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Hunter's Legacy Hunter’s Legacy is a 2D single-player platform action game made up of characters and worlds from Universe of Something, a concept of a connected world that would span different games. The game is inspired by classics that we grew up playing and is a simple yet fun title designed to challenge gamers of any kind. In Hunter’s Legacy, you control Ikki, huntress of Un’Amak, a bipedal cat equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, including swords and a bow and arrows.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1270
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Platformer, Open-World, 2D
Company / Developer
Lienzo / Lienzo
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Hunter's Legacy reviews ( 2 )

BunnyTuttle, Aug 11, 2016

A lady cat in a 2d Platform Adventure. You been called, to stop the bad guy. There isn't much to write about as far as the story goes. You start with dual swords but soon get your second weapon which is a bow. You have a basic combo for your swords, and a charge (magical) shot for your bow. You can hit up or down as well as where your character facing. You have limited arrows, but they drop arrows more often than not; So you can use it as you like without worrying much about it. The game has a small town, with NPCs that gives you hints about the world or gives you other things. A blacksmith that boosts your bow or swords. A priest or something that increase your maximum HP. Both of these uses normal currency as well as rare "ores". There is also some merchant that will pop up to sell you stuff "mysteriously". He basically sells you bigger quivers and bigger wallet to hold your "gold/crystals" in. You can find him lurking in the grass in some places (so make sure you try to cut all of them). Ores are in rare white chests across the world (not to be mistaken by the one after the boss). First ore you will get is in town to introduce you. Brown chests are basic money/crystals. You get 4 abilities in the game (one after each boss you defeat). You can use and will use these abilities to go places where you couldn't before or reach some chests that you couldn't before. After gaining each ability they will show you what that ability does. Monsters are not hard to kill. Some NPCs might give you a hint about them even. You got slimes, lizards, stone-things and so on. Some bosses you might beat from first try, or in fairy short time lets say. Most bosses were fun to fight against. What is even better, the game doesn't kill you with one hit. Whether it's a boss, spikes, or even falling. So the game is light-hearted. There are places to explore. Checkpoints are spread nicely (even before bosses I might add). You can easily explore the world as there are many teleports to help you do that. Getting lost is hard also, as the game will tell you where to go. The game might not be long (depends on how fast you go also) but it isn't expensive (Around 7$). The game encourage you to have fun and explore. Don't worry about getting one shot by something.

SuperkenGaming, Jan 24, 2017

Hunters Legacy Beautiful and Dull at the same time Hunters Legacy is a Metroidvania styled 2d platformer featuring a cat named ikki You??�re equipped with a sword and a bow and you spend the rest of the game teleporting to 20 different locations in search of the fang of alliance to restore balance in this cat filled land??� And in Metroidvania style this is all about trying to figure out where you??�re supposed to be going??� throwing switches.. checking every direction??� searching for gems and ores to upgrade your weapons and health??� a bunch of back tracking and dealing with a bunch of annoying enemies along the way??� The platforming, the wall jumping... the arrows... everything about this games works fine??� but I feel its missing soul??� The game is beautiful... the different environments are great to look at the game just isn??�t fun to play through... From the bosses to the traversing??� The combat... There??�s nothing new here... There??�s nothing to make this anything other than a 6 hours grind to the credits combat feels numbing and frustrating... you can roll, slash, and shoot arrows??� but it never feels swift or satisfying??� just there??� And in encounters you feel like you??�re taking damage at no fault to you.... I felt like I had to get lucky at moments to get from check point to checkpoint... which annoyingly doesn??�t refill your health. Instead you have to rely on random fish drops from enemies??� I did ultimately appreciate the checkpoints though... they are frequent enough and the game actually remembers when you throw switches so it doesn??�t force you to do it again if you die on your way back which is nice??� If you??�re itching for a new metroidvania in your life... Hunters Legacy is in a very playable state??� but don??�t expect anything other than an alright experience... There??�s no magic here??� And the story and characters aren??�t intriguing enough to justify a playthrough on their own.. This game is strictly for metroidvania fans and no one else??� I Give Hunters Legacy a 6/10