developer
Midgar Studio / Fusty Game

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers reviews ( 2 )

rtv190, Jun 2, 2017

Ahhh finally, for once i have found a retro throwback style game of something from my time, the olden days of the Sega Dreamcast and original Xbox and when people weren't **** about which platform they called the "master race". Anyway, Hover Revolt Of Gamers is a 3rd person action adventure game trying to emulate the gameplay style of Jet Set Radio, the old Sega Dreamcast title from 1999. You play from a wide range of characters but mostly the generic hooded Johnny Nobody you choose at the start. The story of the game is... well there really isn't one, you just go around doing random missions and quests for people. The gameplay is pretty good, it actually feels like a modern version of Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast. The world has a lot of bright colors and interesting designs going for it, and unlike a lot of other recent games, you have the ability to actually explore the world you are in. The game also improves on it's predecessor, by having things like customizable characters and features like a rewind button and a dedicated button for grinding on rails, all things the previous game did not have. The only real complaint i have with this game are the controls, for example, by default it doesn't detect controllers unless you go into the options menu and set the presets for which ever controller you have, the other issue i have is that sometimes it wouldn't register when i was hitting a certain button. This would mean that in some places where it would tell me to jump and grind on a rail, only the jump would register and the grind wouldn't, i suspect it wants you to have exact timing on the buttons. One other issue i have with the game is the lack of a map system, this is a huge world map and i think the game would really benefit from having a map in the corner of the screen. Aside from those issues, this game has a lot going for it, including the original soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma, the same man that did the music for Jet Set Radio and it's sequel on the original Xbox. Overall, for $16USD i'd say wait a little bit and buy the game on sale.

ItaJohnson, Feb 28, 2018

First off this game is NOTHING like jet grind radio or jet set radio future, they just wanted to sell copies using the name. Sure, they got the same composer to make some music for the game.. but its FAR from his best work. Furthermore when i bought this game through kickstarter it was supposed to fully support VR, here i am all these years later waiting for them to "finish the console port" before they add VR BACK into the game. These developers in short lied through their teeth about this game to get it made. The gameplay is nothing at all like jet grind radio (when was the last time you did a stealth mission or some e-sport basketball nonsense in JSRF?) and is actually closer to mirrors edge. There is a frickin' rewind button! I mean.. the jet set games were VERY skill based, ruthlessly so even.. so how the hell are you going to put a REWIND button in a game trying to be similar to them? Its probably for the best though because the controls are NOWHERE even close to as slick as jet set games. I CANT possibly over-state how much this game is NOT anything like jet set games.. but the level design is also filth compared to the real deal. Honestly the only thing this game has in common with the jet grind games is sort of the art style, even the characters arent as memorable. Bad gameplay and level design coupled with sissy features like rewind and "character customization" (which nobody cared about in jet set games) mean i cant give this game even close to a high rating. Factor in knowing first hand (yes, i was a kickstarter) that the developers are lying, cheating, promise-breaking, half-wits, who by the way took time to cross collaborate on other projects WHILE developing this game means this game would scrape by with a 1 or 2. HOWEVER the fact that i paid for a game that was supposed to be VERY similar to JSRF AND support VR AT RELEASE, while im still sitting here (now on my second vr head set) post release waiting for them to add VR because they are working on a switch version.. you get a 1. Its not a 1 to counter all the b/s 10's either (because there are none), its a legit 1 for not delivering what was promised when WE FUNDED YOUR GAME.