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Icewind Dale II The worst fear of the civilized realms has come true. The Goblinoids have united into an army of outcasts and misfits and they want to call the Ten Towns their own. Massive swarms of Orcs and Worg-mounted Goblins are attempting to overrun the town of Targos, and that's just the beginning! A call has gone out to all those willing to face insurmountable odds in defense of the Ten Towns. Will you heed the call to arms and face the greatest threat to the Spine of the World? [Interplay]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1858
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Interplay / Black Isle Studios

Icewind Dale II reviews ( 5 )

gjmoss1, Feb 17, 2015

Well this is a old classic and the depth of this game is incredible, I am waiting for the remastered version of this to be released but I doubt they could improve much on the original game besides enhanced graphics.

Arroyo_man, Jul 6, 2017

Truly immortal game.. .

JohnR, Jun 7, 2008

Can't give this a 10 as perfect scores must be reserved for perfect games, viz. Baldur's Gate I & 2, Torment. But this and the first Icewind Dale are certainly worthy of the next rank. If you love fantasy RPGs every BioWare/Black Isle Infinity Engine game is a must because they're quite simply the best CRPGs ever created, eclipsing Oblivion, The Witcher, NWN et al, both for their storylines (which are better than most novels) and quality of the writing and imagination in general, and also because of the peerless D&D rules-based tactical combat and character development (the only system that really works, RIP Gary Gygax) and the fact that party-based adventuring from a 3rd person perspective will always be better than the much vaunted, overrated but now seemingly mandatory 1st person perspective. It's a mystery to me why BioWare ditched this engine and it's clear that their games have lost some of their magic since they split with Black Isle (creators of the awesome Fallout series). All RPGs since the Infinity Engine games have been markedly inferior : quite how BioWare and Bethesda can believe that the dialogue and general writing quality in the likes of NWN and Oblivion is even remotely comparable to that in classics such as the Icewind Dales is an utter mystery to me - don't hold out too much hope for Fallout 3 because Bethesda have no idea how to inject any personality into NPCs and while they're not too bad at creating atmospheric game worlds they can't hold a candle to Black Isle/BioWare. Buy both Icewind Dales (they're equally good), both Baldur's Gates (again, can't split them) and Planescape : Torment (best RPG story ever) and you will thank the day you made the decision - because these games are genuine classics, are almost infinitely replayable owing to their depth, breadth and complexity, contain more personality than all other games ever created put together and have stood the test of time.

EUPOLEMOS, Sep 16, 2013

The game is good but not as good as Icewind Dale 1.The sprites are smaller and the music not so hypnotizing as it was on the first game.At the plus side it has more races and classes to choose your characters from and it has a chalenging difficulty.At most battles you must use your mind to win not blund force.The final battle is really fun.

KaesoBedrai, Nov 30, 2015

There is some climate, there are some nice handmade graphics... Well, that's it. The mechanics may be a lot better than in the first game of the franchise, still it doesn't matter if the game itself sucks. It it was just a hack-and-slash game, I'd say there are numerous better games of that genre. It it was a joke, it'd be a sick joke indeed. Maybe if the game were created by fans, there would be something to be proud of. Unfortunately, the game has nothing to offer for most of us, NPCs are sick and the poor story cries to heaven any time someone tries to play that mess :(