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Indigo Prophecy (Also known as "Fahrenheit") New York, January 2009. For no apparent reason, ordinary people are killing total strangers in public places. Although there is no link between the murderers, they all seem to respect exactly the same ritual and pattern. Lucas Kane becomes another of these murderers when he kills a stranger in the men's room of a restaurant. Haunted by strange visions, he must keep one step ahead of the police to find out what is happening to him. Inspector Carla Valenti and her teammate agent Tyler Miles are in charge of the investigation. A series of disturbing clues projects them into a world they had never even dreamed of. Meanwhile, the early onset of winter paralyses Manhattan in an unbearable fury of cold and snow. Each day the temperature drops, as a coat of brilliant white snow is drawn over the dark streets of New York. One thing is sure : The final countdown has already begun. Indigo Prophecy creates a new breed of interactive entertainment, merging cinema and interactivity. A spectacular real-time 3D adventure with state-of-the-art camera direction and multi-path scenario. Play different protagonists in this epic quest and make the story progress depending on YOUR decisions. Control different characters in an awe-inspiring paranormal thriller, discern the dark secrets behind mysterious serial killings, understand why the city is brought to a standstill by snow and dropping temperatures, Play the hunter and the fugitive : explore, interact, fight and confront by all means dark forces during your journey. After Indigo Prophecy, the world just can't be the same place again. [Quantic Dream]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4327
Genre Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Quantic Dream

Indigo Prophecy reviews ( 6 )

DG, Dec 30, 2009

People seem to keep ragging on the game play, and while the simon says circles aren't highly exciting, you have to realize that this is an adventure game, a genre that has historically been completely point click. The point of an adventure game is generally story, with most actual game play being dominated either by puzzles, or in this case, rapid decision making in stressful situations -- where the results can largely affect the story. Action sequences involving the colored circles I felt made the player feel the intensity of the situation -- and to keep you focused and engaged to intense cut-scenes without distracting you from them. This is a rather revolutionary adventure game in that it is dominated by decision making that actually has real affect on the plot. I found this game to be more gripping and exciting than many action games, because making the wrong decision in this game can have negative and irreversible consequences for my character that are not just 'you're dead, respawn and try again.'

JennS., Jul 2, 2006

Fantastic! The game was so engrossing, mostly because you were constantly forced to change your button pushing and you were never sure what was going to happen next. Yes, I got frustrated towards the end of the game when I couldn't stop my characters from doing certain things and when the story went a little too fantasy for my liking. But overall it stands out from so many games now because it's easy to jump in and play (unlike many RPGs) and it's not about killing as many people as possible. If you take it as an interactive movie rather than something where you can actually change to plot in significant ways, then it's great.

Matt, Jan 9, 2006

Very good and though lesser minds may tell you, the game is not anything near button mashing. The 'simon' system is so well done that once you get better at it there's still more to master. Don't be fooled though, definately a slow paced title for those who like constant action.

Trisquel, Oct 18, 2013

Quantic Dream went off to a good start in the mass gaming market with Indigo Prophecy, aka Fahrenheit. The story was morbid, unique, engaging, and hit just enough high notes early on and mid-game to compensate for the trainwreck that it would become near the every end. The characters were well written and believable, and the world that was built by Quantic felt very real and life-like for the most part. At the time it was released, the game was truly innovative and both the director, David Cage, and his studio were hailed as "visionaries" and propelled to celebrity status in the gaming industry. Their "visionary" status would continue to be held in high regard with the release of 2009's Heavy Rain for the PS3, which resembled IP/Fahrenheit in terms of plot, but also differed from it by revolving the story around a murder mystery (rather than having the perpetrator identified from the very beginning as the main protagonist as in IP/Fahrenheit). Both games were well-earned commercial and critical successes for the studio, and both are well worth a playthrough for any serious gamer.

Mike, Jul 22, 2006

Wow! this game gets more and more silly as you play it!! The simone sayz controls dont make it any better either. BUT! the game did keep me intrested ebough to finish it and see what happens in the end. Overall. if the controls would be better this game game would of been ok.

Bluebottle, Sep 6, 2014

The worst piece of **** in the world. Do not play it, do not buy it, do not even look at it. If you look at it, you better gouge your eyeballs out, otherwise the **** SPACE ALIEN A.I. MONSTERS WILL COME FOR YOU.