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I Am Alive I Am Alive thrusts you into the role of a lone survivor in a believable, dark and insecure post-apocalyptic world. One year after the Event, a worldwide cataclysmic event that wiped most of the human race, a man struggles for survival in a desolate city as he tries to reunite with his long lost wife and daughter.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3642
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Shanghai

I Am Alive reviews ( 7 )

Demetrio, Oct 2, 2012

Truly one of the best games I've ever seen. The game is a sweet Survival game with well thought out linear maps. The cool replay feature is fun, giving you time to think of other options to replay a scene - cool!. Graphix are decent, and the price was right .

alxvy, Oct 19, 2012

Excellent! Game to come closest yet to The Road, really nails the survival element. And no it is not purely linear, you have a lot of freedom within places and particularly in the centre of town (using the overhead railways as a starting point). Personally I liked the dust/fog that makes you not exactly sure of what is in the distance and forces you to climb up every so often. It could have been made a bit easier and a few more checkpoints, but that's the only fault I can think of. The way it presents the horror and grimness of immediate post apocalyptic life where someone's life is worth a couple of bullets is quite unique.

AlbusDlx, Apr 18, 2014

I really enjoyed this game. It is simple and elegant. You start off by entering the city looking for your wife and daughter. You soon realize they are gone and on your way out you spot a little girl. Not being able to just let her wander on her own you decide to help her get back home and it goes from there. There is alot of climbing, swinging and fighting in this game. Your reserves are VERY limited. More often than not you meet a group of foes with just 1 bullet and have to make due. After a series of earthquakes and the "event" that soon ensued, the entire city is filled with dust that seriously inhibit you field of view. You have a health and a stamina meter you will have to manage carefully. The climbing mechanics are solid, dont know why people are so negative to this game, I will end this review with my theory on this. Every time you climb you use up stamina. With help from ledges and pivots you can regain your stamina while climbing. The story is not the best ever, one of the parts however is played by the same guy who plays Adam Jensen, the lead character in Deus Ex Human Revolution. In this game he only has a supporting role, should say something about the quality on the voice acting. Not bad, not bad at all. Why people does not like this. One would be the combat. they think the can rush in and take out 3 guys with one bullet. The only one who has ever been able to do this is Oswald in Dallas (if you believe the Warren commission). You have to take out the leader of the gang and threaten the other ones. You make them step back on to a ledge or right next to a fire and kick them over the ledge or in to the fire. There are all sorts of ways to win. The other might be visibility. You have map that aren´t so detailed and there is no "radar" or arrow in the ground like Bioshock Infinite. It can be real tricky to find you way forward on map that can scale 5 levels up through a building and stuff like that. It´s like this. negative people will always find the bad things, in everything from games to real life, all they ever do is complain. Then we have the optimists who can actually enjoy games that are no blockbusters like this one. Like my bro in law, I enjoyed this and will tell him so. i would bet my left testi that he will say it sucked and start complaining like he always do.

