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How to Survive Featuring a robust crafting system, unique survival guide and a host of playable characters, How to Survive strands players on a remote archipelago off the coast of Colombia in the aftermath of an unexplained accident...but you're not alone. In order to survive, you must fulfill the most basic of needs - seeking out food, water and shelter, as well as crafting dozens of tools and weapons from fishing rods to Molotov cocktails. Players can also team up with other survivors in local and online multiplayer story and challenge modes to take on a growing array of the infected.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3393
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
505 Games / EKO Software

How to Survive reviews ( 7 )

xinsanex81, Oct 23, 2013

Disclaimer: after 4 hours of playing! Amazing survival game with a lot of amusing moments and more than a decent crafting system!! Some animations could use a bit of a work, but everything else is just there! I haven't had such fun for quite a while!!

MiBz0r, Nov 25, 2013

Whilst not perfect this game is wonderfully entertaining, first play of this game was 2 hours of immersion into the Dev's world of Zombie survival and I only stopped then for something to eat IRL. I am enjoying this game so much I am almost tempted to install it at work and try to snatch a game whilst here.

Trance, Oct 24, 2013

2 hours into the game, it's been a real blast. The content in terms of price is overwhelming. If you like Don't Starve, with a bit of zombie shooter gameplay be sure to try it out.

Liteit, Nov 17, 2013

Was really impressed by this game. first i thought that's just new zombie crap, but I was wrong. Nights in the game are awesome. The game's atmosphere of survival is really nice made. Totally worth playing, but with the gamepad, tried with key+mouse and it was much harder, especially shouting,

ernuk, Nov 1, 2013

This game is good, IN THEORY. Survive against zombies while exploring four different islands! Uncover a mystery! Keep track of your physiological needs! How long will you last? Well the answer is; forever. Or at least for as long as the campaign lasts, which is to say only a few hours. See, the premise is all fine and good. You shipwreck into a random island somewhere, which happens to be full of zombies and there's some creepy dude helping you survive. Only a few minutes into the game you realize the combat system is primitive (although it admittedly works) and the islands themselves are more like tunnels than sandboxes. An hour into it you realize the food/drink/sleep system is almost inconsequential, the writing is pretty bad, moving around the islands feels like a grind and that the creepy dude is mainly there to be a funny gimmick you can show off in trailers. Nonetheless, there was something about the game to keep me going. Although, the way I played it was mostly one hour at a time. I'd fire it up, play for an hour, get bored but come back eventually. If anyone's planning to get this for the co-op, don't. It's even more pointless than the single player. There's no "surviving together", it's just running through hordes figuring out an overlying puzzle to complete the the challenge. Again, in theory it's great that the different characters have different skill sets to complement each other, but it never comes down to that. If you're having a hard time, just go play single player to gain some better equipment and levels. Oh, and you can only play story mode in local co-op. Anyhow, it can be somewhat amusing, but it all comes down to the fact that this game is like 3/4 of a really good game. It's relatively close, but no cigar. Maybe a tobacco. A sequel expanding all of this could be worth it. I don't expect DLCs to amount to anything.

meathelmet2001, Jul 10, 2014

Fun game to start out with, but then it seems to "run out of gas" half way through. Running around the islands sometimes just turns into work and can be dull at times. I do like the idea of collecting different materials and then making weapons and items from them, that was definitely a plus. A steady stream of new weapons to try out is what kept the combat system from getting too boring. It was a fun game, but in short I think with just a little more work this could have shined a little brighter.

fuori_tenebre, Sep 16, 2014

Do not buy this game on Steam... Crashes after 5-10 minutes of game play. Check Steam reviews and you will see this is widespread. If the Steam version gets fixed I will update this review.