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Ignite In Ignite every race is different. Each race brings something new as you try winning the race by using any of the strategies or switch between them during the race. The key factor in the game is the SCORE. You collect score while racing. Every stunt that you perform will award you with a certain number of score. Hitting objects, driving fast, drifting they all give you a certain number of score. When you reach 1000 you can burn away your score as nitro thus getting an edge over the others. If you are in the lead you can hit more objects thus gather more score. However hitting objects may cause you to make a mistake and crash into something that is immovable. If you can be patient and gather more than 2000 score, your nitro will be even stronger. Another tactic is to select one of the super cars which are fast and have a good traction. In this case you won't gather that much score but most probably you won't need it because you don't need nitro to stay ahead. Another way to win is to gather your score and never burn it since at the end all score points are converted to time and is subtracted from your overall time and you may jump ahead the winner.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1238
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Just A Game / Nemesys
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Ignite reviews ( 7 )

Exorio, Dec 12, 2011

It's simple. And "simple" barely translate into "bad". The game really struck me with its simplicity, a bare-bone arcade racer, that is fun, enjoyable, and feels really fast. If you're bored with the latest iterations of NFS, or looking for something that would remind you to games such as screamer and Ridge Racer, or the older (and much more awesome) NFS series Ignite will surely please you.But if you're looking for games within the class of Dirt and Grid, ignite ain't for ya.

cell-gfx, Dec 22, 2011

With my racing heritage in the Burnout series on the PS2 and more recently Burnout Paradise and NFS : Hot Pursuit on the PC, I wasn't sure what I was getting into with Ignite. Having just purchased for $10 in the Steam Christmas sale and seeing the game was in the 'Indie' section, I thought that any game for the price of two coffees couldn't be that bad... and I was right! Ignite isn't going to set the world on fire with stylish, Burnout-esque crash sequences or NFS : The Run narratives, but it delivers in the racing, and that's what matters. The handling of the cars takes a little getting used to (especially if you come from one of the aforementioned games), but once you do, the game is excellent fun. The graphics and the sound surpass my expectations of a $10 game, but the real treat comes from the game's core strategy mechanic. Your score increases throughout the race from various maneuvers, such as drifting, drafting or driving into the various items laid across the track. Once you reach the 1,000 point threshold, you can then trade off score for nitro boost. While this may sound like an easy decision to make, the kicker comes at the end of the race when your remaining score is deducted from your finishing time to give a final time. This can mean that even though you place further down the field in the race, with a high enough score, you can win the race anyway! It's an interesting twist that makes you careful about how you 'spend' your score during a race. I really enjoyed Ignite for the price and, as an indie title, I hope that the now the race has begun, that it continues.

GreyCritic, Jan 11, 2012

Its total arcade. If you bored of the entire new race games meta building, and looking for some hour or two of just relaxing driving its game for you. However, the game has some bad things in, i didn't find ability to turn off vibration on controller. If you like good looking surrounding like in burnout or hot pursuit, or high end modeling that game not for you. There no story at all. But overall great arcade, if you manage to get this game on sale for 5-7$ you wont regret it, but i wont recommended to pay full 20$ price for game, for 20$ better get hot pursuit or burnout. And this game has one surprise, its total size of the game, only 850Mb, so small, i'm wonder why that game does not have "indie" tag on steam.

MiyazuHime, Jan 29, 2012

At first I underrated this game, but after completing few races, I raised a score a bit. There is no story at all, but for a short arcade game it's not a necessary. I'll start with introduction of game - it's not like the most games, where you need to drive accurate and avoid objects, but here you get points from smashing road signs, which are used to unleash nitrous. There are several tracks and in different challenges the paths changes a bit. Also there are few modes in game, like last man standing and similar. Of course the most important part of the game are cars, which divides into three classes - muscle, street, race, and 5-6 cars in each class. You can use any car in each challenge, but you have to unlock them before. Each car has color themes witch gives different bonuses, point boost from drifting and etc. It gives a game a bit of life, because there no other upgrades or tuning for cars. Graphics are average, not edgy. Gameplay is very repetitive and opponents are easy. The most annoying thing in it was that you have to use nitro almost all the time you drive, so screen is shacking like crazy, it hurts my eyes. Apart of that it is a good arcade game. The price meets the quality, so if you feel an urge to drive cheap, buy it.

stranglehold, May 3, 2013

Ignite delivers a fun game-play, a good number of tracks and nice graphics, all for a bargain price. The game lacks of personality, though, since there are only a few differences between each car.

zhangxin8401, Jan 1, 2013

Graphic is decent. Easy to control. A good game for 1$. But here is something I feel bad about this game: 1. In race mode, not the one who pass finish line first win. Your time is reduced by score gained in race, so even if you are the last one passed the finish line, you can still get first place. 2. Hitting obstacles is good for you because it doesn't reduce your speed and give you score which can give you speed and time. 3. If you want you can use nitrogen nearly all the time. The screen is always shaking. That really make me sick. Consume score for speed and time is really really not a good idea for race game. You'll never know the proper exchange rage.

ridicol, Jan 12, 2013

This game is fun and pretty good for the price, but it's a far cry from being a perfect game, most of the time when you hit walls you don't get a speed reduction, but once in a while you get a freak event and spin like a bottletop, damage models are just bad, and good handling cars can't take corners, the bad handling cars just spin off at the slightest push of a button, and the nitro control is just terrible, it's a casual game, it's good for 1-2 races once a week but any more than that just annoys you.