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I, Zombie In I, Zombie you play as the leader of a zombie horde and your goal is to infect all humans on the map. Whenever you infect a human you turn him into a one of your kind and you can use him against armed soldiers. Youre also able to command your horde to either attack the enemies, follow you or wait for orders. Each scenario requires tactical approach and careful planning to achieve success.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1136
Genre Action, Strategy, Real-Time, General, Command
Company / Developer
Awesome Games Studio / Awesome Games Studio
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I, Zombie reviews ( 1 )

fartheststar, Jan 29, 2016

You're a zombie and are trying to infect others, converting them from people into your zombie hoard as you take over a level. I thought I'd enjoy this little puzzle game more than I did. It was surprisingly more frustrating that I expected, with precise timing required more than any particular strategy - often making it trial-and-error to determine when and where a guard will or will not see you and react. I can perhaps see people enjoying this game, but it was just a very meh experience for me on PC, and my backlog was telling me I had something better to play. I played about 7-8 levels and uninstalled as the main challenge often seemed to be jumping a guard at precisely the right time so you're able to wear him down before he puts enough bullets in you to kill you. I can tell there's a good game in there, but it was more frustrating than fun for me.