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Human Resource Machine Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming... for your job. From the creators of World of Goo and Little Inferno.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 896
Genre Puzzle, General
Company / Developer
Tomorrow Corporation / Tomorrow Corporation

Human Resource Machine reviews ( 7 )

Amac1990, Nov 5, 2015

Whoever puts a zero rating for a game like this could simply not figure out the puzzles. You need a calculator to play this game people. This game was made for computer nerds. It is simply awesome for computer science majors who are looking for a fun way of learning. Giving a low rating on something that provides you great education, challenge, and fun is just offensive to me. Games like this should see more of the spotlight than what the gaming community prefers. I personally prefer this over a call of duty game any day.

mg96, Oct 18, 2015

if you like programming then you're gonna love human resource machine and if you don't, you're gonna love programming after playing this game! don't miss it.

xioustic, Oct 23, 2015

This is a non-trivial puzzle game that behind the scenes is teaching you the lowest level programming language out there: Assembly. I love it. I think people who are not into programming or logic puzzles may get tired of it fast. Love the art style too. I found out about it through John Carmack's praise of the game on Twitter; he was the lead programmer on Doom, Quake, etc.

aditya1101, Oct 5, 2017

Really great game if you like optimization problems! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alturis, Oct 23, 2015

While not nearly as challenging as other titles in this genre like TIS-100, this one is overflowing with a cynical cuteness and a clear design goal. Whether you are a programmer or not you will find it both rewarding and educational at the same time. I love the fact that they set out to make a programming puzzle game that allows for no typing whatsoever. Poetic and fun.

iseeall, Feb 21, 2018

A funny puzzle game, essentially about programming in Assembler. You put together short programs from basic machine commands, take values from the incoming conveyer, apply some basic operators on them, probably store them on "floor tiles" (processor registers) and then output them to the outgoing conveyer. Good: - I loved the humor. It's pretty close to Dilbert comics. Some of the phrases could be memes. - stylish graphics (models, animations). If you ever worked in an office for a Western company, you'd instantly recognize the types. At the very least, you've seen them all in American movies :) - excellent music - the first 1/3 of the game is probably great to teach kids or other family members some basics of programming, or at least the general understanding how machines work. Just don't expect them to enjoy the more complex levels where they'd probably just say it's too difficult for them and "is only for programmers" (in fact, my wife said that right when I showed her the 1st level). So-so: - the commands are similar to those you'd find in some Assember language. And in the first 10-15 levels it's fun to write those small programs, also taking on the challenges (a program with the minimal possible number of lines or the fastest execution). However, as tasks get harder and programs longer, you start to understand why the JUMP/GOTO operator was largely abandoned since 1970s. These programs look like spagetti, and the tedium of working with them outweighs the fun. So, at least to me, this game was largely not fun anymore after the first 15 levels. Even the ability to insert comments barely helps (btw those comments you have to write awkwardly with your mouse - why not just allow to type them on a keyboard?) - in addition to the tedium of writing in Assembler, the game generally gets much less fun later on, because it starts to go from small fun challenges to semi-real programming tasks. And that's more like work, and with less freedom and fewer tools. Bad: - no "Redo" button. Just "undo". - the "number of steps the program takes to complete" (Speed Challenge) is said to be the avg number when the program is applied to some "deterministically generated input sets" - it's unclear what it is. And in most cases, you just have a basic idea that the program should execute fewer commands (e.g. you can remove half of the jumps in the outer loop by just duplicating the whole program), but other than that it's just random guessing. Grab it (maybe on a sale) if you're interested in math, sciences, computers or tech.

Game4er, Oct 22, 2015

This is not a game you would expect from Tomorrow Corporation who set out to make innovative, unique, experimental games like Little Inferno and World Of Goo(well, 2DBoy actually did WoG, but all have the same designer). While I'm a big fan of their little games that ooze with creativity and excellence in design, gameplay and have great adorable art style and heart touching melodies, this game only has the art part..kind of. It doesn't add any new experience; Just a collection of assembly puzzles that you fiddle with and try to optimize. The corporate settings and the little "story" doesn't add much; They seem just slapped on top and separated from the core of the game which is the simple, yet challenging, act of dragging and dropping boxes of commands to compose a program to do something with input and produce an output. As you play, you will begin to feel it's a chore.Maybe that's the hidden message of the game: you are programmed to solve the homework-like problems of the "game" (read machine).