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Icewind Dale A completely new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure with an epic storyline in the tradition of "Baldur's Gate." Includes 3-D technology developed for "Baldur's Gate II" that allows for incredible spell and environment effects. New spells, equipment, and abilities provide a higher level of gameplay. [Interplay]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2860
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, General, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Interplay / Black Isle Studios

Icewind Dale reviews ( 6 )

okamimiyazaki, Jun 26, 2011

An amazing game if you like the D&D style RPGs. Fantastic music, good plot, challenging and very memorable. It can be a little bit of a grind at times.

EUPOLEMOS, Sep 16, 2013

A fantastic game with simple controls that anyone can learn easily and play not only RPG funs.The game sticks to the basics and it does it well.It has action,fun,interesting spells,legendary magic items,majestic snow vistas,incredible epic music and more.A must for the collection of every gamer.

DeusXCom, Aug 5, 2014

Another masterpiece from the Infinity Engine games era. Icewind Dale being the most combat based of them all, but still amazing in all other aspects. Atmospheric winter setting, fantastic music by Jeremy Soule (music from Easthaven or Kuldahar is just pure love), really good story and some of the characters had incredible voice acting. There was a little less exploration compared to Baldur's Gate here, but those combat sessions were so intense. I don't know how they achieved this, but it seemed like every fight was just on the right tip of the difficulty. When you used all your chars to their maximum abilities, it was just enough of what you needed to win that battle, no more no less. Probably the best combat balance I have ever seen and fantastic adventure on the spine of the world. 10/10

KaiEkkrin, Jun 24, 2011

Ostensibly the Infinity Engine (Baldur's Gate et al) repurposed as a pure dungeon crawler, Icewind Dale still manages to keep the story quality on a par with the other Infinity Engine games -- although there isn't as much of it. What there *is* is the best, moodiest art of any of those games, the best music, and combat -- lots and lots of combat. The old D&D 2E ruleset works well this time: enough spots to rest that you can use your best spells, enough positioning tricks to play that the fighters aren't just aim-and-ignore. Difficulty is perfectly pitched, with only a minor spike at the final battle. Create the crazily powerful party you couldn't make in Baldur's Gate because the NPCs were pre-set, and play it on Insane difficulty.

TheMitherer, Oct 23, 2011

A sort of perfunctory Baldur's Gate Lite. More specifically, a series of long battles occasionally interrupted by some storytelling. Of course, many people embrace that, but after a while I just want to give the fighting a rest. Nevertheless, there are many good points to this game most of which apply to all IE games. Many and varied items to find, good spells, atmospheric music, some great dungeons and some challenging fights with varied enemies. If you liked the BG series and somehow haven't tried this you should do so - you'll certainly get some mileage out of it. Just don't expect your party to talk to you or each other.

koval321, Dec 6, 2014

Its pretty good game actually look better from Baldurs Gate but my problem is with some nasty bugs in this game and i don't even remember if i install patch or not. LOL This is crazy that you buy game and must check twice to be sure that it is not broken version, and do efforts to fix it before play.Am actually found bugs in both ID1 and ID2 where Baldurs Gate 1 was fine am completed it without problems and in BG2 am also dont see any problems. So am guess that entire ID series must probably have some lack of quality.