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I of the Dragon I of The Dragon is an Action-RPG where the player takes the role of a hero Dragon. The Dragon is young and must be matured in strength and power through a levelling system that will reward the player with new spells and skill upgrades. Play as one of three possible dragons, each with their own unique abilities. Use spells and brute force to hunt down and destroy the evil creatures that threaten the peaceful Nimoans. Defend towns, build new ones. Create mountains or bring them crumbling to the ground. Summon creatures to fight for you or rely on your own powers. Use all means available to help in your quest to unmask the source of evil that plagues the land. [Strategy First]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1509
Genre Role-Playing, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Primal Software
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I of the Dragon reviews ( 4 )

IngoB., Aug 2, 2005

This Game is a real Gem , especially if you are into Dragons ! The graphics are great and the music is fantastic ! Fits like a glove ! If you got used to the interface , it plays just fine ! One of my all time favorites !

BaowolfeH., Nov 9, 2004

This game is Amazing the style brilliant the game play is years ahead of its time and the fun factor is unsurpassed I've played many RPG games in my 30 years and this one by far ranks top drawer Thank you Zuxxes and Strategy first for finally letting someone's talent truly be shown.

ChihiroH., Jun 11, 2005

After getting used to the controls this game got me by surprise. I found myself playing the game continualy for long periods of time, and I am more in "fast games" like UT2k4 and car sims. Very addictive game.

KDog, Oct 29, 2004

I found this game to be boring, and not very well conceived. No story, weak combat system and the overall question "What the heck am I doing?" doesn't help. No steps forward in the genre, flying everywhere is the only new thing in this game. Otherwise, older games have gotten it right, and done it better.