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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Children of the Nile is the next generation of city-building game, where, as Pharaoh, you lead the people of ancient Egypt, uniting them as you elevate your status, striving to become a supreme and god-like ruler. You design and build glorious cities in which hundreds of seemingly real people live and work in an interconnected societal web, each facet of their lives played out in vivid detail. Eventually you will forge the most advanced civilization of the ancient world, achieve works of wonder and build a lasting and unique empire to stand for the ages with you as its personification. You'll dispatch your armies and navies to all corners of the known world, and erect monuments of splendor, including your own magnificent tomb. Come, enter your realm: the black land, Egypt. [Myelin Media]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1270
Genre Strategy, City Building, Management, Historic, Government
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Myelin Media / Tilted Mill

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile reviews ( 4 )

MaccM., Nov 18, 2004

!Top Game! This game is a great city builder game and is the best of its kind out. It talks about the facinating life of anciant egypt. It has tought me a lot about their glorious civilisation. Better still you can create your very own civilisation with this game. I found myself living in anciant egypt when playing this game. If you liked the game Pahroah, then you'll like this one. (Pahroah is a great game and so is this one) Cant reccomend it enough if you like city builders or like the history of aciant egypt. (I like both) Be warned it is challEnging :)

Ghett0, Dec 2, 2013

An absolute gem. I pride myself in digging up golden PC titles that receive little fanfare, and this game is surely one of those. As an ancient Egyptian simulation, this game is a unique city-simulation concept with excellent execution and historical accuracy. The mechanics are distinct, with the three "Seasons" revolving entirely upon the flooding of the Nile. The only currency is the only one that truly mattered in the ancient world; food. Like Ancient Egypt, religion plays a key role in the game, with a rich and diverse pantheon of true-to-life Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to be honoured by Temples and Shrines. Every person in your settlement is represented in the game and has unique needs, most notably religious needs. Soldiers, shop-keepers, peasants and elites all demand an opportunity to pray to the Gods and Goddesses which best represent their needs, while everyone will want to worship Amun, Osiris and Hathor; the Universal deities whose festivals were paramount to most Egyptian cultures. Of course, you will be building an awful lot of pyramids, obelisks and steles to immortalize yourself, mighty Pharaoh, and cement the legacy of your lineage. Throw in a flavourful soundtrack and a diverse array of scenarios and missions and you have the best $2 I have ever spent on steam. I must buy for any city-building lover, Egyptophile or classic game collector. This game gets a 9 for the few bugs this game contains, which are irritating but not world-ending. (Notably, the brick-maker bug where all your bricklayers seem to get stuck fighting over bricks at a single brick makers, and the random crashes that would take place that seem to have been hardware related, as they have no recurred since I bought a heavy duty video card.) That being said, it still blows my mind that few people have heard of this game.

H.Arrow, Nov 10, 2004

If you like city builders, you should really give this one a shot. If you don't, then no loss if you give it a miss. The focus of the game is unique, and as a whole it's deceptively simple (meaning "hard"). The UI could use some work, and I find myself missing some of the SimCity-style stats/management tools, but in the end, it's a lot of fun in spite of the weaknesses, and I recommend it highly to any builder-types out there.

Fonkel, Sep 3, 2005

Intriguing game and highly original, it's almost cult. Citybuilding in glorious 3d is fun, even though the graphics aren't always that interesting. I would almost give it a 8 but for the High Gamespirit who told me no. The interface is a litlle awkward and quickly becomes a nuisance. Sound is nothing special but suffices. Historically highly inaccurate but what really matters is you get to play pharao at large and larger, so hey what! Picked it up for 10 Euro so it's worth it.