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Hue Hue is a puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background colour.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1225
Genre Puzzle, Action
Company / Developer
Curve Digital / Fiddlesticks Games
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Hue reviews ( 4 )

gamerking, Sep 8, 2016

A well made game and polished experience. Jump into the shoes of character Hue and traverse a world laden with vibrant colours and beautiful artwork. Solve challenging puzzles by shifting the colour of the world.

strav, Sep 25, 2016

I cannot comprehend the amount of mild, disappointing reviews for such a splendid game. In terms of puzzle design it is certainly on-par with the likes of Limbo, The Swapper and other acclaimed puzzle-platformers. Most of the puzzles do not require heavy lateral thinking but there is sometimes a real-time constraint to the formula that requires you to think fast and right which makes it a rather unique (and beautiful) puzzler. The main concept of the game revolves around switching the world's ambient color so that some elements of the level appear and disappear depending on how the color affects them and the designer's variations on this theme are as numerous as they are ingenious (most of the time). What adds to my confusion on how mild some of the reviews are is how exquisite this game is on so many levels: the artwork is simple yet lovely (no retro pixelated crap), the soundtrack features some delightful piano pieces which render a calm and soothing mood and the story/narration while simple, is well told, heartfelt and very much engaging - this makes for a very well done game in every regard. In all, I completed the game in around 5 hours which makes the 17$ ish price-tag much reasonable. In short, if you appreciated Braid, Fez (imho, Hue's puzzles are better), Limbo (kinda weak on the puzzle side but oh the incredible ambiance!), Hue is a game for you - no pun intended.

Letiste-Gaming, Aug 30, 2016

Su única pega es la corta duración del título, y quizá alguna ausencia como un modo multijugador que le hubiera venido de perlas al título (con cada jugador usando una paleta de colores distinta). Pero lo que ya tenemos es un plataformas de puzzles bonito, disfrutable y muy bien realizado, tanto artísticamente como jugablemente, que desde aquí deseamos que no pase desapercibido.

Melgacius, Feb 11, 2018

I know the game was acclaimed but for meu is not a top game. It has a lot of positives from which I have to speak about the magnificent and relaxing soundtrack and interesting puzzle mechanics. Probably 70% of the time we will be pointlessly walking around, and some puzzles have difficulty pikes I cannot understand. Overal is still a great game, just not a 10/10.