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Iconoclasts Join renegade mechanic Robin and uncover the secrets of a dying planet. Explore a big world filled with intricate puzzles, interesting characters and menacing bosses in a beautiful platform adventure that tells a personal story about faith, purpose and the challenge of helping people.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 733
Genre Action Adventure, Open-World
Company / Developer
Bifrost Entertainment / Joakim Sandberg, Konjak

Iconoclasts reviews ( 6 )

shaoran2, Jan 27, 2018

iconoclast is one my favorite metroidvania Game duration approximately 16 hours , each boss has his way of defeating exquisite level design and a well-balanced difficulty . beautiful pixel art design and an incredible story and very well achieved. although it is linear, it is quite enjoyable to explore "of course if you are one of those who want to obtain 100%" delight for maniacal metroidvania fans

Alef123, Jan 28, 2018

The game is fantastic at the first hours and gets slightly worst every passing moment. The game iitself is good but what it tries to do is too confusing and basic, the history has many flaws and could be reviewed for a better storytelling, this is not a metroidvania because it only touches itself at the concept, the gameplay has way too much flaws once you get deep into it. I would play the game again for the art itself, it's enough to make the game positive in my opinion and the developer should be proud of what the game looks.

Selere, Jan 26, 2018

Iconoclasts is good and bad for all of the wrong reasons. It aims to be a Metroidvania, but is a mostly linear game, its platforming sections are really simple and the backtracking can be horrendous sometimes. However, the game does shine in its story, with interesting characters and a plot that keeps you playing wanting to see what happens next. The combat can be weird sometimes, with the player trying to figure out how to beat some enemies, but gets really good at boss fights, which are all very creative and memorable.

arruu, Feb 4, 2018

The game has some things that are great. The character and npc designs, the animations, the sense of humor, the tight controls... But others just feel lackluster, like the map design, the puzzles, the low difficulty, the music and sound effects. The game felto also somehow short, and it left me the feeling that the side characters have not been used good enough. But more than anything else, I think it was the aweful level design what really let me down...

PixelArt, Jan 28, 2018

Iconoclasts est un jeu fin, offrant à la fois une plate-forme et un tir d'une précision satisfaisante, et des puzzles vraiment intelligents. C'est énorme aussi, rempli de zones secrètes et d'autres choses à découvrir. Et bien que je trouve l'humour un peu désinvolte et enfantin par moments, il raconte bien son histoire sincère. Beaucoup de jeux de Metroidvania se déroulent dans une atmosphère morne et pessimiste, mais les iconoclastes sont dynamiques et ensoleillés, même si l'histoire s'aventure parfois en territoire sombre. Des plates-formes luisantes, des puzzles bien conçus et un monde immense et connecté, avec parfois des moments de frustration. Bon coup de coeur.

skuilring, Feb 13, 2018

This title has me conflicted. I really wanted to love it, especially after all the glowing praise it's received. It has beautifully rendered graphics, cool character designs, tight controls (for the most part) as well as some genuinely fun moments. It also has a lot of issues that prevent it from greatness. The boss fights, puzzles and level designs throughout the game vary from extremely satisfying to gimmicky tedium. The game also has a hard time intuitively communicating what it wants you to be doing throughout it's duration. This leads to a lot of aimless running around and trial and error. The dialogue and storytelling also came across as trite and clunky, making conversations a chore to get through. One character specifically, feels like a philosophy major's self insert who is more interested in waxing poetic than advancing the plot. The music is average to good but serviceable I guess. I hate to be harsh and I can definitely applaud the developer's ambition, it just doesn't hit all of the marks. I do still believe it is worth a play considering the low cost and time investment (around 10-16 hrs), your mileage may vary, however.