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Human: Fall Flat Human:Fall Flat is a quirky, open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game set in floating dreamscapes. Your goal is to escape these surreal dreams by solving puzzles with nothing but your wits and physics.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1227
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Curve Digital / No Brakes Games
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Human: Fall Flat reviews ( 6 )

lucaslukitas1, Jan 25, 2018

A very fun Sandbox, in spite of a few phases, the game has many customization options and a fun gameplay, your Multiplayer does not have Lag and you can have fun with your friends, I think a good game with a lot of potential

Gabr1elM, Dec 3, 2017

Um jogo longe da perfeição, porem possui um estilo único, uma experiencia divertida principalmente ao se jogar com a amigos, os gráficos não são muito bons, porem isso dá ao jogo um estilo ainda mais único, me diverti, me divirto, e sei que vou continuar me divertindo com esse lindo jogo

SparkyCatfish, Nov 8, 2016

A decent but quite repetitive game featuring drag-and-push physics. Still to expensive for what it's worth but needs better controls and graphics support.

SuperkenGaming, May 10, 2017

Human Fall Flat The Game does too Human Fall Flat is a Physics based puzzle game where you control both arms separately of a blob like character… You look around with the light stick, move with the left, press buttons, pull items, and platform to progress through this 3 and a half hour long game… And if you fall or die you fall or respawn right where you were which is nice... no having to repeat puzzles or re throw switches or pull items… The first few levels here are pretty short and my actual preferred levels… These levels really just introduce the mechanics and physics of the game, and slowly teaches you new moves like how to climb… And the length was perfect... It was satisfying completing these levels and then from the castle onward, the game just becomes a chore… There are some pretty neat physics puzzles here, none will give you much trouble in terms of figuring it out… and if you do run into trouble you can look for a remote to give you a clue.. the challenge here is in the executing your solution… the physics feel as you’d expect them too… but there are definitely frustrating moments especially when it comes to climbing or trying to reach higher ledges… No story here, There isn’t really much to this game other than moving awkwardly through environmental puzzles.. And I enjoyed most of my time with it... But the final 2 levels were like pulling teeth... I was just over the game by then as the levels get larger as you go and they drag on for what feels like forever… Human Fall Flat would’ve been a great experience with a bunch of short levels stacked on top of each other.. But overall suffers from final stretch pacing problems... I give Human Fall Flat a 6.0/10

Mobile, Apr 14, 2018

ENG Not so long ago, sharply increased attention near this game, thanks to stream all started playing and having fun, saying that laughter did not stop throughout the game. Yes, the stream itself was fun, and in General the game is designed for at least two. Here I am playing one of the first three levels are quite fun, but then have been going crazy and even wild conditions, not once came to a standstill, because I thought that the character can't jump or need to do so, but in reality everything turned out differently. In General, go to the company quite well, and it is not worth the praise, if as a game in the genre of puzzle. Of the nine levels and half will not be typed that liked. RU Не так давно резко возросло внимание возле этой игры, благодаря стримам все начали играть и веселится, говоря что смех не прекращался на протяжении всей игры. Да на стриме самому было весело, да и в целом игра рассчитана как минимум на двоих. Я вот играл один, первые три уровня вполне веселые, но потом идут уже бредовые и даже дикие условия, не однократно заходил в тупик, потому что думал, что персонаж не может здесь допрыгнуть или нужно сделать так, а на деле все оказывалось по другому. В целом пройти в компании вполне, а так не стоит такой похвалы, если как игру в жанре головоломки. Из девяти уровней и половины не наберется которые понравились.

Creawen, Aug 21, 2016

Worst Controls ever in a videogame nothing else to say about this game it can be fun but while playing all u will be thinking is with working controls it would be a 1000 times better.