runner, Jun 28, 2014

I Am Alive's development began a long time ago, and at first was supposed to be released on 2010. Back then it seemed to me as if it's going to be one heck of a game. At some point the game seemed to be abandoned, yet eventually it was released, but not on PC. Only about a year later I found out that it had a PC port released as well, and was really glad and excited about the game. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectation. While making good impressions at first, very early in the game I encountered some massive graphical glitches. After a LOT of research on Google I found out that I have to downgrade (!) my Nvidia graphics drivers for the game to show up correctly! That's a BAD start for a game! And was it worth the efforts? Not entirely. I Am Alive turned out to be some sort of a small project of Ubisoft instead of the big game it could be. It presents itself as an explorationsurvival game, but very early in the game you'll find out that's is linear as hell and it keeps going that way for the most part. As for the survival part, the game justifies its marketing to some extent as you'll have to manage your supplies and ammo very carefully as you tread through some sort of an apocalyptic America, where you never know if and where you're going to find those supplies or encounter some hostile survivors craving for your blood. The combat system is considered one of the weakest points of the game, although I did enjoy it up to somewhere towards the end of the game. The game gives you the illusion you can have many ways of dealing with the groups of attackers (and you'd encounter lots of them) but eventually there's not much choices to make, because making 'wrong' decisions will result in dying or having wasted your precious ammo. These facts make the combat extremely repetitive and somewhat tiring. Oh, and when you WILL die, it's either beginning the chapter your in all over again, or waste a 'retry'. The game gives you a limited amount of retries and the rest you have to achieve by explorations or helping victims. Yes, it sound like great ideas, that adds a lot to the whole survival thingy, yet I couldn't handle this system. The checkpoints are spread illogically throughout the game even though it's not terribly long, yet some chapters are 1-minute long and some could take you a hour or two to truly master and finish without too much damage, and the game simply won't save until you end a chapter. The parkour parts where you have to climb your way through the ruins was as fun as it was irrational, and was one of the things I actually enjoyed in the game, although some may find it repetitive and annoying. That's as far as the gameplay goes, and that's the main point of the game, as it doesn't give you anything too spectacular besides. I found the story kinda dull, and it didn't really go anywhere, even up to the end of the game. The game starts off with the main character looking for his wife and girl, and that piece of story simply never advances anywhere. Instead you'll find some survival-missions ungracefully crammed together (storywise), and then there's the deeply disappointing ending (to my taste). The bits of music in the game were beautiful but too few and repetitive. Perhaps they shouldn't have used music at all, so you won't be distracted from the apocalypse-environment. But if you decide to use music anyway, you should do it correctly at least. Graphically the game is also not too impressive, although the team apparently used some black&white filter and made the game look more grainy and rough. Some took it as an disadvantage, but I actually think that it fit well the atmosphere and idea of surviving in a world which is torn apart. It gave the game uniqueness and a style of its own and is the strongest point of the game in my opinion. I said mostly bad things about the game, and unfortunately there's not too much good stuff I can point except for those which I already did, and the face that this game is not good at all and yet it's not completely bad, just extremely mediocre at best. You may want to check it out when it goes on a sale (and it does so from time to time) and costs less than 10 bucks.

Lacho236, Jan 20, 2013

A game that attempts to be realistic but doesn't do so well at it. It starts out okay, but as soon as you get used to the gameplay and the mechanics, it turns into pure math. It consists of climbing and combat scenarios, both poorly done. Climbing limits how much time you can spend hanging on a ledge before it starts permanently decreasing that time, trying to add to the difficulty and realism but doing nothing except being annoying and not letting you get immersed in the game. Combat seems fine too, but a few encounters later, you see everything you need to see, every fight is practically the same - intimidate with gun until they back to a ledge or a fire, kick them/ initiate a button mashing quicktime event which is unwinable if there is more than one enemy, shoot when they start thinking you're bluffing. There is no option to settle those situations peacefully like conversations or bribing, stealth and there's no option to run away as they will catch you with ease while you're sprinting. Both the climbing and combat quickly devolve into repetitive chores. Only play the game if you are a fan of post-apocalyptic settings which focus on survival and the "monster within", you just may be able to enjoy the washed out graphics and the cliched, somewhat predictable story.

themipper, Sep 13, 2012

Playing the game feels like you are playing it through thick gloves. The controls are very clunky, every action is simple button-smashing (why do I need to ruin my mouse just to open a simple door?) and the combat is very repetitive. There are way too much useless game flow interruptions. For example these hint boxes that stop the game just to tell you something that is obvious or the game already told you at least 10 times before. And it takes ages until the game gives you back control of your character. The level design is ultra linear, no choices to make. And after climbing up to locations that can only be reached by professional free climbers you will find a gang of people who are waiting for you. And thanks to the stamina system climbing makes no fun at all.

Cpt_Crusader, Jan 1, 2013

Watch out for that old lady she is a nut case and oh man there just happens to be a med kit on the ground in the middle of the street. How did anyone miss that??