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Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos The Badlands cluster. 100 years after the first Independence War. Your father was killed by the Corporations for a bad debt. And you've spent 15 years rotting in jail for trying to get justice. Now it's time for vengeance. Command four futuristic battlecruisers and a band of revolutionary pirates into an all-consuming battle against impossible odds...because there just isn't enough Space for everyone! [Infogrames]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1250
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Civilian
Company / Developer
Infogrames / Particle Systems

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos reviews ( 4 )

S'JetK, Nov 8, 2009

A game I missed to play in 2001. A game that must be on everyone's list for excellence in various aspects of simulations and space genre. I-war is definitely a gem and an achievement of the past. Even now, rarely will we find such game quality. I am playing I-war EoC as I make this personal review. The sheer open endedness and the options are what keeps me playing it. Plus with the latest technology in graphics allows me to play this game with a much fresher look. The story is also something that hooked me from the start. With Newtonian physics involved, this game has quite an special appeal to it. I've yet to play a game that equals it or surpasses I-war EoC. I hope there will be a future I-war 3 in the making with similar elements to make it a niche of some sort much that of Star Wars trilogy set. I give I-war EoC a solid 10 because a game of such quality should not go unnoticed. An amazing game for an old timer. Review 2009 by S'Jet Keller.

Expectoner, Jul 19, 2012

Just the best space simulation I've ever played! A true spatial simulation with Newtonian physics, if we advance (it takes just as driven to start a reverse return in the opposite direction) History is basic but really nice. Even today, it is graphically good, dynamic combat, HUD & LDS, a system of trade and construction, customizable and ships with "Torn Stars" fan addon make it the best spatial simulation of all time. Try him ! Community site: "Torn Stars" fan addon site:

AnimaVirus, Sep 24, 2012

An excellent "open sandbox" space simulation. The storyline starts quite classic, but it doesn't bring the games down anytime. The graphics were goods when it came out, and aged quite well, simples but efficient. Music is good and fits very well the atmosphere, sounds meets what we ask them. Don't expect to play this game without a joystick, but with one the controls are amazing. All the interface works awesome : straight to the core. Physics, dynamics of combat, random attacks and piracy make the world very lively. All you could ask could be random events, and some are quite brought by storyline. There's some addons out there, some very little but which will improve the game a lot (like location finder, you'll understand if you play the game), and some extends the game playtime a lot, like freeform. I'm still looking for a space-sim game to be that good since then. A must have for any fan of the genre.

BradG., May 19, 2006

this is the most amazing game I have ever played! nothing beats it and i have yet to find anything which paralells or even comes close to the sheer realism and flexability of the game. very inspiring, beautiful graphics, exciting storyline, brilliant open-endedness and all round paralell with the likes of Elite and MS space sim. It's a shame that the sequal was cancelled.